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    Embarrassing from Poole and Somerset. Should be made mandatory that all top flight sides must have team kevlars. Excuse of saving a few quid is pathetic. Show a bit of professionalism ffs. Makes the sport look pikeyish. The self proclaimed "Manchester United" of speedway looking like a rag tag bunch thrown together is a terrible look for the sport & that club. Looks like they've gone back to 1988. Somerset over paying Doyle as their excuse for no suits is dreadful. Team kevlars was one of the few professional things about the sport & now we have Ford being a t0sser & Somerset taking us back to the 80's.
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    Messaged you sue. I'll do it
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    I read with interest the stadium cross track that has appeared on the centre green at Rye House. The stadium, as in Len’s day, isn’t cheap to run and as many activities need to be run to enable to keep the stadium a viable proposition. Let’s not forget when Len sold the lease to Warren Scott that also included the go-karts, which must give a fairly good rental income. Was it a mistake to perhaps remove the dog racing? My personal view is Rye should have stayed second tier and therefore could have kept that Saturday night mantle. With more clubs in the second tier and a good crop of riders to, we could have had variety. But alas we have the boring top tier, but of course many will say Rye was brilliant last year, really? But let’s look at the reasons why staying in the Championship didn’t happen. When Len became involved with Central Park, Sittingbourne [Kent Kings] in 2013 it was a stone’s throw from where he lived. While he was running Rye House he would spend time sleeping in a caravan as well as being co-promoter at Kent, it was obvious he couldn’t do both. So Len decides to sell Rye House to Warren Scott. The stadium was, let’s be honest becoming very run down and new blood was needed. So the last year of Len’s reign, at the start of the season we were told there would be improvements you would see every week at the stadium. Well that never happened, a part from the flower bed by the turnstiles. Len leaves and Warren Scott and Steve Jenson take over. The bright lights of TV money, more exposure of the BMR brand could only be a good thing and of course the top league racing was what Scott wanted from the word go to promote team BMR. A new motorcycle outlet was being built [is it finished yet?] in place of the long bar and all would appear to be rosy! Well that’s what a lot of people thought and still do. All these people who have said the ‘wow’ factor was at Rye House must have been referring to the Rye House pub. The stadium was and probably still is a mess. The old wooden terracing by the start had to go, no question, but a farcical situation of putting the ref’s box back to the old box it spent many years in. Putting a temporary ref’s box for the TV match last year, exposed to the elements, the continual building work of the motorcycle dealership on the long bar and crap viewing, but two years before just to remind you we were told there would be improvements every week! I for one have not been impressed with the promotional team at Rye. It obvious all the changes have been made track side. Looking at the video the straights of the stadium cross track seem fairly high and as for the bends well………. Nicholls, Harris and Kasprzak will be on good deal financially which the club can probably ill afford. Can only assume Barker wanted more £ notes thats why he left? The Lakeside fans won’t bother with Rye as they have in my opinion a very good and exciting team. Crowds will drop considerably at Rye and especially being mid-week. I fear for speedway’s future at Rye. The general public seem to be the least of BMR’s concerns. Am I, along with other paying fans being taken for granted? Facilities are important for the paying public and making them feel comfortable. That I’m afraid hasn’t been the case at Rye in the last few years. No doubt this Monday’s meeting won’t take place as the winner will probably be Mother Nature, so we will all have to wait until Saturday week to find out if it's as bad as it looks!
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    Thing is Trees the 'good old days' are long gone and image & appearance is very important now, especially for a struggling sport like ours. Racesuits should be compulsory for our top two leagues IMO, and there is no reason why good racing can't be a priority regardless of this.
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    Good Friday, 28th March 1975 was the start of something very Special. 43 yrs ago was when Michael Lee made his debut for the Stars against Leicester Lions. The weather was just as bad then as it is now, as it snowed that morning.... but the meeting still went ahead.... Lynn won 46 -32. God it makes one feel old....
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    Ah! days gone by...the Easter 3TT involving Oxford, Swindon and Reading. Oxford on Good Friday, Swindon on the Saturday and Reading Easter Monday. Those were the days!
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    I thought Kus was in a squad team in Poland so as they race on Sunday he could not ride for us or was that not the case.
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    This clamour for race Suits so it looks professional is quite bizarre when you look at the majority of the stadia we race in. Most are pretty awful tbh.
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    Not everyone will be able to do that if the crowds are anything like last year. Those who can't see very well will think twice about attending again. Other riders could have been used indeed and forums are a place to discuss that. People are allowed to have an opinion on these things. If the reasons we haven't got X rider in the team is he is too expensive, it is not wrong to say so, if he is an arrogant git, making too many demands, or just a plain arse then it is absolutely fine to say so. It is 2018. We don't need censorship. The majority of fans will appreciate being told rather than speculating. This isn't Rye specific but speedway fans tend to be like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed s*** and yet some happily accept it because that is the way it has always been. The attitude of 'at least we have speedway to watch' is a big part of the reason the sport is dying. Just because the BSPA were there on Thursday it doesn't mean much in this sport. The rules change on a weekly basis at times, one was literally changed within the last week. You should know that by now Sid.
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    If team kevlars can't be afforded then that's that, forget them, we went donkeys years without them, never thought about them, they don't affect the racing, that's the number one priority for our sport imo!
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    Couldn't agree more. There are NL teams with professional team suits. All very embarrassing to have the so called best team looking like a 2nd hand rag-tag and bobtail outfit. Poor.
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    I suggest that you watch Debbie's interview on the Somerset twitter where she explains about her decision rather than posting about something you clearly know nothing about.
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    Sure is, Shows what can be done with plenty of hours in the gym, a winning mentality and being a fast gater, and his loyalty to British speedway is to be respected.
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    Team suits do look more professional in a photograph or for promotional work. However...for me, I find it harder to distinguish who is who in a race, unless I look at the helmet colours and remember who's in the programmed ride. I found it much easier to instantly work out which rider was who, when they wore individual leathers. The individual colours stood out more. Riding styles were also easier to see for some reason. For example riders like Simon Wigg and Leigh Adams instantly stood out because of their colours and style. I'd personally prefer to see riders in their own style and distinctive Kevlars/Leathers with Club race jacket. The Race Jacket being distinctive, and not a small symbol surrounded by massive sponser's name. Birminghams big red 'B' on yellow, and Belle Vue's Large 'Ace' really stand out. Swindons robin and somersets just get lost somehow. Perhaps instead of team kevlars, team bike covers and fork covers would be better?
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    When I saw the title of the thread I feared Philip Rising had fallen on hard times.
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    I think there will be enough room for 500-1000 fans to get a view of the entire race. That’s all that is needed these days - unfortunately.
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    He came last. Not sure if any other horses used him as an excuse for their bad performances tho.
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    Its quite suprising what you can see from close to fence to home straight Even though you get the annoying people that stand in way of the start line there
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    I wish people would wake up, theres no tv money gone from 90000 a yr to 9000 and bspa?have taken that care of buster Without other financial sources speedway will not run!!! Mx arena is watched by 10000+@ 25 person say rye house get 4000@25 pp 4/5 times on a saturday night plus food/drink it aint rocket science Support bmr I do or go to a stadium which is poor viewing and soulless like lakeside I can give you a lift if you like?
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    It’s not about being offended. I’ve nothing against looking at attractive women. It’s just tacky for the same reason that I’ve never understood why it’s necessary to drape rather fake women over cars to sell them. I find it rather insulting that someone would think they could sway my purchase that way.
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    Would make even more sense now bit of a strange move Mark Lemon didn' do this to start off with.
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    An exclusion should only be if a rider touches or breaks the tapes , riders will always chance it (James Sargent a prime example)but sometimes a rider makes a perfect start and is penalised for it by having a re start . Let’s make it a black and white decision with no in between
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    If they can't get 15 heats in then they shouldn't start the meeting....
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    I know this is going to go down like a lead balloon, but some of the crap that has been written over the last few days about the management and promotion really is tiresome. I doubt any of the negative bile is based on any sort of informed fact, just posting for the sake of it. If you don' like what they do, don't bother turning up. I know this is forum for open speach/debate and that's what I've done, but not about the management who I can see are trying to get up to speed with our sport. Just stop the moaning and get behind them.

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