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    Apart from a measly 2000 euro fine for Janowski, which probably equates to 2 points in the Polish league, his side kick (father or not) needs a 1 meeting pit ban - even if part of an essential team. This has got to stop, where everyone and his dog can throw punches about. That's 2 meetings running now that NP has been targeted after supposed incidents on the track which most on here agree were ok moves. If allowed to, I can see this going back on the track in the form of lets do the dirty on NP (or Freddie), culminating in someone getting seriously injured......and I mean seriously. Bartoz Zmarzlik is not the little innocent neither. Referees are going to have to toughen up on whats going on, be firm, fair, and most of all consistent. And whilst mentioning firm, fair and consistent….. the starts need to be sorted. Not for the first time in the GPs this year has a rider been penalized for a perfect start. Dudek did a perfect start, yet lost out big time. that's not fair. Left to human judgement that situation is likely to continue. Transponders, electric beam, green light starts, or a combination of or something else.... something needs doing ready for next season.
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    I'd love "Matt Phillips" to be doing tons better for us !...but he doesn't ride for us !???? On Friday while I'm on; it was the biggest home defeat I have witnessed in 40+ years of watching "my team" across Bradford/Halifax and now Scunthorpe. At 13 heats there was still hope I might get away with equalling the worst ever ! As the score standing 26-51 actually matched Bradford Barons Home spanking by the all conquering Birmingham Brummies in 1974. Alas it wasn't to be and the 30-59 ensured it made "my record book". Using the old "13 Heat factor" that's near as damn it 24-54 which might have done justice to the "legendary" Scunny Saints 72 ? But I think they went down 19-59 at home to all conquering Crewe Kings at Quibell as I recall. Non the less Friday was up there with the worst of things. To be fair Ipswich had a few EWR exponents in that team plus a fantastic 16 year old in Drew Kemp who's performance had me harking back to PC and Mike Lee as teenage debutants I'm the 70s !. Boy ! coz that's what he is; boy is he a prospect. Lightening off the start; fast and controlled on the bike. Did you see him almost come to grief on turn four ! before putting the back wheel in the fence bringing it down; then getting back upright and carrying on ! That was masterful and demonstrated no little skill on a motorcycle. Then throw in Scotty Nicholls riding like a 16 year old ! Covatti and Heeps always like the EWR and it was evident from the off we were in trouble. You cannot lay the blame at our riders for me they're as brave as they come. You just cannot take all these injuries and construct anything out of a season. It's just not sustainable; Stevie and Stefan shouldn't probably be out there; Stefan the more so. Then we minus our two most consistent performers Josh and Jake. Jason manfully tried to plug the gaps but he's not always finding what he wants out there and for sure Danny has found things very tough although I can't fault him for sticking with it. Gino's promised much but again injury and personal worries have meant we haven't seen the very best of him. But cannot fault him for "hanging in" there battling the set backs. Rob apologised countless times and I accept it; he and the Management tirelessly work to put the show on and sadly they're unstinting efforts haven't paid off on the track. Mostly we see great racing at the EWR; so hey we can forgive the odd stinker ...well I can. When we started out this team should have been right up there challenging and it would have been but for the brutal way Speedway can pay you back ! If at the end of the season we are all still standing; we can reflect; regroup and take a view into 2019. Speedway's future is once again "up in the air" which raises questions about Scunthorpes future I'm sure. The sport at Prem/Champ level just doesn't know what it wants to be ? The Grand Prix and National League are doing their job and to me doing it well. It's the "bit in the middle"; arguably the "very staple" of Speedway in the UK that needs a viable plan to survive and to appeal to paying public. By all accounts Speedway officialdom is already laying out a plan for 2019. Whatever they come up has to address the chaotic nature of things across the two main domestic leagues and just make things work better for promoters; riders and fans because we all want Speedway to be the very best that it can be. It still can be "The Greatest Show On Earth"
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    Hoggy has highlighted the exceptional circumstances prevailing at Workington so I'll accept there is no subterfuge here. You seem to be saying that even if there was, its OK. Its not (and yes, I am naïve). One of speedways biggest problems is the vicious self interest that prevails as teams seem to constantly trying to seek and advantage over rivals, to the latter's detriment. Its also one of the reasons why the sport is on its knees as fans get sick and tired of the culture of cheating, one upmanship and manipulation. I would have thought that any Comets fan would be totally against that, given just how much Workington have suffered at the hands of a BSPA decision made almost certainly at the behest of Scunthorpe Speedway and to suit their needs. I would accept that the difference between the two is huge, but both are an attempt to better the chance of your own success at the expense of others.
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    Yes there is self interest but if a club won’t do it’s due diligence when attempting to book a guest you can’t blame everyone else.
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    Just heard about Dan's dreadful accident. I'm sure I speak for all Redcar Bears fans in wishing him a speedy, and complete recovery. He is a brilliant rider, and is so good to watch his all action style, the sooner we see you on the track the better.
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    Keep: Sidney, Orlov, Orion, Frigbo, Me. Release: ReadingRacer2017, ZagarRacing, MattFordFan.
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    i have to say geoff100 , i am with you on this gesture towards laura and workington speedway . a great idea , so lets all club in and give something back to laura and show some support to her for the last few years of running speedway.... i know i have NOT been on her list for xmas cards . so if fans cant make this gesture , please top up the buckets for dans collection . every little helps . can a leopard change its spots , this one did . .
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    Scoreline very flattering towards Wolves. RR for Bewley has netted 1pt? Would have been a 20pt+ win with him in the side.
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    You are confusing second National League teams with Development League teams. At the moment, only Belle Vue do the former: I don't know how popular this is. However, plenty of teams have MDL/NJL/SDL teams, which run as 'second halves' after the main match. These don't incur any extra costs, as the riders are not paid, and the track staff etc. are there anyway, and all other costs come under the main match. DL teams are invaluable for riders to gain experience and skill before making the jump up to NL standard. Very few NL riders have come up any other way other than the Junior Speedway set up.
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    Please post a link to these auctions.....thanks
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    How many riders did you see Norbold over the years that you first thought god they won't make it but improved week on week.Malcolm Holloway,Martin Hewlett ,Alun Rossiter, are three fine examples of riders that i never envisaged being good anough for a mega tough British division 1 but they learned quickly you had to it was brutal dog eat dog being thrown in with the likes of Ashby,Kilby,Crump.
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    Yes. Going back to "my" day, the second half novice/junior races were where I first saw the likes of Roy Trigg, Barry Thomas, Dave Jessup and Malcolm Simmons. It was great to see them progress through these second halves, into the team and then on to even bigger things. Is the fact we don't have these regular opportunities to race competitively in front of crowds to gain experience now, the reason we don't have as many up-and-coming riders as we did back in the 70s and 80s and don't have as many world class stars like we did back then as well?
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    However many points you pile onto the system for away wins or draws it is NOT going to pull in any new fans who might become regulars. That is merely more tinkering while Rome falls down. The "managed decline" has started.
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    Yeah exactly. We had bragging rights in the first couple of months but definitely with them now. All good fun though. Love a bit of rivalry!
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    Your the king of "play down your teams chances" . The nearer the play offs, the worse you get.
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    yep . dumbo should have known he was not eligible to ride (worrall). looks like he only seen the colour of the money !
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    Good from Cook but also from Emil! That's really shows international friendship in the sport..
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    The ruling can be very clear tho. A season ending injury means just that. It’s very clear. A season ending injury cannot or should be applied to a rider that is riding in another country. That by it’s own definition is not season ending injury! If a rider was to make a comeback in another country the club should lose the replacement facility. Pretty clear and transparent to me.
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    Would have been a good question 13 months ago but it's been looked at and dealt with by the authorities (and debated on forums) so not sure where you're going with this. Time to move on or get your open would stitched up because it's clearly not healing after a year or more.
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    One heat win out of 5 , hardly inspiring to say the least is it?
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    Second Halves served a useful purpose: - Winner (of 4) in the Novice Race got to ride (against programmed 3) in the Juniors' Race; - winner of the Jnrs got to ride against 3 team reserves in the Reserves Race, - and that winner got a ride against the #1s to #5s (plus home #6) in one of the 3 heats. Hence a new name could even get to the Scratch Final, - for example if a regular grass-tracker decided to try out speedway. So a rider got an opportunity to prove himself and claim a team place on current form, (and not on historical statistics. ) There's no facility for that today. . . www.speedwaychampions.com www.speedway-sa.com
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    Janowski been hanging around woffinden too much, man up it’s racing
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    I think this was nothing more than a desperate attempt to get fans money and try and limp to ten heats no matter how farcical the racing got, ignore the fact fans pay to watch 15 heats of RACING, not ten heats of RIDING.
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