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  2. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    But who would you choose.....
  3. Just as a random comment about riders "Out of control" One I noticed at Edinburgh last Friday....Josh Pickering. Also Conner Coles.
  4. Very sensible though you would've thought this kind of thing could've been announced last Saturday.
  5. foreverblue

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    I think it matters a lot because we need to finish top so we have choice.
  6. A fairly well balanced set of pairs for this meeting...Hopefully some good racing with all the riders staying safe...
  7. According to Somerset website. NBJ will guest instead of Summers.
  8. Bald Bloke

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    You had Brady missing at Ippo, and won.. You had Newman, who scored 0. Barker can't do worse... You had Doolan, who did his job, scoring 5 from 5 rides. But you have Covatti back tonight. Better than Doolan at Poole. You don't look any weaker than you did at Ippo to me. My bet is Poole win -4 tonight... Now watch it bomb out
  9. “If fit”caveat is at this moment missing from official Monarchs website.It just say guest.That could be the case though.is he riding at Berwick on Sat if he has been “stood down” on Sunday.?
  10. Bear_Bottom

    Newcastle 2019

    Saving for Steve Bruce's leaving present...
  11. crescent girl

    Berwick v Somerset, Saturday 20 July 7pm

    Listed with the caveat 'if fit' - Aaron has been stood down as Glasgow's guest at Brough on Sunday (replaced by Sam Masters)..
  12. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2019

    Nicholls under 8 and Covatti +2 vs kennett
  13. screm

    berwick bandits 2019

    Off the back of his good score at Somerset last night Jye Etheridge has picked up a guest booking at Redcar tomorrow night riding for the injury hit Birmingham Brummies.
  14. Bald Bloke

    Betting in 2019

    Yeah. I thought the -4 was generous @ 1.90
  15. Steve Shovlar

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    I look at it this way. Poole are clearly weaker with Brady missing and usin Barker. Ipswich are basically full strength. Nicholls for Harris is about the same. So whatever the score tonight, Poole have quite a bit of strength to attain. Ipswich haven’t. Both teams are in the playoffs. Tonight doesn’t really matter. When they meet in the playoffs it will.
  16. Today
  17. mickthemuppet

    Betting in 2019

    I would have thought that if Poole beat Ipswich away by 6 points the handicap would be Witches plus 10. Surely Pirates must be stronger and Witches not as strong. Odd betting Home win
  18. Trees

    Swindon 2019

    Those who stayed away when Lynn were there missed a competitive meeting
  19. 4thbender

    Sheffield Speedway help wanted

    Presumably you've not witnessed the Battle of Bramall Lane whenever Wednesday and United meet in our great city.
  20. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Bears

    Last night was poor.....hope Terry can advise ahead of next week ?
  21. I know you wasn't taking about that meeting I was just asking your opinion after your reply to saying the score flattered Ipswich at Foxhall.
  22. R/R for Thomas at 2. Ulrich at 5. Danny at 7.
  23. Bald Bloke

    Betting in 2019

    Poole -4 win and the tie. Won't mind if Ippo win this though Did have Wolves +10, but not as sure as the Poole bet, so cashed it out and put the extra money on the Poole bet. Watch it go the other way now
  24. ALL down to Jeff Davies ... something very different next week.
  25. foreverblue

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    I wasn't talking about the supporters cup meeting. I agree though that was probably a lucky escape Poole riders had crashes too but who cares about that competition.
  26. Falcons50

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    Not sure what the irony is to my post really as I'm a Plymouth supporter who is fed up with reading negative posts about our track, am saying that tracks all round the country and in every league have issues. Poole, Swindon, Peterborough, in the higher leagues just to name a couple. Dust is always another issue, I loved the photos on Facebook of the Birmingham meeting last night, very atmospheric (said tongue in cheek) as to me it all is part of watching speedway :-)
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