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    Could be a Hurricane, a lot of people make that mistake!!
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    Are COVID vaccines working as expected? (msn.com) Pity the same degree of logic wasn't applied by the press to the virus from the outset.
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    I hate to point this out but that newspaper photo of the plane on the moon is definitely not a Lancaster. It's American so if it's a WW2 bomber it's probably a B17 flying fortress? I mean, if a reputable journal can get that aspect wrong then I'm starting to doubt that there's even a plane on the moon at all!!
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    3rd heat leader? We don’t have 1 never mind 3
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    IOW are providing different classes and competitions throughout the meetings but the Island Masters is still 500cc laydown engines. I do think that 250 speedway machines do provide good racing and better range of trackcraft to generate and maintain speed plus they don't pick grab drive as hard as their bigger counterparts. All this aside riders won't / can't just drop their existing stable of equipment if forced to use new/standardised/stock or whatever engines. The only way that will take off is running as a separate entity / class that grows in stature over the years until it becomes the dominant force in a similar way that laydown engines replaced uprights.
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    When I was a kid my best mate always used to go to Butlin's on holiday. I was always dragged off on horrible caravan holidays that I hated. I was o jealous. One year we went to a caravan park in Watchet and could look across the water and see the lights of Barry Island Butlin's glowing across the water. I so wanted to go, so my parents took us on a day outing to Minehead Butlin's. It felt like the greatest place on Earth!
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    My first ever visit to Sittingbourne and a real pleasure all round. We arrived at 3pm, found the stadium then decided to head over to Leysdown on the isle of Sheppey to see if this little seaside resort was as bad as I remembered it last time I was there years ago. In fact it was worse! A street full of amusement arcades and candy floss. Lots of overweight to obese people scoffing the pies and pizza, kids running amok and I spent £2 in 2p’s over 30 mins on the cascade thingimy. In the end I was struggling to spend it as the 2p’s kept dropping out! We watched from the shore as a massive thunderstorm floated across Sheppey and headed towards Southend across the water, then headed back to Sittingbourne to get something to eat before entering the stadium. A nice stadium in a huge industrial estate. The council imposing an 8.30 curfew is frankly ridiculous. But the stadium can hold probably as many as Belle Vue and although it needs a tidy up and some fresh paint, deserves bigger meetings. No parade or practice laps for the riders. Straight out for heat one. Poole gated on a 5-1 in heats 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Yet at the end of heat 4 the scores were 12-12. Heat 1 and Pirztes gated. But Nichols held it tight to squeeze up the inside of the Poole boys off bend 4 to take the win. Heat 2 and Pirates gated, leading by 50 metres down the back straight. A nailed o 5-1? Nope. Wright binned it into the fence. You know what happens in a rerun? Kent gated. Hume git between the pair and was challenging Morley but clipped his back wheel, which allowed Gilles through. Heat 3 and Pirates gated but Starke kept the pressure on and got past Worrall. Ge couldn’t quite catch Neilsen. Heat 4 and Poole gate. But Heeps manages to get last Hume after the youngster messes up bend 4 lap 2. Heat 5 and Starke penalises himself at the tapes and the Pirates are away. But the ref sticks the red light on straight away! Really if a rider jumps then pulls back as the tapes go up it’s his error. In the rerun Starke gated but Schlein was having none of it and reeled him in to a great pass. Heat 6 and Kent gate, but King was determined and after blasting around Nicholls on lap two he caught and ladt Morley on the final lap. Heat 7 and Morley gates but Worrall reels him and and in lap three blasts through down the back straight. 19-23. Heat 8 and Poole gate but Thomas messes up on bend 4 allowing Gilles through, then messes up again to allow Hurry through. Danny Hume away and gone. Heat 9 and Starke gates. Pirates fill minor places but again Wright dumps it into the 4th bend fence. Race awarded. 26-28 Heat 10 and an almighty battle between Worrall and Nicholls. No quarter given and Worrall came out on top. Heat 11 and Hume comes in for Thomas. A tough first bend sees Hume battling down the back straight with heeps but the youngster will not back down, joining Schlein for an impressive 5-1. 29-37. Heat 12 and tac sub time. In comes Nicholls to partner Starke. Starke gates but the 2 pirates Worrall and Hume hold off Nicholls fir the 4 laps. 32-40 Heat 13 and Schlein gates, blocks both Kent riders Nicholls and Heeps and clears off. King messes up the first bend lap 2 and tails off. Heat 14 and a big 5-1 from Neilsen and Hume to seal the match and the 4 points for Poole. Heat 15 and King makes up for his zero 2 races earlier with a win and thrilling face off with Starke. 38-52. In the end Poole were far to strong for Kent, who battled hard but were lacking firepower through the team. Starke was excellent value, backed up by Nicholls and Morley, but after those three there was little else. But the meeting had so much going on. Thrilling races, passing in all but one heat. Really a great meeting in front of a decent crowd. Rider of the meeting? Danyon Hume. Paid 13 and best Scotty Nicholls in the process. He is going places. Home by 11.15 pm. A good day.
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    Powerful stuff that everyone needs to listen to: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2021/07/27/officer-fanone-testimony-capitol-rioters-gun-insurrection-hearing-vpx.cnn
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    I do t think This team was ever put out to win the league as silly as it sounds. It was put out to get fans in the stadium, and it has done that. The job this year was to get the club sustainable through this year and in to next year. reminder we started a lot later than most sides, nearly a whole year behind those that kept the riders from the season that never ran. personally I think we are close. 12 points on a heat leader was always going to be a tough ask and had he rode he’d have probs got a 9/10 average freeing up 2 points to put towards a stronger reserve from 3 points to 5 pushing Dillon or Zach there. The club as a whole has improved everything massively from the stadium to the track to the food selection in the cafe. from when mark took over to this moment in time it’s complete opposites. And he deserves every success and well done that go his way
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    Couple of things from last night. No center green commentator. All we got was some muffled announcer who we gave up trying to understand what was being said. Couldn’t hear the race times and rider changes. The announcer shows little to no enthusiasm and there is a distinct lack of atmosphere. The fans don’t make any noise and tepid polite hand clapping is not what this sport is about. The presentation severely lacks. A center green presenter whipping up a crowd is what is needed.
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    ...at least you had the West Somerset Railway nearby!
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    I see Heeps scored poorly in the Championship again last night.Think Lynn should rest him for this one and bring in Sam Masters as guest.I know his average is well too high but "all in the best interests of speedway"of course
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    Our local Health trust has been sending teams out to the Philippines recruiting for years now and I'm sure will continue to do so. Seems like there are some very dedicated people who make up what seems like quite a large team and give up their time working in Hampshire to selflessly go each year, it's definitely not a jolly I'm assured.
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    But there still isn't a petrol engine I know of that has or even has room for the flywheels found on speedway bikes. The flywheel weight is what allows a Speedway bike to broadside better than anything else, lose the flywheels and you lose the real essence of speedway.
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    Delighted to hear that first and foremost the racing at Central Park was good! Its a strange phenomenon that whats often needed is for the away team to be better to negate the home advantage or the 'lesser' riders to gate and let the 'better' riders chase them. Equally delighted to hear than Danyon had another good night and that Ben Morley rode so well. Both of these riders have been rattling around on the fringes for a while and seems crazy that Hume wasn't snapped up by a CL side sooner whilst Morley must be in prime spot for Kent rider of the season at present. Two hugely likeable riders and im delighted that the successes are matching their efforts.
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    I think they were meaning in place of Flint
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    Great post, when mentioning Danyon and the supporters who supported him i missed out Sings 4 speedway ( sorry) .He has seen alot more of Danyon than me and he always gave him a good shout.Danyon's main asset for me is his personality a dream rider to have as a teammate old school in that respect.My only worry is not to expect to much everyweek and for him to override by over trying chuffed another Brit is climbing the ladder i really like Danyon, Thompson x2, Flint, Palin, all riders who have a future.
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    Pro rata to earnings not a million miles away from the UK, so it isnt "cheap", which is what is sometimes perceived over here.. However you do obviously get the worlds best for that pro rata amount rather than what we get over here.. The big money comes via the TV deals as the TV companies have to actually tender for the contracts, due to the popularity of the sport, which pushes the price they pay up.. This blanket TV and media coverage then attracts the big money sponsors who want to be associated with well known "national sport brands" as well as well known "national sporting celebrities"... Bottom line is.. If the Polish Leagues ever allowed Tai Woffinden to guest for Bartosz Zmarzlik, and Wroclaw didnt qualify for the play offs on the back of it, all TV and big name sponsors would simply walk away, as would the wider sports fans' interest... Run the sport Mickey Mouse and you reap what you sow and no amount of free tickets given away will keep an audience, (and expect them to pay), who can't emotionally buy in to what should be team sport tribalism... Hence Poland dont make the mistakes the UK have made and continue to make ad Infinitum..
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    Gosh this brings back some of my early memories as on our annual holiday we would attend a Butlin's camp. I have been to Ayr Barry Island Bognor Regis Clacton Filey Minehead Pwllhelli Skegness As a kid I loved them all but my parents favourites were Pwllhelli and Filey. If my memory serves me well we had hoped to go to Mosney in Ireland but I think it closed? The swimming and funfairs brought a lot of fun as did all of the kids organised events. I loved The Playhouse Theatre and the ''extra special'' treat of being allowed in The Thunder Bar which was adults only as a one-off to witness the thunder and lightning screening which they showed every hour. Life was soooo simple in them days!!!!!
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    Our first family holiday was at Butlin's at Skegness when I was seven. it was great fun...remember the monorail and my favourite place was the themed exotic Hawaiian Bar! Still have a photo of us wearing the floral garlands! Second holiday was at Minehead...but there was no monorail much to my disappointment. Passed by Skegness a couple of years ago and would have loved popping in as a day visitor but from what I could see it was packed to the rafters! We used to holiday just outside Bognor Regis for a number of years and remember Butlin's there but never visited. Recently on a visit to Filey I tried to locate the Butlin's site (have photos of my Grandparents visiting) but it's now an exclusive housing estate and Billy Butlin's house (which is nearby) is now a holiday let! Great memories of two enjoyable holidays! Watching "Hi de Hi" brings it all back!
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    As has been said more than once it is hard to tell you 3 apart
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    Yup. In other words it's the same as it's always been. Pretty even with a whole lot of people in the middle who couldn't give a toss either way.

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