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  1. Ticket page now open
  2. MD

    Kent Kings 2020?

    No kidding, I could drive to Plymouth on Tuesday to watch Glasgow but cant watch my team at home, 10 miles along the road.
  3. The website needs a dedicated ticket page to make it easy to find or have a published time when ticket sales go live. It should always be easy for the customer.
  4. MD

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Harris at Glasgow in 2018. Allegedly!
  5. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    Last week of April there will be a plethora of restrictions lifted whether supported by data or not. Watch this space.
  6. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    Thats a big blow, he was definitely the trump card at reserve. We wont find a similar replacement from who is left.
  7. MD

    Edinburgh 2021

    Sarj was also part of the previous 'Fast Track' system all those years ago.
  8. MD

    Edinburgh 2021

    Tom Bacon is 28.
  9. MD

    2021 Season

    The guest system should use the home or away averages for riders rather than the combined i.e. riding away from home you can only use a guest with an away average up to the absent riders' away average.
  10. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    Hopefully sense will prevail and the bams stop having house parties so the speedway can open again in April!
  11. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    Far easier to achieve in the NL. This is Kent's first season in the Championship and they have to find that out. I doubt any team in our league breaks even never mind make profit.
  12. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    The SG always look after Edinburgh Gazc. It is however only advisory. Ironic we could go to Berwick on April 4 and Somerset on the 22nd, but have to cancel going to Armadale on the 10th and Ashfield on the 11th and 24th. By design, the warped mentality of the SG often means we have to be different to the UK. I'd expect Berwick away to be a very big crowd with it being our first meeting and their first home meeting, with the track changes creating plenty of interest.
  13. MD

    Poole Pirates 2021

    And gets another chance. Only in speedway. An incoherent numbskull.
  14. MD

    Kent Kings 2020?

    We'll be looking to England for International Aid. From day 1. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. #EconomicsOverEmotion
  15. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    A big leap of faith with JS. He's had a few poor seasons of recent and a habit of having prolonged spells of r/r for what has seemed simple injuries. The natural position for him would be at 2 partnering Cook where they rode well before at the wee team. He's on a good average and will be welcomed as all new riders are. Its a new start for him and us, and another brilliant season is on its way.

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