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    Yes, we also had a huge stroke of luck when we got Alpen on a 4.5 average, swapped Doyle for Magic and picked up Kildemand in the reserve berth. Could it also be the manager knows what he is doing?
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    I wouldnt be surprised that despite riding in the challenge at least one of the sides (perhaps both) require a facility for their No1.....
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    That's going to be almost impossible for you to find anyone
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    NO, I think it’s Mike Bellerby and Trevor Geer. Please read my post again. Sorry to disappoint but there were no altercations on the centre green during the evening, - please stop posting incorrect information. Why do you have difficulty in accepting what The Doctor and I have to say, we were both there.
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    But you have the likes of Steve Shovlar who are deliriously happy to perpetuate the thought, in his case, that brexit will harm the peace in Ireland, he and others like him, perpetuate the problem that’s been going on for decades. Every year these “religious” marches are allowed to continued, marching through areas of towns where it is well known opposers live, rather then showing love for another person it just stokes up anger, they know it and they want to continue to do it. How should any part of society want to cause disturbance to another is beyond belief. All over the world this year, in many many countries, their have been many conventions held in major cities with thousands, and often 10’s of thousands in attendance, mixed nationalities, very often from countries that have been at war with each other in the past few decades. These delegates have mixed freely with each other, treating each other as family, and absolutely no problems like you see at other such large gathering of people such as sporting events or political events. Stadium management compliment the organisers of these events and members who attend re the smooth running of the event, good manners, consideration for others, cleanliness of stadia and surrounding areas. And for what reason have these millions have people gathered? Well the theme of the conventions was “Love Never Fails”. And that is what is lacking in this world - Love. Yet what is prevalent is hate. People either don’t want, or don’t seem to be able to let Love win over the hate. The problem in Ireland, and many other places around the world, will never change until people change.
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    Thomsen back odviously he hasn't shown he is good anough yet, also the Dane is aloud to have a stint at reserve.What real shabby treatment Nathan Stoneman and Danyon Hume have been dealt this season really poor we should be helping our lads not hindering them.
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    I fancy Ipswich for a point, bomder on a new engine, gotta be his night for a huge haul sometime, Nuts will take a boost from last night, or maybe a Snickers. The witches gonna smash it up. Anyway, must go, nurse is coming with my meds.
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    don't think jack has been anywhere near as good as he was at somerset last season
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    ...which is basically what the EU is all about!
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    The UK will exit the EU without a formal deal but with so many side agreements approved by Angela Merkel 'it's basically a Brexit deal', the editor of Germany's most popular tabloid has predicted.Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of Bild newspaper, told BBC Newsnight the German Chancellor will seek a solution to the Brexit problem that allows her to save face, while still reaching agreements on specific areas of policy.Mr Reichelt said that despite tough rhetoric on both sides: 'I would predict that we will end up with something that is still no-deal Brexit, with so many side agreements, that it's basically a Brexit deal. That is a classic way of Angela Merkel, not giving in, but giving in. You know, saying what everyone wants to hear and doing what most Germans want.'
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    Free for English Heritage members too
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    Great to read there was some decent racing last night. Hopefully this is a corner turned by Buster to let the track run it's natural course.
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    I was shocked when driving through Belfast in the early 80's just how normal most of it was. The impression you got through the news at the time was that all of Belfast was like the Falls road area when in fact much of it was little different to most British cities. My overwhelming impression of Northern Ireland at the time was of a population being held to ransom by a very small number fanatics.
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    The Fleece,Bretforton(National Trust) Bakers Arms,Broad Campden Eight Bells,Chipping Campden Coach and Horses,Longborough If you haven't visited these establishments bruno,then have another day out in the Cotswolds!
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    Mmmm.....I wonder if this opinion may have changed?
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    Cracking game in Turin tonight, cracking effort by Wolves winning 3-2.. shame gave away the penalty at the end. Still work to be done, but they have to either beat us by 2 at Molineux or score 4...
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    Unless there has been another posted, I believe the video you are referring to was taken by me and posted here to disprove someone else's claims that Dugard headbutted Vissing. - it was after Kyle Newman clashed with someone much later in the meeting. He pushed him away from two riders squaring up. It wasn't a physical assault don't be so ridiculous. And it was up against the fence, nowhere near the centre green.
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    It was Barker Tungate and Garrity. Don't know why/ if Barker pulled out. Then it was a Tungate no show, and last few hours Garrity can't get there. Not sure it's Busters fault why those 3 pulled out late.
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    Under which rule is a facility available for a rider failing to arrive at a meeting?
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    Thanks for your feedback Dickie and Harry. Felt good from the centre green with the match really coming alive in the closing races. Got to admire those guys. Really fearless and their efforts were rightly well received. Thanks to Garry and Debbie for asking me to stand in for Spencer. Hope to be back on duty for you before the end of the season.
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    Probably only Starman out there TBH
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    I know I have a certain 'reputation', Mr Macron. But I am definitely NOT interested in YOUR wife !
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    IT must be quite obvious to all and sundry (perhaps not HA) that the person who most favours a no deal is Macron. While Merkel does at least seem prepared to try and get a solution (hardly surprising considering the problems that will swamp Germany if no deal becomes a reality) the French as usual will do anything to see the back of the UK in their cosy Union. If HA doesn't think that the BBC are utterly biased against Brexit then it can only be because of where he is domiciled. Look no further than Question Time... more often than not the Leave representative out numbered (sometimes 4-1) by Remainers alongside an obviously biased chairperson. No different to BBC News and any suggestion that they are impartial is utter nonsense. And (again for the benefit of HA) ... the Daily Express wasn't always a ridiculous rag.
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