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  1. Should be any easy Aces win this.
  2. Should be a wolves win. Ostergaard is tough to cover for on the form he was in, great gating. Nicholls has dropped off a little recently.
  3. SPEEDY69

    Witches v Stars 29th July

    Jorgensen was pacy and reeled in Cook in one race so was surprised he didn't get ht 15 but if Riss had ridden a better line he could easily have stayed third.
  4. SPEEDY69

    Witches v Stars 29th July

    Depends what glasses you wear and what your expectations are. 5 of us went tonight and all enjoyed it. Cooks determined last to first coming out of bend two was great to see. Speedway is not all about overtaking and there were more passes than you state anyway. It's painful to watch Allen trying to ride a wide line, doesn't suit his style at all.
  5. SPEEDY69

    Sheffield 2020

    He's always been that type of rider though in my view. If he comes out of bend 2 in front he can be fast, if he doesn't, he isn't and looks as if he's not interested. Confidence is a funny old thing.
  6. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    I see Nicholls tweeted that he has a bit of a shoulder injury, not helped by his fall last night.
  7. SPEEDY69

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Other EU states restricted access to state benefits if they weren't in gainful employment and paying taxes - whether from the EU or not. We could have done similar but chose not to. Selling Brexit on a ticket of reduced immigration/migration was laughable - this has also been a part of a few manifestos from the tories, when in reality the figures rarely changed and often went up.
  8. SPEEDY69

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Thanks for the info about voting in the referendum but I didn't refer to that. The point about immigration/migration is that it was entirely possible to control without leaving the EU but our Government chose not to take that route.
  9. SPEEDY69

    European Union - In Or Out?

    That's right but the tories and their right wing press have blamed the EU for all of our ills and it's now being found out to utter rubbish. There are EU countries with way better immigration controls than us for example. None so blind.
  10. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Was the best meeting I've seen at Foxhall for some time with two teams prepared to race and the track having more than one line. Congrats to all at Ipswich Witches. For the Crump moaners on here, he was injured, tried to ride once and was clearly not fit and he hasn't ridden since. Therefore a guest is perfectly legitimate and a team will always choose someone in form.
  11. SPEEDY69

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    I don't think so. He was in hospital so people know he was injured. A doctor never refuses to sign you off if you want to be anyway, ooh oww yeah just there.
  12. Having viewed the races (thanks Racers & Royals) I think only the first one (heat 4) was his fault. He took Kildemand by surprise clearly and he did do a bit of a Pawlicki and came down easily but there looked to be some contact (and Pedersen himself has done this many times as well when passed on the inside, particularly on the first turn). But, he definitely did not deserve to be exclude for heat 18 and 20. There was clear space and for heat 18, they went into the bend side by side and the rider on the outside should have known they'd run out of room. His questioning of the ref was justified but not knowing what he said then I cannot comment on the ban being deserved or not. It did always get people energised though when a rider remonstrated with the ref, whether on the phone or in person and as not as no serious threats are made I don't see the harm in that. I remember McEnroe in tennis using some choice language towards umpires/camera operators and other 'officials' which made him box office also.
  13. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Was Shawn, who admitted he'd lost the desire/will to do it properly any more and was scaring himself.
  14. SPEEDY69

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    I can only think it's a mental thing. Once you lose that it's very difficult to come back from.
  15. SPEEDY69

    European Union - In Or Out?

    What I don't get is the surprise people have written finding there are restrictions /paperwork required when moving goods into /out of the EU - that's Brexit!

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