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  1. Poole 2018

    I've seen a lot of Brady over the years, yes he's very fast and fearless but I've always had the feeling that he is a crash just waiting to happen.
  2. getting large chunks on is hard but it is still perfectly possible...you just have to use your head, there's a few of us in a syndicate that bet heavily during the speedway season.
  3. 2017 Profit & Loss

    its not rocket science teams making a loss, when a teams number one in the elite league earns roughly the same as twenty paying adults per race. then add to that the other six riders, then its obvious debts are going to mount up. Perhaps Rosco wasn't keeping Doyle safe and sound by not using him in meaningless heat 15s? The simple solution is.... promoters only pay riders out after all the other expenses are paid on a race night, sadly speedway is now a glorified hobby nowadays with a few promoters willing to risk their own money....
  4. Gerhard Engine

    but that theory is no different than buying a GM, Jawa, Weslake etc etc off of the shelf....once they are out of the shop they are open to all sorts of "abuse"!
  5. Gerhard Engine

    I think you are missing the concept of the meaning of off of the shelf, that would indicate that I could go and buy exactly the same engine as FF and then ride it on the shale without doing anything to it, your post indicates that this is not the case as FFs would be tinkered with and alas is a whole different beast. There is no way on this earth that this has any mileage in it, do you honestly believe that all riders will use the same engine without trying to find that extra advantage out of the engine?...very similar to does every single rider use methanol.
  6. Do you not think there should of been over twice as many in the stadium considering that the World Championship was all but done and that the champion would be a Aussie?
  7. Or maybe the voice of reasoning, if you think last night was good and entertaining then maybe, just maybe the sport isn't as entertaining and as attractive to the outside world of the current fraternity as some like you believe it is.
  8. a piss poor grand prix and a mediocre world champion(yes I know he can only beat whats up against him)...if people enjoyed watching that then good luck to them, I'm hearing there was 19000 in the stadium, so how many actual paying punters?...the tv coverage made the sport look shocking with vast parts of the stadium completely empty. Maybe its just me and my love affair with the sport is all but finished but surely even the most rose tinted glassed fan must admit as a spectacle it was dire?
  9. SCB/BSPA need to be careful in situations like this, as if Cook has a doctors note which he has implied he has,then he could be the one in the right and calling the shots.
  10. In My View By Phil Rising

    they're all cut from the same cloth, Corbyn is just the poorer option!
  11. which ever way you debate this it was a dreadful advert for the sport.
  12. time to open the window, do you not think some riders that have been nailed by another rider seek revenge?
  13. a reserve cost them the title?....Bomber should of only been beaten by Doyle and possibly Morris, he should of been nailed on for a minimum of 9 points. Bomber was utter garbage.
  14. Harris was poor, very poor and in reality probably cost Wolves the trophy.
  15. Swindon speedway hold your head in shame, tonight was the show piece for British speedway and you serve up a track that is not fit for the occasion, you scored an own goal but you also portrayed British speedway in a poor light. Entertainment is what is needed not a two hour bore fest.