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  1. Paulco

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Think we just have to accept that mistakes have been made over the winter , and the Complin thing couldn't have been forseen . With no real viable alternatives , we just see the season out with what we have
  2. Paulco

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Ashfield is the consolation this season . We're not going to win anything , but the home matches will be close , entertaining affairs .
  3. Paulco

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Aye the boy Hamilton who did a few laps at Ashfield after the Edinburgh meeting . Hard to judge when they are out on their own . Michael Penfold looked good doing laps on his own
  4. Paulco

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Think it was the heat that got to him , he is an elderly man . He spent the night in hospital in Whitehaven , got home on the Sunday . One of the Glasgow trackstaff went and got him
  5. Paulco

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    This particular Glasgow fan will be back down for the Oxford meeting on the 25th
  6. Paulco

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    The newer supporters are not used to seeing a struggling Glasgow side . So it's a bit of a culture shock . And those going on about Harris spitting the dummy after heat 11 , I'd rather see a rider pissed off at losing than a rider not really bothered about coming second . But if all venues in the country were like Northside , the sport would be in a much healthier place . Great arena , great track , brilliant fans and we even got to resurrect the Stevie Lawson chant from the 80's
  7. No I'll be back in a fortnight at Bank Holiday weekend
  8. We did , its a brilliant track and I have great friends among the Comets support
  9. It's a cash only venue
  10. Regardless whether you are red and white or blue and gold , speedway was the winner tonight . When you see the likes of Pickering and Harris going at it on a track so brilliantly prepared , it's still the most exciting sport in the world . But all 14 riders need congratulating for producing such a pulsating meeting
  11. Switched places . Starke at 2 , Pearson at 4 . Obviously fearing a Castagna heat 14 special
  12. BSN Cup v the Monarchs take two tomorrow night , and with the weather looking fair we should get past heat 6 this time . We are at full strength with Ace Pijper back and Jack Smith continuing in place of Lee Complin . In the original running we started really well and the Monarchs were just beginning to chip into our early lead when the anti-speedway weather intervened . So we have to stay on it as I think these two meetings against Edinburgh will result in home wins , with the bonus point deciding who wins the group .
  13. Young Zischke really did impress on his first visit to Ashfield . The last young Australian I can remember having that immediate wow factor on his first laps of the Ashfield track was Darcy Ward
  14. What a cracking meeting last night . Cracking atmosphere too with the good away support in attendance, really enjoyed meeting up with my Cumbrian friends again . A big away support really makes it a better occasion. Anyway as for the meeting . Going by the new rules all this riders messing about at the start is obviously being cracked down on . I watched Pearson roll back with 10 seconds on the clock , but he went forward with about 5 seconds left , at that point Cook rolled back and wasn't at the tapes when the clock went to zero , the ref immediately put the white exclusion light on . We got gifted a 5-1 in that heat due to young Zischke's misfortune with the bike stopping just yards from the finish line . But what a prospect he looks , won't be long before Premiership teams come calling . And what an improvement in Dan Thompson too , he also is looking a rider with real promise . For us , Harris was his usual dominant self , backed up by Flint , Pearson and Smith . But Worrall was dreadful and Starke needs to ride a better lawn mower . But young Hodder done his bit by backing Smith for the heat 2 , 5-1 . The heat 1 disasters came back to bite the Comets on the arse , but they are an exciting team and it was an enthralling contest.

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