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  1. As soon as they locked up you knew it was going to be bad.Real shame as it had been a good day.
  2. Looked to me that he was hit by a bike mate from the view I had.
  3. No he wasn't.Gutted for him as he has done a sterling job at number 2.Fingers crossed he's back soon.Was a nasty looking crash where they just seem to all tangle together.Bailey will miss Saturday due to concussion Great to see such a big crowd.They did really well to keep the dust down as long as they did.Was incredibly hot.
  4. adz_mft


    I've read this about 10 times and still don't understand what you're on about
  5. adz_mft

    Stoke V Belle Vue (NL) 05/05/2018

    There's already a thread for this Elliot
  6. I've asked if he is able to txt me and then I can update the updates site. Just waiting to hear back
  7. Someone put updates of last nights meeting on our Facebook page. Would imagine he will do the same again today
  8. adz_mft

    Stoke v Brummies NT Sat 21st April

    Yes Saturday is their alternative day. Have had a fair few on a Saturday. Jordan was good around Stoke on previous visits. Could be a little race rusty with all of our meetings being off so far this year but I know he's been practicing
  9. Also when Mildenhall aren't riding I suspect you may see a few make the trip to Leicester with 3 ex riders involved.
  10. adz_mft

    British Under 21

    With Coventry riding on the Sunday I suspect Luke Ruddick would have been in the Newcastle line up instead of Kelsey but as he's riding for Coventry he's been put in the Eastbourne line up. Good to see so many Mildenhall riders in the line up. Would have been 6 of our 7 involved had Bebee unfortunately not withdrew from it. Looking forward to seeing these lads progress this season that's for sure
  11. adz_mft

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    1.Mitchell Davey 8.61 - Birmingham 2.Leon Flint 3.00 - Birmingham 3.Jack Smith 8.20 - Belle Vue 4.Taylor Hampshire 4.18 - Kent 5.Danny Ayres 8.38 - Mildenhall 6.Drew Kemp 3.00 - Mildenhall 7.Jason Edwards 3.00 - Eastbourne 38.37
  12. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2018

    You say that about the guests in the final but whatever average Drew and Jordan achieve, they have achieved it for a reason
  13. adz_mft

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    1.JPB 2.Dwyer 3.Armstrong 4.Ruddick 5.Greenwood 6.Halder 7.3 pointer
  14. adz_mft

    Birmingham 2018

    Bottom half finish with that head leader trio and Flint? No chance imo
  15. adz_mft

    Birmingham 2018

    Mitchell Davey is a solid signing. Will score everywhere he visits tbh. Pretty potent top 3. Possibly something along this line up? 1.Bacon 2.Cupitt 3.Hume 4.Walker 5.Davey 6.Roberts 7.Flint

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