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    DON'T underestimate what riding alongside Crump, one of the great professionals, will have on the rest of the team.
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    I hope Crump does well, would be a shame for a legend to come back and be a shadow of his former self. Looking at the standard of the league nowadays I think he’ll be ok given time, and people will pay to see him which speedway in the UK badly needs.
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    Another moron that will be blocked, the list gets bigger and bigger ....
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    They didn't drop Harris,,, so I doubt they would drop Crump. Personally I've always wanted Crump as a witch,,, okay possibly too late,,,, but what's the saying,,, form is temporary, class is permanent. If he could be 80 percent of his former self, thats good enough for this league
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    I don't see how the track was perfect for him and yet nobody else could apparently ride it. If he was handed any advantage at all it was probably through his engine, rather than the track. Muller was a worthy champion though. And, yes, I was there. I was also at the 1976 final and Muller was pretty sensational in that one, too, coming close to getting 11 points. Hardly the form of someone who had done little to enhance his speedway reputation. Also, if you watch the Ivan Mauger documentary, Ivan's wife talks about how Ivan used to get very stressed about trying to do things that Muller was doing - so he can't have been that bad. He was also, perhaps, fortunate that his home country World Final fitted nicely after Penhall retiring and Nielsen/Gundersen still not quite ready for World domination. But, in that final, he was so dominant that you cannot dispute his legitimacy. Also, before the final, the general consensus on our bus was that Muller was favourite to win, and, when my friend got him in the sweepstake, everyone groaned and tried to swap with him. The venue itself was an odd one, though. Not so much the stadium itself, but its location. I went on a Speedway tour and, initially, we were put into people's houses, with the bus parked in a cul-de-sac. Some people (mainly Belle Vue fans as I remember) refused to leave the bus and insisted we were put in a hotel. Eventually we were moved to a town somewhere - I don't even know what town it was! - and put in a hotel, which, I recall, was a long way from the track.
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    Why post something like this? Perhaps he's just tired, feels its time to sit back and is really pleased that someone has come forward to take over the reins. Take a bow Mr English for all you have done for the Diamonds and speedway.
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    The 8.21 average is way too high for a rider who has been retired so long and not ridden in the UK for even longer however it's largely irrelevant as we clearly had no other options once Holder's visa fell through. Feel for Kemp who has been thrown in at the deep end due to unfortunate circumstances. Struggled in the Championship last year and really needs longer before moving up to this level. Wish him all the luck.
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    Shhh it hasn't been yet. Still need to complete the crushing of the existing league before swooping in and saving the day.
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    Question to Wrong-Daily on the leadership debate last night. 'Who was the greatest Labour leader of the past 50 years?' 'Clement Attlee'. Attlee was Labour leader until 1955. That's 65 years ago. Our Becky's been spending too much time with Abbott
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    Fantastic to see Rob involved again.
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    ...which is important in my opinion.
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    Good night everyone - dont Tai yourselves up in knots fretting over which Dude will fill the last spot. Dont be grumpy if its Crumpy and dont smile too much if its the Grin And Geoff you know what they Za gar forth and multiply Once a Witch always a Witch - bring it on whomever it may be
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    Too busy helping out at the stadium, looking forward to seeing our season tickets, checking that our tigers jackets will last another year, planning our holidays so we can support our team home and away. I could go on, just excited that's not long before the season starts. Hope all speedway fans have a great time supporting their team.
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    Crump and Pedersen riding in England....who would of thought that! Personally I think it makes things very interesting,and be a crowd pleaser?
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    Not really, he left due to a fall out and is arguably better than what we have now so hardly a cast off. He was a major par of Lynn’s success through the noughties by generating team spirit and getting the best out of some previously ordinary riders.
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    And don’t forget, Wolves have enticed back Masters and Thorsell.
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    Crump has no pressure... When was the last time a Witches no 1 maintained their ave... let alone improved it? See no pressure.... Jason will have top spec bikes so as long as he has his gating gloves will do just fine. Welcome to the Witches
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    Replacing carl as team manager is as good news as signing a top number 1. Finally we have a team manager that knows what hes doing.
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    Ipswich Sheffield or Sheffield Ipswich will surely be televised.
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    I'm absolutely delighted to see Drew wear the Witch that's the silver lining for me
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    Inter Milan & AC Milan? I respect your involvement in and opinions of our sport but would suggest that this matter should e taken on a team by team basis rather than a blanket ban. At Rye House in 1999 we had to overcome a great deal of official hostility but it worked. Both Weymouth and a certain Mr.Godfrey's Scunthorpe both ran as nomadic teams. I know, I presented a meeting featuring both one at Iwade ;-) With some it works, with some it doesn't. In any case these junior league matches are only a step up from after-meeting practice. If a track like Swindon is happy to allow Reading to play a very minor [part in their meetings then why not? A little colour has been lost and some competitive second half action along with it.
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    Brandon !! He`s always like that- clever though - i got 2
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    Close Photos from Marc Websdale Speedway Photos's post in Mobile Uploads Tag photo Options Send in Messenger Like CommentShare Quite an image.

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