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  1. Odds On

    Swindon 2018

    sorry for taking the post the wrong way, to be honest even with being a speedway fan I wouldn't want a track in close proximity to my house, would you?
  2. history speaks for itself, he's a drama queen where he has to be centre of attention.
  3. Odds On

    Swindon 2018

    are you aware of the history of the owners of the stadium and new stadiums being built?
  4. Odds On

    Swindon 2018

    and people are still convinced that a new stadium will be built?...
  5. just think if the cameras were there, Rossitor would of been in tears playing the sympathy card!...always has and always will be the centre of attention, a real look at me individual.
  6. so in essence the referee was incorrect and unprofessional
  7. Odds On

    Poole 2019

    The riders are financial assets, Poole will have quite a number of riders that they own and then they "loan" them out to other clubs, they will get a cut from each rider.
  8. Odds On

    Gerhard Engine

    so a few years on and has the Gerhard Engine been a success or a damp squib?
  9. the trouble is, it has happened and has every possibility of happening again because nothing has been changed for it not to happen..
  10. the start marshal was clearly in contact with the referee throughout each race, the green light would've stopped all the ridiculous and unnecessary actions of the start marshal and in turn eliminated this whole fiasco.
  11. all the ref had to do was put the greenlights on, it would of sent a clear message to every single rider in the meeting, to single out an individual in the way he did was poor, unfair and even unprofessional.
  12. heat 13 is one of the best races I have seen at speedway fir a long long time.
  13. absolutely clueless in Poole, tried oil and now concrete!
  14. Odds On

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Brady Kurtz, now I know he won one race riding the middle to outside line but jeez he isn't the brightest Aussie on the planet is he, his ride when his team needed him the most decides to run the air fence line for two and half laps, you really couldn't make it up could you? Over rated to say the least!
  15. pizz poor meeting only made watchable by the score line. Track was very poor.

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