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  1. Odds On

    Swindon 2018

    its the team manager where the problem is, maybe he's the one whose gone stale
  2. Odds On

    Leicester Lions 2018

    How ironic, Jason Doyle springs to mind when loyalty is mentioned!
  3. every non Poole fan knows the rules are bullsh7t and that at some time or another than are going to get "pushed/pulled" to the limit. At least with all these changes Golden Head Neil will be smiling on tv again!
  4. Odds On

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    its quite simple, riders demand high fees, promoters cant afford them but need to be competitive, promoters then have a golden goose, goose lays the eggs, riders eat the eggs, goose dies, promoters fooked!!
  5. speedway in Milton Keynes was never sustainable, why should it be any different nowadays? MK Dons, lovely stadium, virtually empty for home games. Basketball, all but died a death.
  6. Odds On

    Tales of the Unexpected

    and some wonder why this Country is in such a mess, you only have to look at the posts above!!
  7. Odds On

    Leon Madsen

    and yet there are other riders who cannot forget what other riders have done quick enough.
  8. the lost revenue on turnstyle income could be made up by having it as a pay per view event.
  9. how I wish that the sport had a Bernie Ecclestone, Eddie Hearn or a Frank Warren at the helm, our sport is a untapped fountain of excitement.
  10. spot on Jacques, I wonder if he ever needs medical help again he'll go private?...my guess would be no.
  11. nah its never going to happen is it, it would be a lovely fairytale ending but this is reality!
  12. Schlein is about as British as my Citroen van, absolute joke, he gets in on a technicality, if the speedway gods are looking down he'll miss out on qualification tonight!
  13. like I said he's found a loophole in the rules similar to other riders have in the past, does it make him a Brit?.... this may go against the grain in this day and age but to me he isn't a Brit, he's rode 95% of his career on a Aussie licence and now his career is all but done he decides to ride under the GB banner.
  14. He found a loophole in the rules, good for him but he isn't a Brit by any stretch of the imagination and should not be riding in the British Final. Wiggy, I thought he took out a Dutch licence to "help" his long track/grass track career on the continent?
  15. Here's the scenario. I have all the ability in the world but because I'm a fat bloke I'm never going to make it. I'm the fittest bloke in the world but because I have no ability I'm never going to make it. I am fairly fit and have ability but still never going to make it. I am the fittest bloke and have as much ability as anyone else, I'm still not going to be top dog. I am the fittest bloke, I have the same ability as anybody else and a selfish mindset but I'm still not going to be top dog. I am now the fittest bloke, have good ability, selfish but above all else I have my more than fair share of luck to reach the top.

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