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  1. HenryW

    Scottish independence?

    Denmark, Finland, Norway, Slovakia and Ireland are the European countries with populations most similar to Scotland. Denmark's economy is primarily service based. I think about 70% of Danish GDP comes from services. Farming and fishing made up 1.44% of their GDP in 2019, so the bacon apparently isn't that important
  2. HenryW

    SEC 2021

    Quite possibly the oddest question that I have ever asked on this forum, but does anyone know if Russian riders are allowed to be Russian riders in the SEC? I thought that Russians couldn't be Russians in major international sports events due to the WADA rulings...but after watching the Formula 3 today and seeing a Russian on the top step of the podium with a Russian flag and given the Russian national anthem, I was confused. From what I gathered from random forums and reddit was that it was OK in F3 because it wasn't a "world championship"...despite the fact that it has drivers from any nation and is scheduled to race across continents. So...I am thinking that SEC is fine for Russians to be Russians, but was wondering if anyone knows for sure if this is the case?
  3. HenryW

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    I'm a bit late replying to this, but I'm confused about the highlighted part. In the context it seems like you are referring to MotoGP with this comment. The current championship leader is Pecco Bagnaia who has been in the MotoGP class since 2019, so definitely not a rookie. Enea Bastianini is the top rookie so far this year and he is 12th in the standings after Jerez.
  4. I had problems getting into the stream and only joined it live after heat 7, but once I was in the stream was great. Good image quality and zero buffering for me.
  5. Yes. If you bought the stream the full video remains available to watch again for some weeks afterwards. At least, that is how it has worked for Edinburgh live streams in the past and as the video is available to me now, so I assume it's still the same.
  6. HenryW


    Yes. That meeting is one that they showed live last weekend.
  7. I'm not sure how this comment is relevant. The meetings have been cancelled. Premier Sports can't show something that isn't happening.
  8. There's a lot in there to make the SNP happy.
  9. HenryW


    It's been fun reading about Wembley dreams on a thread about Odsal.... I'm totally confused about why some think that Wembley would automatically mean a 55k crowd. When Wembley was used, there were a bunch of tracks with good crowds around London. There are none now. Speedway is dead in the capital. I get the dream of the "history", but the current Wembley stadium ISN'T the one that the history was at, and I'd be surprised if thousands of extra fans turned up JUST BECAUSE it was Wembley. Let's not forget that Ullevi also had a pretty good history in the sport, but didn't really capture the crowds for a GP. Let's also not forget that the racing at the old Wembley generally wasn't anything to get too excited about. Cardiff has been called boring by a good few on this thread. Feel free to call me crazy, but I've seen more good races from Cardiff than I have from Wembley. Most of the old World Final races from Wembley that I have seen have been, frankly, awful. There were a very small number of classics, but most of the racing was gate and go boredom...In my opinion, the World Finals at Odsal (sorry for bringing up the subject of this thread) provided FAR better racing than either Wembley or Cardiff, but Cardiff is STILL the best option for a GP in the UK for many reasons, if you ask me (especially if the Welsh are willing to chuck a bunch of cash at our sport )
  10. HenryW

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    I'm a little confused, so just want to check. If someone books a single ticket, that reduces the allowed capacity by 5?
  11. HenryW

    Polish junior teams comp 2021 DMPJ

    I didn't get a chance to see this before it was taken down. Did anyone else watch? How did Wiktor Przyjemski look? A seemingly impressive score for a youngster even if it wasn't the toughest opposition at this level.
  12. Two good meetings to watch tonight. I enjoyed them both. Leszno have to be worried about the performance of Doyle so far. I certainly am as I picked him for my fantasy league team Their team this year is built on the top 5 all delivering as they don't have the reserves they used to. Czestochowa also must be worried about Woryna. He is delivering nowhere near what they must have expected to get from him. They'll have been relieved to see Freddie have a good one tonight, though...a lot more like what you'd expect from him ( although ZG probably aren't the toughest of opposition at the top end)
  13. Never easy to be sure with auto translation but sportowefakty report seemed to suggest that as there was no exclusion as a cause of the incident, no replacement is allowed. Seems an odd one if that's the rule.
  14. No exclusion. He just wasn't able to take his place in the restart.
  15. HenryW

    F 1 Today's race

    You have to remember that it really is impossible to compare between eras... Lewis is clearly a great driver. But comparing him to drivers from other eras is just not something you can do. Even just using stats like most wins, poles, etc is a problem because of the change in the number of races over the years. He's a great...Is he better than Schumacher, Senna, Prost? Impossible to determine in my view.

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