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  1. Catalan

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    You find them a rider who wants the job and I'm pretty sure they will sign him
  2. Catalan

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    You beat me to it
  3. Catalan

    Swindon Stadium

    How can he when it belongs to local authority?
  4. Catalan

    Workington 2024

    Got a question. What sort of time are we looking at for meetings to finish at Workington?
  5. Catalan

    Poole 2024

    Glad to hear. I've got a lot of time for the lad. I'd like to see him back at Poole at some stage.
  6. Catalan

    Poole 2024

    Keep hearing Stef has packed in. Don't know how reliable my source is mind.
  7. Catalan

    Poole 2024

    A few of us doing the Glasgow/Workington weekend. Looking Forward to it. Happy New Year see you in May
  8. Catalan

    Poole 2024

    Same here remember being in one of the classrooms where you could hear the bikes but looking out of the window all we could see was the railway line.
  9. Catalan

    Poole 2024

    Not quite correct. It is something that was decided as good manners by promoters not to run before 3.
  10. Catalan

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Can see Newman in this team
  11. Catalan

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Can never fault his attitude to racing. He can be a right pain in other aspects mind
  12. Catalan

    BSN Streaming

    I will definitely be purchasing superb value
  13. Catalan

    BSN Streaming

    Also BSN costs don't go down with less famous riders
  14. Catalan

    Poole 2024

    So true speedway needs to stay

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