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  1. Well well well.July's flights to Lyon now cancelled until September. It's as if they don't want us to fly anywhere. But I do recall Boris letting the cat out of the bag during first lockdown at the online tory conference when he said in 2030 you'll be travelling on carbon neutral planes using your British blue passport or digital ID.
  2. I actually heard him say that.Probably 10 months ago.
  3. Well living to 100 didn't do Capt. Tom any good. He died.
  4. Here in Newport they're on a recruiting drive in India.
  5. It's ending soon in 2030.Don't be hasty now.
  6. Wood burners being now on the green agenda list.Everything which kills dolphins goes up my chimney as it's now so difficult to get on the tip.
  7. Is that the new , trendy Blair with the Paul Weller haircut ?
  8. Better not take my wife to India in that case
  9. Frogland open for tourism from June 9
  10. Talking to a mate today who's wife works in a care home in Newport.Staff had lateral flow tests and all came up positive.Public Health Wales got involved and immediately arranged PCR tests and all were negative. Same scenario as well.People who croak are having Covid put down when they were due to peg it any day.Mostly without tests,too.
  11. It's all playing out , yet people are blind.
  12. A doctor I believe, so far from an idiot.
  13. Didn't one eminent twit say we need full lockdowns every 2 years to save a polar bear ?
  14. Ewe want to be careful.It may have diseases.

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