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  1. Convicts being treated like , erm , convicts.
  2. Just back from N Wales.In the pubs , clubs , shops ,etc. I'd guess about 90% are not wearing masks anymore even though they are still mandated.
  3. Just done big shop in Lidl a day early as I'm off to N Wales tomorrow.Shelves rammed and very few wearing masks even though I'm in Taffyland. Social distancing in queues non existent
  4. ......and the travel bans will come back in when Summer recess is over , no doubt.
  5. Weekly shop yesterday and the only thing missing were ice lollies but it has been 30 degrees. There was even bog roll and pasta.
  6. I know one , but he was an obese pudding with many ailments who was ripe for picking.
  7. I believe it automatically updates
  8. So fifa president can roll in from a red country with no quarantine.It's either deadly or it's not.
  9. Still waiting for you to tell me my political leanings.Don't be shy now.
  10. The elephant in the room is that every winter is difficult for the nhs. As for the George Cross......wtf
  11. The guys who work for me are not having any more jabs constant tiredness and headaches. ....................and the constant lies of the Govt.
  12. So what do you presume my political leanings are ?
  13. I see Boris is following Govt guidelines on travelling to amber list countries....don't go.....and has gone to Portugal for a long weekend. Hope he isolates on his return.
  14. I thought this shower of rubbish govt said they would outlaw leaseholds But who actually believed it ?

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