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    One of of few men that make pete adams look excitable
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    They only get prize money ,but stock drivers don’t believe the sport owes them a living , speedway riders do , it’s ok for the top guys but these days get a licence and string 4 laps together and suddenly you think your a proffessional , that may sound harsh but as far as finances go that is why soeedway is all but bankrupt
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    So it turns out the Philip Rising and the Speedway Star have many of the same, very serious concerns about the state of Speedway GB, as a lot of fans do. The C word has now been openly used and not just about one of the several things wrong with speedway in the UK. It is chaotic and run chaotically. It is time that someone more balanced ( I nearly wrote sane ) took control of the situation and brought in a much more common sense approach to how the sport should be run. Is it too late for that to happen?
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    The go to men are the hearns. But both have no interest in speesway. We're doomed I'm afraid
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    Covatti wasnt reserve for long he was on a false average from his time at Sheffield and quite clearly was heat leader material. Ok so picking hairs but Masters, Wells and Riss is now Riss, Wells and Riss. Weaker heat leader trio than last season. Pickering and Andersson need to hit the ground running for sure. The team will or should do well on their tricky home track but cant see them getting to much away at all.
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    What do you expect when you’ve got a troll updating the posts? Probably forgot what login details are needed.....
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    Shame they used a plough to do it with!
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    I have to agree about how some clubs manage to balance the books,given the figures quoted regarding riders points money it certainly a mystery how some clubs are viable ,it is certainly not on crowd levels.Sponsers with money to give away seems more like it,and fans donations.
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    I find it funny how people come in here and defend the Poole track, yet everytime it’s on tv it’s awful but it’s labelled a one off. The Poole track is an embarrassment every week everyone knows it
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    wow! Sorry must remember to say Edinburgh look strong next time! Sorry i cant see this team as anything other than 6th or 7th in my opinion and thats all it is opinion. Masters is a huge loss as the team just got in the play offs last season and now look much weaker without him. Last season as heat leaders, Masters , Wells and Riss and this season Wells , Riss and Riss. Sorry but to me this seasons team doesnt look as good as last seasons which finished third. Ipswich , Sheffield, Glasgow and Scunthorpe and Lakeside already look stronger to me. I may be wrong but thats what opinions are for
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    If Ludde is in the team with Robbo, I see many debates on here, now that WKD may actually attend and not rely on tittle-tattle ;)
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    Just chuffed that we are running next year. At the moment - I don't really care who the Riders are.
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    Each to their own, of course, footie & rugby do nothing for me other than assessing whether a stadium could also stage speedway. Once went to Coventry, Brandon for a speedway nite wih a couple of stock car fans, who when turning into the car park about an hour befiore the start, both said almost in unision "oh no, it must be off already". It wasn't off, they were just used to seeing the car park beng full to busting. And Brandon has a more than decently-sized car park....
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    So why did you moan so much when Woffinden returned to Wolves when he got his average from riding in this league. You puzzle me Steve because you will always seem to think it's alright for Poole to sign riders on these sort of averages,but as soon as any other team want to do it it becomes unfair
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    Until speedway overcomes the problem of staging meetings in wet weather, the fans will never come. There are far too many reasons for riders not wanting to race. How can you market the sport as 'high risk" when the bikes are put away if the sun is too bright!
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    This is an example of a post on another topic , stockcars know what they are and are not trying to be something else , they know their fan base and know what they want , speedway doesn’t know what it is or even remember what it was but it’s trying to be a poor mans F1 and it will never be that and it’s stuck in the middle with no idea who it’s fan base is
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    Don't understand why it was shut down as it moved all the bickering into a wider audience instead of keeping it local. I know a lot of non-comets fans read the unofficial site but now its read by a wider audience.
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    I'd have read 'rules changing every other week' as just a saying rather than taking it literally, either way it really can't be worth making such a bloody fuss about!!
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    I remember seeing 3 Norwegians in the wasps colours ed strangleland, einar egedius & reidar eide. Ed was a entertaining rider from my memory, einar I think married a Newport girl but it was reidar who I remember most fondly he was in I believe the best team Newport ever had in 1975 he also rode in 73 & 74. One race inparticurlrly recall is a golden helmet race against ole Olsen I think in 73 where he brought the house down at Somerton park by blasting by ole to lift the helmet, great days.
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    NEXT week's will go out by first class post on Wednesday morning. Office open that day. If anyone hasn't got this week's call 020-83351113
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    Sverre Harrfeldt is undoubtedly the best Norwegian rider world speedway has seen. Barry Briggs fans would disagree but there were times in 1966 (when he finished up runner-up to Briggs at the World final) when he was just about unbeatable. I do realise that the period from 1970 to 1989 will be covered in the article in Backtrack but Leif "Basse" Hveem's achievements prior to this time surely deserve a mention. In his career he won the Nordic Championship 13 times (8 long track and and 5 speedway) plus 21 Norwegian Championships (11 long track and 10 speedway). As this site's self appointed South African correspondent,I should mention that he suffered an horrendous accident in Durban in 1955 that nearly ended his career but recovered to win both the Norwegian and Scandinavian Championships the following year. Basse died in 1964
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    you having a laugh compared to you dog bowl worry about ladbrookes being bought out by gala bingo ?
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    "So Tai, if viewers haven't seen speedway before and are interested in coming to watch you do your thing, when can they look forward to seeing you next season?" ....
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    Christmas Statement from the Save Coventry Speedway group. WE would like to extend our Season’s Greetings to all supporters of Speedway and Stock Car Racing at Coventry. Our thanks to all who have supported the Campaign Group efforts over the course of the year, and also to everyone who helped organise and supported the Challenge matches run in 2017 with Coventry Bees not running as part of the official league structure. It has been the worst year imaginable for everyone with a love for the sports at Brandon; from the shattering news that ‘agreements’ for future racing were not to be fulfilled, to the eventual omission of Coventry from the 2017 Premiership, to the deterioration in condition of the stadium throughout the year arising from the lack of security on-site by the owners. Brandon Estates bought the stadium for their own purposes, but in doing so they have shown zero regard for the 89-year history and heritage of the iconic venue, nor the fact that regular visits to Brandon to watch these family sports remained a way of life for many thousands of people throughout the season, right up until the end of 2016. In addition, the intransigence of the owners to engage in reasonable communication is a further indication of their motives, along with the material included within their official representations and public exhibition material – much of which is open to serious question. At the Exhibition in October, comments from the public were invited by planning consultants Framptons. We have seen a number of these responses, and the local reaction is clear - but as with the 2014 Exhibition arising from the initial plans, they appear to be a closely-guarded secret at this time. The display boards also indicated that an outline planning application would be submitted in Autumn 2017. At the time of writing, this has not taken place. We do not know the reason for that, but we can assure Brandon Estates – and their front-man, Monaco-based businessman John Downer – that as soon as their planning application is submitted, we will be ready with strong opposition. They must understand that they cannot simply take two major sports away from the region – sports which were both perfectly viable running in tandem at the stadium – merely on an outrageous speculative bid for development on land which had not been earmarked for that purpose, and expect everyone to sit back and let it happen. Our Campaign Group came together in its present form in the immediate aftermath of Coventry’s exclusion from the 2017 SGB Premiership, and our primary aim was to bring about a return to racing at the stadium for 2018 as well as establishing plans for the long-term continuation of both sports in the area. In those respects, we have regrettably been unsuccessful. The sheer depth of issues to be considered and resolved arising from the activities of recent years has been eye-opening in the extreme, and we have to respect the fact that the timescales of official business are sometimes longer than we would wish for. We believe there is tremendous momentum behind our campaign and overwhelming opposition to Brandon Estates' proposals. So our work will go on into 2018, and there are various events and hearings in the early part of the New Year which will play a vital part in matters going forward. Finally, we must emphasise to all who pass comment on the situation, often on social media, that the status of Brandon Stadium remains absolutely fundamental to the entire argument, and an acceptance that it has been lost to sport permanently is simply not an option. We wish every supporter of Speedway and Stock Car Racing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we hope 2018 provides some encouragement to everyone who wishes to see our two famous sports restored to their rightful place.

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