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  1. adz_mft

    British Speedway Sliders

    It's not just the enjoyment of playing the game, but the social side of it for me. I've made some great friends through it tbh and talk to them pretty much on a daily basis. So many laughs have been had through the game and there are certainly some characters amongst the players. The game itself once you get into it is incredibly addictive. Similar to speedway promoter in the fact it is pretty basic but you could play it for hours on end. Sign up and give it a go
  2. adz_mft

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Isn't signing the young riders the idea of the league though?
  3. adz_mft

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    The track was tricky for the 1st 2 but the crashes weren't down to the track. Leek hit the start straight fence and it flung him off. Brooks got caught in Davies back wheel which sent him off. Something on Kelly's bike broke at the start and it just made him go straight.
  4. adz_mft

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    If you were there yesterday you'd know the track played no part in any of the injuries so you should probably get your facts right 1st before sprouting your normal rubbish about us
  5. adz_mft

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Nathan Stoneman has another team place somewhere so he would be my guess
  6. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2019

    Didn't have any issues with mine the week before
  7. adz_mft

    IOW vs Mildenhall NT 25/4/19

    I agree. The RR selections were quite odd. When you have RR at 2 you do tend to go a certain way with your reserve in heat 1 and your highest average rider in heat 8
  8. adz_mft

    IOW vs Mildenhall NT 25/4/19

    Was always going to be difficult to reproduce last year's team with the poor lower point limit. With regards to Vasey he is well liked amongst the Mildenhall fans from his previous stint as announcer years ago. Was a popular choice to take over as team manager. With regards to Wallinger. I've no idea what went on last night, I wasn't there so can't comment. He looked good on Sunday though. I'm sure he will put things right this week
  9. adz_mft

    KENT 2019

    You can't really count the reserved dates though surely. I'd assume they are there for future rounds of koc/trophy/playoffs? They aren't guaranteed meetings
  10. adz_mft

    KENT 2019

    Looks steep to me. Only guaranteed 12 official meetings (silverski meeting Inc) So either hoping to make the final of every competition or you have a few challenges planned. Depending on what they are it may not be great value tbh. Mildenhall's is £169 which includes the guaranteed meetings, programme and a club polo shirt. Any extra meetings are then paid for separately which makes sense to me
  11. adz_mft

    KENT 2019

    I don't think the finances were an issue. I believe we had a budget and stuck to that through the season. Jolly talked before last season started that it would potentially be his last so the reason to sell wasn't a surprise. I suspect if the new promotion thought the crowds would be an issue financially they wouldn't have carried on this season.
  12. adz_mft

    KENT 2019

    Mildenhall's crowds were good regardless of the opposition last season. People love to see a winning team so will still come along whatever they think the score will be. This should balance out the amount that will be paid out for the big home wins etc
  13. adz_mft

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Ayres 8.90 Mildenhall Clegg 8.63 Cradley Edwards 6.73 Mildenhall Spooner 4.50 Kent Pavitt 2.89 Stoke Gilkes 2.00 Kent Palin 2.00 Belle Vue 35.65
  14. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2019

    Funny how he pipes up as soon as Eastie leave the league mate lol
  15. adz_mft

    Confirmed Signings for 2019

    Did the u15s last year. Rides regularly at Redcar

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