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    And still, since the very start of the pandemic the biggest issue which is the need for extra hospital staff, in whichever way, shape or form has yet to be addressed
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    Funny that. I can remember Blupanther once posting "have you seen the autopsy reports?" When questioning a poster whose relative had died of Covid. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
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    The propaganda comes back into force The Nightingale hospitals are making a comeback, but as we we are struggling to man the hospitals we have, good job that Boris's promise to build another 40 never happened, they don't have the doctors or nurses to operate them But again people will look at this and believe the government is doing everything they can, but they are just doing what they have done all the way through the pandemic, waste money on things that cant be achieved
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    The war if there is one will be akin to a 7 year kid with a wooden sword vs a super power with nukes...... Good luck
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    Just amazing. After billions of cloth masks, and months of propaganda, we have this on CNN.
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    If you don't have the track-and-trace app and don't do any testing, then people can just go about their business without worrying about it all. Obviously don't walk around if you're not feeling great, but clearly most people either don't get COVID or have don't have any symptoms - and in the latter case how would you know anyway? It's ridiculous that fully vaccinated people should be forced to self-isolate if there's no evidence they've contracted it. Are we going to be doing this every flu season from now on...?
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    What about the homeless? Or people on Community Service? Maybe we could rope them in to come into hospitals and turn people over now and again. Nothing to it.
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    Does anyone want to 'fact check' this and say it isn't true. The pcr test is a pile of doggy.
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    There is a simple and logical solution to the test shortages. Stop testing and just stay at home if you feel unwell.
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    For no reason whatsoever I found myself wondering tonight as to the height of DC2
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    Have the last two years in the UK not been based on PCR testing ? The PCR tests are completely unreliable due to the amplification threshold, anything over 17 cycles are worthless, and the UK has been using 40-45 cycles. At that many amplifications it is just picking up the presence of any viral remnants. Its useless.
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    The government creates 4,800 new Nightingale beds. Err .... in response to its modeller’s prediction of 10,000 hospitalisations A DAY in January (Uni of Warwick). Something doesn’t add up. Again.
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    Well, the UK wanted to be a third country, so now it's reaping the consequences of that choice.
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    Now you're just making things up, which is of course what you do when you're on the back foot. What I actually said was... "I certainly know enough about economics and economists to know that it's just about the most inexact 'science' out there, and that macro-economic predictions are often if not usually spectacularly wrong." Which was in response to you claiming that I didn't know what an economist was. Neither was it me demanding qualifications, which seems to be your obsession of late. However, it seems you don't understand that tertiary education and qualifications is an internationally defined classification, and prefer to try to mock those that use a perfectly correct terminology because of your own ignorance. That's probably why people don't take your 'learned' sources very seriously...
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    Think they are waiting for Willie Lawson father to sort out some machinery for him,or buy him a fishing rod.
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    Telegraph uncovering the truth: Just one-fifth of new Covid hospital patients are true cases
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    Hump doesn't need qualifications, you just need to accept that no matter your personal knowledge on any given subject he will know more than you do and more than any expert who agrees with you
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    For those interested 6 of the 7 confirmed riders silhouettes are on the main Plymouth speedway Facebook page. with them being announced at 6 this evening. anyone got any ideas. I’m going bowtell, Gilkes, Atkins, trigger, Kai Ward as possibilities.
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    Why so important what the US is doing? We don't live in the USA. Even the article you link to says they are: "bringing American practice in line with the U.K.’s." What point are you actually trying to make with this?
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    https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/people/1600-homes-planned-for-peterborough-showground-in-leisure-village-led-development-3509827?amp If they think the Panthers fans will accept this, they are off their rocker. If they want a war, they'll get one.
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    No, apparently we asked to be a tertiary country. It’s all the rage, you know.
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    Fell for that one that won’t happen again
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    You'll forgive me if I don't take you seriously either, considering you go to Scunthorpe regularly and on the thread you just slag them off constantly.
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    https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/120396/englands-test-batting-at-rock-bottom-with-deep-rooted-issues-cricbuzzcom Interesting comments from Paul Farbrace there, batsmen aren't getting coached well enough from an early age and are too quick to blame pitches at county level.

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