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  1. Thomsen was one of the organiser wild card picks. The riders that came from the challenge were Zagar, Kasprzak and Berntzon.
  2. HenryW


    Correct. "Eurosport Events", an events management company which is part of the Eurosport group, have the rights to run the SGP series from next year. That doesn't necessarily mean that Eurosport will actually be showing the series in the UK. They may sell the broadcast rights to another company if they get a good offer.
  3. I actually like the 2 GP weekends, especially if I am travelling to a GP...Getting to see 2 meetings instead of just 1 for the travel costs is great. As for the points, obviously riders treat things differently due to the points system, which is my main issue with the current one, but if the old points system was in place this year, rather than being joint leader, Janowski would be 7 points down on the leader Laguta. Zmarzlik would still be 3 points points down on the lead but 4 ahead of Janowski. Anything that pushes Janowski down the standings is good with me As you said, the system where every point from every race counted seemed a much better system for me. I understand that it can lead to strange anomalies, like happened in the SEC this year...Leon Madsen results: 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 1st. Mikkel Michelsen results 4th, 5th, 1st, 2nd....and yet Mikkel won. That DOES look really odd to see, but I still prefer every race point counting.
  4. Shame I can only give one like to this message. I'd give more if I could!
  5. Yep...An awful night of work from the ref. I thought the Woffinden and Sayfutdinov (semi final) incidents were pretty similar....There was contact, but the rider contacted took the slight hit and had plenty of time to gather it up and race on, but they chose to just bail out well after the contact. It's hard to argue with their choice when refs side with them, but it encourages riders to do just that, and that is NOT the sport that I know and love. A bit of barging and banging side by side is what makes the sport great. If it turns into a sport of "I got touched, so I am slowly falling off long after the contact to get someone else excluded or get back into the restart" then the sport is done for. The final was a different situation, but I find it hard to see how Emil was to blame. He races a "normal" line but gets wiped out by someone using a really weird line...As a home track rider, maybe Maciej had some special knowledge of what would work and so maybe I am doing him a disservice, but as an outsider, it just seemed like he steamed into an impossible line and collected an innocent who was using a normal line. As I have said, I don't think Emil deserved the place in the final based on his semi final bail out, but I am very glad that he walked away from the crash in the final...I was worried for a while after that.
  6. HenryW

    The Olympic Games

    There have been a few over the years, and I am sure there will be more in the coming.years. Probably the most famous being Michele Mouton who finished 2nd in the World Rally Championship one year (82, I think, but could be wrong) Danica Patrick won Indycar race(s?) and competed well in NASCAR for a good few years. Hailie Deegan (daughter of MotoX star Brian) is looking to follow in her footsteps and is currently racing in the NASCAR truck series. Ana Carasco has had some decent results recently in the smaller supersports categories on bikes. Edit - Maybe "decent results" was doing her a disservice. I just checked and she won the World title a few years back in Supersport 300.
  7. HenryW

    The Olympic Games

    Is it not baseball for men and softball for women at these games?
  8. Lampart had taken his quota of races, hadn't he? It was Hampel, Buczkowski or Cierniak for heat 14...Not a lot between them tonight.
  9. I missed the start. What happened to Bastian in his first one? Did he just fall on his own?
  10. HenryW

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Doh. Of course, you are right. Troy got his British passport last year and now has dual Nationality. I completely forgot about that. I guess it's definitely not Troy then
  11. HenryW

    Kent Kings 2020?

    There are 2 types of work visa valid for speedway. One allows doubling up, the other doesn't. It could still be Troy and they are arranging for a change of visa type.
  12. It's sort of nice to hear that the Kings Lynn fans are still as unsporting as I remember them from years ago
  13. He certainly looks awful just now, but he also looked awful last season in Poland. 2.50 average in the few meetings that Rybnik actually allowed him before they let him go down to the lower league, where he banged in a whopping 5.05 average. I've no idea what is wrong with him just now, but he isn't the same rider as before. Maybe he has just lost it after becoming a father? (he IS now a father, isn't he, or am I thinking of someone else?) Yeah. I was NOT impressed by what was on offer tonight. If that's normal for Sheffield, I'd probably give that a miss. Sam is knowledgable about the sport. He is an absolutely awful commentator, but could be useful as a summariser between races. Back in the very old days he used to be quite good in the studio on Sky for GPs. If Polish rules allow riders to sign a contract after their Polish season is over, Bjerre would only become available at the same time as Nicki...No idea around averages, but I'd definitely go for Nicki if he was an option rather than Bjerre, assuming averages allowed. For either of them, you have almost a month to wait until they are done in Poland, though.
  14. The lack of ad breaks is a pleasant surprise as well
  15. Yeah, it seems to just be global events that are impacted. Russians in the SEC we're allowed to have their National identity as FIME events are not covered by the ban.

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