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  1. Saves us bringing the thread back up the to the top of the front page so useful in that respect.
  2. "We had a good chat for 10-15 mins" well you were. Seems like a blame deflection agenda to me. It'd be better and taken more seriously if it came from the organ grinder.
  3. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    I'm not too sure of the relevance of the car park charge? That's a separate issue I don't have a problem with, apart from Colin Horton bringing it in to allegedly cover the clubs SRBF contribution (if my memory serves me right), the charge sticking and subsequently seemingly just being subsumed in to running costs. Also worth noting is the Blue Badge shake up 2019 to take in hidden disabilities. Wheelchairs and disability naturally have always seemed to go together but the criteria is somewhat wider these days covering all manner of physical and mental health issues. Anyway, my last post on the matter. Noodles must be doing his nut
  4. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Always a first.
  5. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    The club have made no secret in the past of where the trouble lies regarding parking so I’m not buying silence and taking the rap this time. Of course nobody wants to make things difficult but ill-conceived and rushed decisions often have that effect. As far as we know, the landlord delegates parking to individual events and if the said event has the organisation and capacity for internal parking then they could use it? Don’t really get the last bit. Disabled concessions are about making things easier not more difficult. Whether anyone can possibly go that extra mile occasionally shouldn’t come into it. A very admirable defence of Buster. Not seen too many of those but good to see.
  6. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Taking the EoES out of it because it was a club decision to remove a working system that had been in place for the best part of 20 seasons for their disabled customers, here's the potential discrimination for you to see: - indirect discrimination - putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone, but that put someone with a protected characteristic (ie disability) at an unfair disadvantage. It has to be said that they are probably legally entitled to do what they've done with good justification (not that I'm sure that it'd be a legal matter anyway?). I doubt that their current explanation would win the day if it ever came to that, which it will not. I remember Jim Lynch threatening to take the EoES to court when Mercer arrived at the EoES as CEO and threw the disabled out. That probably put the rent up a few hundred quid. If the club are happy to take the hit of losing paying customers and resulting poor public relations at this time in particular then more fool them perhaps!
  7. Sweden’s distinctive Covid strategy nears an end as lockdown proposed Gradual shift has moved Scandinavian country’s pandemic approach more in line with rest of Europe https://www.ft.com/content/b376ae27-4889-4f54-803d-8507de9dcb7e
  8. Well as they've got a plan of sorts now, although a season as proposed is unlikely, here is some education for them on this topic regarding new rules https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55221474
  9. It seems like every time they need to make it seem worse than it is for the vast majority of people they find something.
  10. Crump99

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Well done for listening for a while. I used to try but he's just so depressing , smug and out of touch with the majority outside of the M25 that he gets 30 seconds at best these days!
  11. Next contestant DC2 from Swindon, special subject the bleeding obvious
  12. Posted this in April as well. This guy is no loon, far from it:
  13. Quote of the week thus far
  14. I just get lines of text saying "You have chosen to ignore"
  15. Peterborough Panthers Speedway@PboroPanthers Sep 7 EVENT | Young Driver Peterborough will be at the East of England Arena on Saturday September 26. On arrival at the East of England Showground please follow the main road around to Gate 17, turn left and immediately left again at Gate 14. Parking on-site and is free for all customers. Once parked, it is short walk to the reception area. Please following the Young Driver signage. There are also some disabled parking spaces. Site is floodlit.

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