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  1. Job done somehow. Best wishes to the injured riders.
  2. Ht12 60.47 Ht13 60.69 Ht14 61.13 Ht15 60.56
  3. Danyon Hume guests for Flint tonight, a decent choice.
  4. Still sticking to the inner half of the circuit when the racing lines have moved outside, same as against Edinburgh. Frustrating but still came away with 6+1.
  5. The latter though we gifted Berwick too many points. A good meeting though remains to be seen if its enough points to go through. Wells had his best meeting to date though expected more from Leon who started brightly before finishing with two no scores.
  6. Looks a good shout. In choosing a guest we also didnt need to look for like for like averages but those who ride Ashfield well even if not 7 pointers such as Paul Starke or Tom Brennan who have a bit of fight about them. However they may well have been tried and declined. Going with r/r would have given Cook an extra ride, likely equalled Jye's points and a point from any of the other two rides (im excluding ht13) would have avoided defeat. Easy for me to say though! The plus about all this is it has exposed weaknesses that have been present so far and dont appear to be improving which will prompt changes IMO. Not so sure about Dickson, the self proclaimed tactical genius didnt always get it right.
  7. I thought Willie ran out of puff in some of the heats he was being hunted down, 7 rides in the sun maybe not his thing!
  8. Sedg needs to be taking points from second strings especially at home. Yesterday he only beat the Edinburgh reserves who gained 3 points and 8 last places between them, a not so difficult task to gain 7 points. He would arguably have beaten Nathan Greaves but you just never know. Its not just an expectation that he wins ht2. Sedg is stylish and controlled but sticks rigidly to the inner half of the track even when the racing lines have moved out wide. Time to be a bit less conservative and push beyond his comfort zone. He's got the ability and the team really needs a free scoring reserve now Sam Jensen has moved up and injuries have struck.
  9. He guested for us several times in 2018 & 2019 and was immense but is a shadow of that now. Perhaps the lockdown nonsense has killed his appetite for speedway.
  10. Sedgmen only beat the Edinburgh reserves and Wells beat Thomson in his first heat then only the Edinburgh reserves which is masked in their scoring. Both are currently passengers with their averages not yet bottoming out. Here was us thinking we got them on bargains. Sedgmen must be the highest averaged and most experienced reserve in the league after Oor Wullie but doesnt show it. We will find out the new averages for August shortly.
  11. Im convinced we will move on one of Sedgmen or Wells shortly. Sedg should be using his time at reserve to propel himself strongly back to the 1-5 but isnt. Broc Nicol could do with a run at reserve as he has faded since the start of the season. Changes now, or not, will determine our season, I think we've been patient enough to this point.
  12. F**king Berwick, three measly points and third in the only 5-1 of the meeting.
  13. I suspect Ulrichs season is unfortunately over and we will make more than one change to accommodate a new No5 sooner rather than later.

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