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  1. Talking of shortened tracks, I asked former Brummies promoter Joe Thurley back in 2007 why the old Ladbroke Stadium, Perry Barr track was shortened from 350 yards to 330 in 1974. His reply was that it wasn't shortened, they'd just measured it properly!
  2. This was actually the first known example of sponsorship in speedway. Clever lad was Tommy, an abrasive character, but a dyed in the steel wool stalwart of his time.
  3. Regarding the Alan Grahame, Chris Morton incident. If Grahame had taken a BV rider to the fence earlier in the meeting, then surely someone should have done the same to him, not put him through it onto the dog track, breaking his thigh and finishing his season and taking away one of the few bright sparks the Brummies fans had that season. The "punishment" didn't fit the "crime" in this instance.
  4. OGT


    As far as an app is concerned, the possibilities are endless. For example, how about each rider carries a helmet cam which fans can link to through the app, therefore experiencing the action first hand? Riders could also have a small digital display mounted on their handlebars on which supporters could send them messages during a race, such as "get your finger out", "how about team riding for a change", he's behind you", or "are you trying to artificially lower your average again so you can go back to Poole?!" Just a couple of ideas .
  5. There have been "discussions" but the stumbling block is SISU not dropping the legal action against Cov City Council which concerns Wasps getting ACL (the company that operates the Ricoh) on the cheap. It's gone through the UK courts and as now awaiting a decision from the European Court. Any verdict in favour of SISU could impact Wasps, hence why they want the legals dropped. As always in these situations, it's the fans that suffer. The sooner Cov's owners sell up, the better for the club.
  6. CCFC actually play at the Trillion Trophy Stadium, or St Andrews to give it it's former name.
  7. Today would have been Kelly's 60th birthday. Such a tragedy he isn't around but happy birthday up there, Jellyman.
  8. There are a myriad of other factors involved in F1 so it's a poor comparison to speedway. Try something like the Easy Kart karting series, same controlled engines, same tyres, same gearing even, just down to driver ability and set up. Some riders are better than others, some riders or their team can set up the bike better than others. Simple as that.
  9. It's all about set up, too much power, too much spin, gets you nowhere.
  10. Truly, truly terrible. I'd recorded it cos I was out and I need to contact Virgin Media for a new remote as I've worn the fast forward button out!
  11. He's the reason a lot of Brum fans went prematurely bald.
  12. There's a school of thought in Motorsport, particularly the 2 wheeled variety, that having kids slows you down.
  13. Damage limitation for Tai, nearer the top than before the meeting. That final was something else though. Not the best GP, but not the worst, roll on tonight's meeting.
  14. You think he'd have done his homework and made his choice before going in, but he stands there scratching his head like me in the Chinese.
  15. OGT

    Most hated (respected) rider!!

    The late Zdenek Kudrna ruffled a few feathers.

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