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  2. Poole 2018

    Krysztof Kasprzak Jack Holder Brady Kurtz Kyle Newman Hans Andersen Nicolai Klindt James Shanes I seem to remember that that 1-7 was being called untouchable about this time last season!!!!! The 1-7 this season for Poole looks no better than last seasons to me. Many ifs and buts in Sundstrom and the 2 Poles and Holder......................would hate to see last season repeated..................you never know Lahti and Kennett might be free mid season to replace Holder and one of the Poles!
  3. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Why would you sign three 3 pointers when that team comes to 1.74 under the limit?
  4. Poole 2018

    No doubt that Darcy was more talented on a bike than Ivan. If he hadn't had it taken away from him I'm sure he'd have been world champ time and time again.
  5. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Very awkward style yes but they are improving on that. Never saw any dangerous moves last year but i only saw them ride at NSS which is a big track. Not seem them ride a small technical one yet
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Looking forward to seeing Jacob thorsell wear the aces bib in 2018....... oh hang on a min. Sorry wrong thread
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    Personally I would like to of seen Cook....Worrall...Fricke....Tungate....KK....Bewley....Smith. Perhaps they tried, but KK priced himself out, hence Smith's place was forfeited to fit Drodz and a higher averaged reserve.
  8. Poole 2018

    ........ and of course most of us will.
  9. Wolves 2018

    For the benefit of Stevebrum who is polluting the Belle Vue thread with his jibberish. Jacob Thorssell achieved his average riding at a second string position last year, No 4. That is a lot easier that riding at 5. It's not a debate, it's not up for 'opinion', it's just reality.
  10. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Sure we will look like this Payne Paul Bowen Bickley Lawlor Smith B woodhull K dicken
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Blown away by Kings Lynn’s radical new approach of announcing signings with a fanfare .............. a week after we all knew.
  12. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Owns Investin PLC and Brandon Estates is under that umbrella. They have many developments in the UK including Coventry, London, Nottingham and Poole. He lives in Monaco.
  13. Mildenhall 2018

    Gonna be a bit weird seeing Drew ride for Cradley as well as Mildy in the National Trophy competition, only this could happen in speedway ! just can't get my head round it....
  14. Belle Vue 2018

    Anybody any idea when the last 4 will be announced ? Fricke Drozdz Bewley & Etheridge or Kurtz or Pickering will do for me.
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    ffs move the Thorsell rubbish to the wolves thread ffs its boring me rubbishless couldn't give a rubbish about him !! this thread is for ACES RIDERS/FANS !!
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  17. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Reading the latest on the Coventry Observer and it mentions a John Downer who is a shareholder in Brandon Estates, anyone know who he is?
  18. Poole 2018

    I don’t think Poole choke very often. We had injuries which wrecked our chances in 2016 and a number 1 in 2017 who made himself look a pillock with his attitude. We could be back to business as usual in 2018 with that lineup, baring injuries of course. I for one think it was the right call to replace Hans, who on his day is very good but is now journeyman personified, cramming in as many meetings as possible. Don’t blame him of course but by doing so he rides within himself so to avoid injury and time out. Not what we need in 2018.
  19. Poole 2018

    Looks Like the League Title is all yours Shovvy, I guess Its all yours to lose....Then again with the backdrop of choking that has gone on previously..... one can never be quite sure. Anyway Allow me to be the first to offer the warmest of congratulations on your Title win. Or to on the other foot..... I'd like to offer you £1 a bucket for ya 541te
  20. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Poole asset NKI announced for Poole's 70th Anniversary meeting on 23rd March!!
  21. Poole 2018

    Powerhouse lineup. Once the new lads get dialled in they should dominate. No weak links and even our number 7 is stronger than some other sides number 6. And if Shansey does find it tough at certain tracks we have a rock solid number 6 to cover. Last season I felt the team had journeymen happy with their position in a heat after the second bend. Matt Ford has tried to eradicate this issue and bring in a team of racers. Riders who are not happy to settle for a point but want to score more. Happy days.
  22. Poole 2018

    and Iversen too!!!
  23. Belle Vue 2018

    Wrong. Gavan made the initial comment his average was achieved as a second strong, and has since clarified that remark.
  24. Not been to a conference in years? It's not the only way to keep up-to-date. #radiotherapy https://t.co/mJc56TeNRJ https://t.co/qoYpI6KFXM

  25. Poole 2018

    If as it seems only play off clashes then Swindon should be ok and possibly only have to change a few meetings.
  26. Poole 2018

    Sundstrom, Woryna and Szczepeniak I'd have question marks over just for the fact they've either not ridden here for a while and/or have never showed anything over here previously. However, if they show their form from abroad Poole will get close.
  27. Poole 2018

    Only on paper at the moment just like last year untouchable better to wait and see I think
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