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    Sometimes it might be best to simply not post at all Starman. There is no possible sensible defence of what Ford is complaining about here so best to simply remain quiet.
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    ASSETS are a nonsense. Unless a rider is under contract he should be free to go wherever he pleases. Works everywhere else.
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    This idea that you only need to be a throttle jockey with a fast bike to excel on the big tracks is utter rubbish. Those who have watched Dan at the NSS not just beating good riders but beating them from the back, have seen that he has done it not by having the fastest bike but through using his skill and ability to choose the right racing lines and waiting for the best opportunity. So far this year he has, amongst others, passed and beaten Batchelor, Andersen, Masters and Kasprzak and I'm not talking about passes on the first two bends. All of the those are very good riders who have bikes just as fast as Bewley and who are more than capable of getting the right set ups. Tracks like Lakeside and Wolverhampton do require different but also important skills but they are tracks that by their nature give riders who race there regularly a big advantage.
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    it was actually Gatwick so further than Stansted, and the flight was 6.05 .. i got him to the airport at 4.45am though, exactly 7 hours drive
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    Yes i agree to moan about assets like Hans riding elsewhere when he could have used them its his own fault for not using them. Crazy not using Hans.
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    Totally agree - the tides play havoc at Leicester
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    The guy's terminology may not be strictly correct in that points are not actually awarded 4320. But he is correct about the outcome for a shared heat. The FIM regulations part 9.3 subsection 2 makes it plain that in the event of a 3-3 in the final races of each meeting it is the second and third places men that WIN. That has exactly the same effect as scoring what would be a 4-5 under the 4320 format. So he IS right about the principal, which is what he said. Whatever. The losers win. A farce for an event with 'world championship' style protentions.
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    Once again Furber you have opened your mouth before engaging your brain, the match is postponed anyway but the reason Josh has been brought in is because Will is not fit after Dislocating his shoulder at the last meeting and you can only replace a 3 pointer with a 3 pointer but what does that matter to people like you who like to have a go at Stoke wether its true or not and you wont be missed at Loomer Road so Bye
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    It's not inconceivable that the 'half term offer' worked.....just because it doesn't work out any cheaper that doesn't mean that presenting the information in a different way hasn't encouraged a few more people to go. Might just have been a clever bit of marketing. Only on a Lynn thread could there be bleating and whining around a bigger than usual attendance
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    Easy to forget how young and inexperienced he is, riders who have been round the block many more times than him find Arena difficult. If he does turn out to ne just a 'throttle jockey' then great, that' what he will need to be to succeed in Poland, Sweden and the GP's. Given the choice its far better to be good on the big tracks than the small ones.
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    Poland v Sweden Thursday May 31st from Poznan all heats short version
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    Why do you keep saying this? The FIM regulations for the event say that you do. Please read them.
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    It is not easy to do it on a big track like Belle Vue and to come from the back regularly which Bewley has done also Bewley is not good at every big venue he is still learning his trade.Lakeside is not an easy track to ride but Bewley generally has done ok on the little tracks Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leicester, (etc) today put it down to another learning day for Bewley.People sometimes forget just how inexperienced he is plenty of riders have had nightmare meetings at Lakeside in the past and plenty more will do in the future.
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    Now I’m not a big fan of Matt Ford but this quote from the Bournemouth Echo takes the biscuit: “The situation with Chris Holder has damaged us severely, especially when the club has assets like Hans Andersen and Kenneth Bjerre at Leicester, Troy Batchelor at Swindon and Krzysztof Kasprzak at Rye House. Clearly, these riders would have been a great help to us at this point and yet they have not been available due to the rules and regulations.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t Ford have included at least one of those assets instead of Sundstrom and did he expect the others to sit around, waiting for Poole injuries, rather than sign for other clubs? Could he have included club asset Ellis Perks instead of Szzzzpaniak? A selfish, spoilt attitude!
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    Rossiter being hung out to dry there by Scott Nicholls, rightly so if the reports of how events panned out are correct, embarrassing example of British Speedway again, hopefully they will get rid at the earliest opportunity.
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    So Hancock's gracing this event then? I thought he was all about giving the youngers a chance? Guess it suits him to ride tonight to try and find some form.
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    Poole own the registrations - the use of the term asset is a misnomer It simply gives them first chance to offer the rider a contract for the season and to collect a loan fee if they dont This is exactly what Ford gas done so cant see why he is whinging An 'asset' just waiting around to be used may well expect a retainer (possibly £50k+ each) As Poole cant see the value in racesuits I dont expect Ford would fancy the retainer situation too much!
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    You speak to your brother? Just found out today after a chat, my sister no longer works at Woolworths.
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    THEN some FIM officials like me don't know their arse from their elbow. A nonsense in my view. The onus should always be on winning a race. As Billy Bremner entitled his autobiography: You get nought for being second.
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    Because it’s a “ made for TV “ competition and for that we need single race drama for it to be successful - building up to a climax. However it’s bound to end in tears with an exclusion in the final !!!
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    Poor meeting tonight but what can you expect against a team that only had two riders trying,Procter and Campton......Worky should really think about some changes especially at the top end...Hammers continue to impress as a really solid outfit that look like they are really enjoying themselves home ,and away,, the track was in excellent condition and there can be no excuses for Workys poor performance tonight.......
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    trouble is you can't be flexible or use common sense because there's too many that cheat and bend rules - don't blame the rule makers they're dealing with some slippery characters. We could fill a full thread with the flankers that have been pulled over the years.
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    It seemed rather strange management from Workington. Only Proctor and Campton were in the points but no tactical substitution used and I expected Campton to have his full seven outings. He may have declined I suppose as only just back from injury but a case in point was heat 9, Workington off 1 and 3 with programmed riders Klindt and Bickley which would have been an ideal opportunity for TS (Proctor) and change of reserve
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    GETTING the track right would help. Still the subject of much criticism from those who ride there.
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    Esbjerg v Holsterbo Wednesday May 30th

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