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  1. Odds On

    Redcar 45-45 Oxford

    ruined by a stupid rule...no way should Nicholls of been excluded in the super heat, there was at least one other who moved as well...
  2. absolutely no problem with the format or venue....try stopping to find fault with something that is a credit to British speedway.
  3. so just how many teams in the SON have four out and world class riders?
  4. its funny because I came away from last nights meeting thinking we had a good balance of British riders right now...some really promising youngsters and also some "seniors" for them to learn off......when you think of some of the doom and gloom around the sport, thought last night was quite refreshing.
  5. any reason why Wright kicked out at Bewley after the race had finished?
  6. People moaning about the venue, by far the best we have and is a fair track for all riders...was going to use the phrase more lines but that's awkward in speedway!...give me a meeting at Belle Vue than anywhere else in the country, its a racers track and not just a gate and go. Also lets not forget the history of the British final, it wasn't always a spectacle at Coventry, far from it, crowds were good but that was mainly due to speedway being in its prime....we now have a track that provides entertainment, lets not forget that because above all else it's the main ingredient the sport needs.
  7. Looking just at the Premiership league, I fail to see just how some of these clubs can make it pay, fair play if they do but when you hear what some of the riders are on there's only way it is going to end. Some of the teams owners are business men and may see speedway as just an expensive hobby but as a business model speedway is a good way to lose money! Many teams chase the golden goose to lay the golden egg, but the feed for the goose has a huge cost and probably not sustainable over a period of time..
  8. Odds On

    Speedway Betting 2024

    Freddie over 10 @ 2.05...."IT'S CHRISTMAS".
  9. Has the paint dried yet?
  10. Odds On

    Birmingham v Ipswich KOC June 3rd

    Just a general observation and possibly the big white elephant in the room....how the hell do the Brummies afford Freddie Lindgren, if/when he scores a maximum, that will cost nearly half the gate receipts on its own!
  11. Odds On

    Birmingham v Ipswich KOC June 3rd

    Could Freddie be about to do the biggest u-turn in the history of the sport and sign for Ippo?
  12. Odds On

    Leicester v Oxford 27th May

    Probably get shot down for this. Abi brings nothing to the show, no in depth or history of the sport...for all of her knowledge you may as well have a rider doing what she does, better knowledge and will be able to give more in depth interviews with riders and links...when Oxford had 3 riders on the track, she hasn't the charisma or relationship with a rider/team to ask and joke about it. Janowski, lets all be honest he isn't going to be a cheap asset to Oxford, Looks way off of it for a GP rider. Lawson, impressed me, riding at #2 is one of the hardest positions in a team, fully deserved his heat 15 appearance. Tungate, a real battler but not sure he's an out and out #1. Track was far to slick, devoid of entertainment which resulted in a poor advert for the sport Drone shot, atrocious and needs binning until it actually works.
  13. Odds On


    Thank you...that is great and is a massive help...thank you to everyone who has helped, probably seem like pointless and annoying questions to some!!
  14. Odds On


    Thank you. Do you have to enter a code or something similar?
  15. Odds On


    well this gets murkier!!..so i have a smart tv, if i enter the BSN into a search engine - is it as easy as that...obviously i would subscribe to the channel.

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