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  1. And when he does he just calls us clueless!
  2. Yes we all are aware of that and Aces fans are very lucky to have it but the rest of us don't and some like to keep reminding us that there track is better than ours especially some people who have an anti Wolves agenda.I am not a Wolves fan but i have always enjoyed my trips to Monmore and will continue to do so.
  3. Not to mention Harris who would have rode for us if we had offered him a position.
  4. True there were a few at Poole friday thankfully not serious and no injuries.
  5. There are crashes at most tracks and we all hope they are never serious.
  6. Any business priority is to keep the customers happy and trying to watch a meeting through dust clouds isn't keeping them happy, keeping riders happy is the priority apparently!
  7. Please enlighten us then all knowing one.
  8. The riders shouldn't have been granted their wishes, most of our team rode they didn't want to be there anyway.
  9. No reason for no bowser apart from couldn't be bothered as far as i could tell. It wouldn't have made a difference to the result but would have made a difference to the paying public who once again are treated with distain.
  10. Personally i think the team will be fine but the meeting was ruined as a spectacle by not putting enough water down, the meeting was delayed because they had the bowser going round so why not let it go round every 2 or 3 heats instead all we got was a couple of hoses being waved around. Not good enough. If we had the bowser going round at regular intervals there would be very little dust and a better meeting
  11. I don't think we need a knee jerk reaction to one bad meeting. Several riders didn't perform on a badly prepared track and no bowser during the meeting didn't help either difficult to see most races certainly couldn't see some of the track with all the dust, just not good enough. Swindon have a good side but we made them look better than they are. Only a couple of our riders can be given any credit.
  12. Yes i agree Belle Vue much overrated.
  13. Doesn't really matter as its only the cup but good performance overall particularly for the much maligned by you Brady Kurtz. Jack Holder could easily be a number one but is struggling at the moment. Our reserves will win us many matches.

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