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    Shocking and very sad news. Speedway loses one of its best announcers and promoter of our sport. Huge commiserations to his loved ones.
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    May I remind you, that this is the same guy, who I pointed out was a known liar, but you thought was going to be a hero by taking the country out of the EU. Yup nothing much has changed apart from your tune . You can fool some of the people all the time..
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    They are going to use "ex Rider Replacement" for him all season... One for the historians there....
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    That was a chap called Stuart Bamforth in 1987, long before I had any involvement with speedway promotion. That was a dark time for the Aces for sure. I think Bamforth was really a stock car guy and he seemed to do well financially from the sale. From what I can make out, he was in his late 30s when he sold Hyde Road. He died in 2004 at the age of 55. He and I were born around the same year but our paths were very different.
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    I’ve just spotted this. I will leave others to decide whether they categorise me as a spiv, a wide boy or both (!) but you are wide of the mark on the three names you quote. Rick Frost sold out of Peterborough but remained in the sport as the main sponsor of Poole. He has now sold out of ReadyPower but is still a welcome friend at Wimborne Road. Sandhu was only ever interested in what he could get for Brandon as development land. To my mind, the vandalism at the site pre-sale to Brandon Estates bears that out. I think Ged Rathbone only managed to make decent money at Peterborough when he received a substantial payment from Toruń so they could use Jack Holder even though he was committed to ride in England, and he was roundly condemned for doing so. I suspect it was that action rather than anything to do with BSPL which made him sell up.
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    CL level is substainable at Eastbourne, one man run it into the ground and I have no idea where that article source came from..
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    Probably the most surprising result of the season so far, that is until Berwick win at Edinburgh later on.
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    Not sure this sort of comment is approriate today of all days
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    Hope the story about Nigel Pearson passing that I've seen on FB not true. If so, people moaned about his screaming fits with Kelv but the guy loved speedway and promoted it superbly.
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    Good I don't think he should ever have had the job in the first place,
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    Your team manager is not up to the job, unfortunately. Time to hire Mr Rossiter
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    Any truth in the rumour that Heeps missed heat 8 as he was stuck in the queue for chips ???
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    Really enjoyed the Singapore sevens last weekend. Fiji deserved Victors, but stoked to see the ABs make the final with a last play try against the Irish. Great entertainment, and very reasonably priced.
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    The fundamental problem is that an electric car gives you something more expensive and less usable than you have currently. Range remains a serious issue unless you're only planning to travel locally, with cars having nothing like the range that's claimed for them, and which gets progressively worse as the battery degrades. If I wanted to drive up to Scotland, I'd have to stop 2 or 3 times and run the gauntlet of finding an available charging point that worked, and in Australia outside of the big cities, well just forget it... There's also the environmental damage caused by the production and disposal of the batteries, although I do get that you move pollution away from the cities, and it allows the use of some cleaner forms of energy in the electricity production. Hydrogen fuel cell cars would seem a lot better bet, especially for commercial vehicles, although they seem to be a long time coming. There's also going to be the issue of a lack of refuelling stations, whereas you can always plug your electric car into the mains somewhere.
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    Jack Thomas having an excellent debut for Oxford this evening.
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    Maybe CL and NL teams as before? If the cost of running a NL team on fairly frugal gates is thought to cover the cost of it, in addition to a hopefully successful CL team. Maybe we'll find another Brennen, Abblit, Edward's etc that we lost last season. My thoughts are still the best scenario would be similar to H Gould's thoughts, enter a league somewhere between the current level of both leagues with about 10/12 teams.
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    For me, the lack of standalone teams lessens the appeal. When Eastbourne were last in the NDL it was a 10 team league with only Belle Vue being a "junior" side. I have fond memories of watching Eastbourne in the NDL, and seeing Brennan go from the start of his career to representing GB last year has been special. Now it's a 10 team league that consists almost entirely of "junior" sides, with the exception of Mildenhall and Kent. It makes it seem like a league that's been cobbled together to give youngsters somewhere to ride, rather than a genuine competition. That said, if it was a choice between seeing Eastbourne in the current NDL or not seeing Eastbourne at all, I'd take NDL.
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    Root resigns as captain. Not sure where they go now, I just hope the ECB don't ask Stokes to take over.
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    At least you know you already have another year of a decent team and already challenging for yet another trophy. Good Times for Panthers fans
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    I think maybe we can hope we have moved on a bit since horses were running around with half their face blown away at Waterloo . Maybe we should return to the old days when Kings ( read Presidents and Prime Ministers) led their troops into battle, That should end the war in double quick time ?
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    3 matches only this weekend. Krosno v Zielona Gora is on Monday April 25th at 5pm UK time.
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    If anyone feels they would like to donate to Kergel as a way of thanking him for providing us with hours of Polish Speedway please PM me.(kergel is Latvian).
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    Luckily you aren't a team manager then

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