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  2. If Leicester Lions and Cubs hold onto their leads , then Ellis Perks would achieve the treble - how many other riders have won all three leagues ? I would say a few have won two leagues , but three must be rare.
  3. I'd have to agree. It was a great ride by Vissing to get round Lawson and Douglas on turn two.
  4. chunky

    Split Waterman RIP

    I think you are missing the point, John. I dont think JOS50 is referring to Split's speedway career (although I could be wrong), but the fact that he is commonly regarded as a "wonderful character" and it is often said that we "need people like him" in the sport today. Split Waterman is rightly regarded as one of England's greatest ever speedway riders, and we can't - and shouldn't - take that away from him. However, stating that he was a "luvverly fella" and "we need more like him" is stretching it. Same with Kenny Carter. I never liked Kenny, and in fact I thought he was a psycho tw*t. However, he too was one of England's finest. We know that there are people - even forum members - who think his name should be expunged from the record books, and nobody should ever mention his name again - because of his final acts. To me, that is ridiculous. His career and his final acts are totally separate, and in any case, we can't - and shouldn't try to - change or erase history. My own personal opinion of Kenny Carter is that he was not "evil"; he had true mental issues, and it was these that caused the problems. After all, who, in a normal frame of mind, would take their own life? Certainly when children are involved? Individuals who commit other types of criminal offence, though not as severe, but usually for personal gain, are not suffering from mental health issues, and just commit them because they want to. If they make those decisions, then they should not be looked up to or revered, or simply considered a "cheeky chappie". Again, that does not and should not be used to destroy their achievements.
  5. Heat 15 was a killer, and it will probably prove to be when the final was won and lost
  6. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    Interesting if we are, maybe we will be getting majority of the Poole 2019 team for us. Grajczonek Brady Kurtz Jack Holder Klindt I would imagine the possibly Howarth, and Todd Kurtz alongside one other rider.
  7. Spiderman1

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Yep add Allen and Holder (jackass) and call it team aus,get rid of lemon (withdrawal depression away from max)and start winning trophies
  8. Course J i always respect my elders.
  9. steve roberts

    New Cross track

    "Homes of British Speedway" quotes 262 yards (1934-53) & 278 yards ((1959-63).
  10. Today
  11. its like cammy is reading from a script at times . the last person to follow scripts and lose was a guy called Adolf ! he prob still thinks that we all live in the 70s and can billshot his way through the season . god help him if he had a run of the mill team to manage . we still mates Gaz ?
  12. gustix

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    I have found this reference to Bruce Semmens on the Sheffield 'Who's Who" website...."...Controversial and hard riding Cornishman who was a cult hero in the immediate post war years at Owlerton but upset many an opponent with his on track tactics. Earned a nickname of 'Have-a-go-Semmo' with his fearless style of riding and it was only a matter of time before he attracted the attention of the big name clubs, eventually joining Belle Vue in a big money move during the 1949 season. However, his time with the Aces was not a success and his career took a downward turn after leaving Sheffield. Bruce died on 4 September 1988..."
  13. The Weasel

    Poole Pirates 2020

    No......you've got Adam Ellis a 3rd HL in the PL, 4 x PL reserves in Worrall, Allen, Nicol and Kurtz and 1 rider that isn't anywhere near PL standard in Gilkes. I'm not sure if you're a troll or one of the idiots that thinks all is well with CL speedway in the UK, but the F***wits that keep on about all we need is 4 blokes going round in circles is the reason the sports on its knees in this country.
  14. Marvellous post ER hope things are going great in Cornwall
  15. Spiderman1

    Ipswich 2020

    That’s what they said for 2019,need to do something ,home track should be an advantage to home team, just like Swindon is
  16. gustix

    Mcgillvray Bros.

    I don't know about Les and Jim Macgillivray but I am certain that before taking to speedway Sandy was a leading exponent of cycle speedway.
  17. Can't argue with that.
  18. Who knows i would have preferred he highlighted the first two paragraphs of your post rather than what he did say.
  19. He would be better saying nothing than the rubbish he spouts most of the time.
  20. gustix

    Split Waterman RIP

    JOS50 makes a valid comment. Should the speedway merits of Split Waterman have been ignored following his death because of his 'non speedway exploits'? IMO no harm has been done in regard to the comments and praise of Split's distinguished speedway career that have appeared. However JOS50 tends to disagree in that regard. It would be interesting so see other points of view.
  21. andout

    New Cross track

    Never ever 354 yards!
  22. At a push I thought we would need a 10 point lead to have a sniff of a chance on aggregate, so on that front 12 is a plus. However, Glasgows reserves won't be that poor at home and you wouldn't expect Cook or Jensen to drop many points either. So both teams have it all to go for. Poor refereeing decisions, didn't he the think Vissing touched the tapes then?
  23. I've just read it and I'm baffled, the only real decisions he had to make all night was Vissing breaking the tapes and Lawlor falling on his own. The Glasgow fans I spoke to were certainly more gracious and certainly not downcast so I'm sure it'll be a close thing on Tuesday, hopefully with the Lions on top!
  24. Very finely balanced I’d say.
  25. Only quoting what our team manager said, as i say he should be more gracious in defeat.
  26. What poor refereeing decisions? I must have missed that! I think Glasgow were poor and their travelling fans who were brilliant deserved better for their journey. As much as I'm pleased with the lead I did hope for a more exciting meeting...
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