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  1. Crazy robin

    Brummies 2024...

    Wasn’t it Shamek who rode for Coventry & Poole not Piotr as the press release states??
  2. Crazy robin

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    Why has Josh given up on riding on the continent?
  3. Crazy robin

    Brummies 2024...

    Crikey that is a poor team & Lampart is coming off a poor couple of seasons. Think only Bartosz & Artem would make this team competitive & that’s a big shame.
  4. What’s the points limit in 2024?
  5. Crazy robin

    Belle Vue 2024

    Disappointed to see the best rising star being released along with Charles & don’t think either will struggle for a team spot hopefully.
  6. Crazy robin

    Poole 2024

    Why not let Steve say his goodbyes with a meeting left as he’s done a good job for Poole over all. Fair play to him for ignoring Ford’s decision.
  7. Was expecting more ex Wolves riders to be there
  8. He was a Aces rider though not a guest
  9. I’m sure they don’t keep them & riders like Tobi & Jack will get one.
  10. Crazy robin

    SGP wild cards 2024

    Finishing 5th, his ridiculous!!!!
  11. Crazy robin

    SGP wild cards 2024

    How did Kvech qualify?
  12. Helps that the other riders just wave him through when he is behind which makes him look faster.
  13. Crazy robin

    SGP wild cards 2024

    The series is boring without Artem & Emil & needs them back. Sick of watching riders just moving out of the way every time Bartosz gets near them. There will always been a doubt if Bartosz would’ve won if Artem & Emil were in it & he knows that.

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