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  1. Odds On

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    any British speedway on tv this week?
  2. if ever you needed to see just how speedway is spiralling downwards in the UK then last night was a prime example of it. Very small crowd with the average age above at least 45. Track an absolute disgrace. Little in the way of entertainment. Not one GP/World Class rider on show. As a spectacle and as a advert for the sport it probably did more harm than good.
  3. Odds On


    speedway is all but done, take Saturdays Grand Prix as an example, 16 of the best riders in the world(in theory), 24 races and arguably 20 of those races were pure rubbish, very little in terms of entertainment and excitement. I would say that 80-90% of speedway meetings see the first 25% of a meeting with no overtaking or excitement other than when a rider gets out of shape. It is also very noticeable that nowadays riders find it hard to control a bike if the track is anything other than a smooth and shale less.. Right now there aren't many people making money out of the sport, the top riders and engine tuners for sure but the vast majority of riders and promoters are doing their proverbials. Fans need to realise that in a matter of only a few years there will only be one league in the UK, as Clubs will sadly go to the wall and never return. Speedway is in the entertainment business,it needs to start entertaining to the wider audience than just the die hard speedway fan.
  4. Odds On

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    is there somewhere I can see the items online anywhere?
  5. Odds On

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    any speedway on TV today?..Monday 27/5/19
  6. Odds On

    Swindon Stadium

    thought the press release many moons ago was about a new stadium and not just track work?...surely this track work should of been done weeks/months ago? if mother nature is unkind this could be an absolute disaster.
  7. Odds On

    Swindon Stadium

    it must be nigh on four years ago that Rossitor stood with a plan of the new stadium for the press to shout about, no nearer to a resolve.
  8. perhaps a trophy for the team who wins the league then the top four compete in the play offs? I personally think you will still get the same buzz.
  9. Odds On

    Swindon Stadium

    sorry to piss on anybody's bonfire but do you honestly believe this will happen?
  10. so to sum up. Crap track. Crap racing. Crap refereeing. Everything else is open to discussion.!!
  11. track was awful, ref was poor, little or no speedway racing...all adds up to a poor advert for the showcase of British league speedway
  12. with what is supposed to be the showcase for British league speedway, I've got to say it was terrible, a track prepared for gate and go,, a referee who at best was incompetent and a meeting starved of any real speedway racing. Poole will probably win over the two legs but the real loser is speedway itself.
  13. brave man to back against this Lynn team over two legs.
  14. what a cracking team Kings Lynn have, very strong and entertaining. Palm Toft just looked class all night. R Lambert just oozes class and sublime in heats 13 and 15. Kings Lynns team manger should be applauded for trying to keep people apart. Belle Vue's track should be on the GP calendar, easily the best track in terms of racing and excitement in the UK.
  15. if you get the right people promoting the sport then the sport will flourish, is speedway any more boring than darts?..certainly not but just take a look at how that sport is promoted.

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