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  1. Accuweather has the rain stopping 18.54 UK time then clear all evening, optimistic here hmmm
  2. rjsj9803

    Your First World Final

    1972 but to young to remember Slightly different to thread title i know but when asked the best rider never to have won the World individual title Leigh Adams and Tommy Knudsen are often mentioned, i asked a free AI engine it came back with According to www.iAsk.ai Ask Ai Answer Engine: Determining the “best” rider never to win the Speedway World Individual title involves subjective judgment and analysis of various factors, including individual achievements, consistency, impact on the sport, and recognition by peers and experts. However, one name that frequently emerges in discussions among fans, experts, and historical analyses is Tommy Jansson. Tommy Jansson was a Swedish speedway rider whose career was tragically cut short by a fatal accident during a race in 1976. Despite his brief career, Jansson’s talent, style, and potential were undeniable. He was considered one of the most promising riders of his generation and had already shown signs of greatness that led many to believe he would have secured a World Championship title had he had the opportunity to fulfill his potential. Jansson’s riding style combined smoothness with aggression, making him a formidable competitor on the track. He had already achieved significant success in team competitions and was making his mark in individual championships at the time of his death. His impact on the sport went beyond his achievements on the track; he was highly regarded for his sportsmanship and character, which endeared him to fans and fellow competitors alike. Given the subjective nature of determining the “best” rider never to win the title, it’s challenging to assign an exact probability to the assertion that Tommy Jansson is the correct answer. However, considering his widespread recognition among authoritative sources and within the speedway community as a supremely talented rider whose potential was universally acknowledged but unfulfilled due to his untimely death, it’s reasonable to assert that there is a high degree of consensus about his standing. The probability that Tommy Jansson is the correct answer to this question, based on authoritative sources and expert opinions within the sport of speedway racing, could be considered quite high within the context of such a subjective assessment. However, assigning a specific numerical probability would not accurately reflect the nuanced nature of historical and hypothetical evaluations....... Is this a wild call or a reasonable assumption?
  3. I first thought guy 'A' defender had check/barged an attacker that forced his leg to lift and accidentally hit the victim in the neck...I know nothing about Ice Hockey but reading almost all the comments below most seem to say it was deliberate... It isn't a pleasant watch but it is on 'Inside Edition' you tube channel.
  4. Infinite Reality, a metaverse start up company, the owners name is John Acunto ....sounds about right
  5. Great final Cierniak keen as mustard. A 7 ride maximum scoring a unicorn rare 20 pts.
  6. rjsj9803

    Wolves 2023

    Chasewater itself is only a couple minutes walk from all sides Chasetown, Norton Canes and Brownhills. The closest houses to the longtrack-trotting track are maybe 1/4 mile in Brownhills on the main drag A5 and Whitehorse Road. I dont know the political state of the site, yes i believe it would have been those 3 councils, the waters get muddier though as the Staffordshire-West Mids border runs through Chasewater it is listed under Staffs council, yet the postcode and majority is in West Mids. It is maybe to far from Monmore about 12 mile, but you couldn't get better road links, the carpark is off the A5 dual carriage way, parking room for 1000s and basics of a track still there, shame the stadium got burned down but potentially a great site, but all i have seen in 50 years is detiriaton of amenities there and since M6 toll came. Hopefully a solution with Monmore is found, great local press coverage today, get the councillors to wobble heads its a no brainer.
  7. rjsj9803

    Wolves 2023

    Norton Canes is now flat having been a small garden center, dozen or so houses on one side, never any parking even before though, Chasewater just 1/4 mile from there would have been an option, but 50 years of living here its just a shell of what it was. Chasewater circa 1977 had a go kart track, Scramble track, regularly held European power boating events, amusements, cafes, 2 boating pools and visited by 1000s every weekend. Hours spent riding old slackheaps on crossers after school. Chasewater 2023 everything above gone replaced by a few craft shops and the unused M6 toll road. There was a one off Longtrack meeting in 1977 on the mile trotting oval there, that was demolished 30 years back but the oval is still on google unused, massive area, easily park for 1000s but it was never done. 3 councils border it and dispute rights, years of fighting and neglect nothing ever got done until M6 money rolled in by the bucket.
  8. One of those tracks that take longer to listen to than make. AI Chat GPT on a mobile these days could generate that from scratch with a video in a millisecond. I would hate to think Tai spent weeks on this
  9. rjsj9803

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    R.I.P Nigel Always up for a chat and banter at Monmore about Cradley/Wolves battles over the years, he never would agree Greg was the master of the roller! Sad news!!
  10. rjsj9803

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Sad news R.I.P Phil.
  11. Totally agree he is head and shoulders above anyone, you know when ex riders heap on praise at any opportunity you have something special. Oh and a nice bloke to boot.
  12. Not sure home advantage was all that, Bart won 4 GPs including the only 2 outside Poland. He only won 2 of 6 in Poland. This kid is going to be around for many a year.
  13. Oh i think BT sport passed the bad guy badge to Lindgren, every pass is ruthless, they give Doyle a more polite 'hard'.
  14. So are the 4 Anlas riders Laguta, Janowski, Mikkelsen and Iversen?
  15. rjsj9803

    Your best speedway year

    He wouldn't have caught Hans though but for engine failure when half a straight ahead. That bike of Mullers was a rocket ship that day but totally fluffed the start in his last race.

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