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  1. Its the average he achieved at Leicester
  2. Au contraire it proves how much i do read
  3. Definitely isn't i saw him guest at Poole he is decent so is NBJacobsen who they could also use which is why i thought Howarth was a strange choice and said so at the time. If you have to choose a guest at least pick one that is in form.
  4. Well he can't be worse than Howarth, that isn't possible!!
  5. He has never debated with Gavan, he just tells him to go find a Ipswich thread!
  6. At least you have booked a decent guest this time.
  7. I think Poole did what was required and if we had needed to raise our game in heat 15 we would, i don't believe heat 15 at King's Lynn would have been an easy 5-1 had we needed the points, we would have raised our level like we did in the semi. Several things went wrong for KL and they were unlucky but you cannot say they would have won had the decisions gone for them or the injuries didn't occur.
  8. Haha now that is a good one, you should do stand up!
  9. I would have thought he would want Poole to lose considering we sacked him.
  10. I would agree Klindt has been terrific for Poole this season, vital contributions at important times, like when he re-passed Holder at Somerset. He hasn't always performed at championship level but I can't remember a bad meeting from him and is a great guy to have in the pits.
  11. Don't see why not , he will give his all for you just like he did for us.
  12. Passed Robert Lambert at Poole
  13. Not surprised Harris is in good form and with Doyle in heat 13 and 15, Robert Lambert and Iversen are going to have their work cut out.

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