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    This is a pet hate of mine and I don't know if it is the same at every track, but why can't supporters wait 2 minutes to applaud their team on their lap of honour. The riders put their butts on the line to provide us with entertainment surely the least we can do is hang back and show them that we appreciate their efforts.
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    And you had true team sport rivalry when Wolves came to the Aces and vice versa.. Proper 'your team' v 'their team' rivalry.. We were Moran(s), Screen, Ott, Lyons, Schott etc etc They were Ermolenko(s), Correy, Jones, Karlsson(s) etc etc.. Teams who were easily identifiable and synonymous by their riders.. Riders who were easily identifiable and synonymous by their teams.. Oxford were Nielsen, Wigg, Cox etc. Cov were Tatum, Knudsen, Miller etc. Cradley were Hancock, Hamill, Cross etc etc etc.. All ran on a Friday at BV, a good night to attract a crowd, (and maybe most importantly if you want 'atmosphere', away fans too).. And ran 9 times out of 10 with the riders who should have been there actually turning up.. No changing around year on year the core of each team to appease the weakest links.. No riders missing due to having to attend the 'Azerbaijan Open'... And, no cobbled together "Roll up, Roll up, For One Night Only Folks!" random septet of ringers.. Just 'your team' v 'their team'.. And do you know what? In the main. It seemed to work quite well too.. Who'd have thought that? Amazing!
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    Exactly, if clubs have been dictated to as to when to race their home fixtures, surely the away teams need to be told when they must race unless they have a compelling reason not to. We need all teams to compromise for the sport as a whole , not one or two teams selfishly looking out for themselves only. Is that too much to ask, recent history tells us it is unfortunately.
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    Correct and the 2 outstanding fixtures yet to be re-arranged should be the first 2 to be told, yes I mean Sheffield and Scunthorpe. As members of the Management Committee they should assist Workington by declaring their intention to support the difficult circumstances the Comets face and get their team's arses up to Derwent Park smartish!
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    The scoreline maybe does not reflect it, but there was some good racing tonight, mainly from the Comets it has to be said with some great passes and determined riding by Rene, Dan and Razzer. Nicolai got his maximum, but everyone chipped in and Kyle looked on the pace and will be in the points soon I am sure. Apart from Summers the Bandits were very poor but I am sure they will be a different proposition tomorrow/today. Should be a good meeting.
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    As far as I can see, that's just one Friday. In addition, my suspicion is that Peterborough's difficulties with stadium availability are far worse than those of either Lakeside or Workington. Having said that, to tell a club that its arranged fixtures must change half way through the season when they have been agreed is farcical. Word I got was that there was no issue until a certain club lost a couple of riders to injury and couldn't get guests which, frankly, makes sense. I think it was clear from the outset that rider availability could be a problem if all the teams in the league were riding on one night (in which case one or two should have been refused permission to do so) but it seems that this decision has been dictated by self interest (there's a surprise ). What makes the situation even worse is I have also heard that teams have refused to come next week and on 27/28 July. In the circumstances, they shouldn't have a choice.
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    If it is possible then start the first meeting at 1400, then have a big screen for the world cup and the second meeting after the football finishes.
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    Must of been dreaming in 1999 and 2000 seasons, because I’m sure I saw Scott Nicholls riding for Poole in those two years.........
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    Having seen some of the cards you've played in the last couple of days it's very obvious you have an intense dislike for everything that the save coventry group are trying to achieve. i can' t imagine any genuine supporter from wherever would do anything but applaud their efforts in gaining the support they have obtained in trying to reach their objective. Whatever the final outcome they will be respected and thanked by the huge majority of decent people who appreciate the time and energy that they are putting in. However it's blatantly obvious from the content of your posts that you have a major issue with anything they do, an attitude I would suggest that could only come from someone who's only desire is to see them fail, and you are so keen to protect Horton at every opportunity it's obvious that you have a connection.. In conclusion a few of my thoughts for you just so you don't forget--- As a speedway promoter Mick Horton is unfit for purpose.He has systematically destroyed the bees reputation since taking over the club, and now plays it out at the lowest level in front of one man & his dog some 20 odd miles away ( that' s when he can be bothered to open the gates). He lied to and exploited his fan base throughout his time at brandon, and no doubt continues to do so today. The fans have made it very clear they want nothing more to do with him , he is an habitual failure where running speedway is concerned and from my perspective if he went out of business tomorrow it wouldn't be any loss to anyone around speedway in general and Coventry in particular. It certainly wouldn't harm anything else that is going on presently . Perhaps you would like to have a little choke on that.
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    You’re kidding, yes? A four team tournament league? What idiot thought up that? I most certainly wouldn’t be bothered to watch that.
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    The ideal scenario for those who want one big league in 2019, the sixty four thousand dollar question is which will be the next club to be exited. Lakeside or Peterborough? What about that club miles from anywhere in Berwick where the new promotion have sunk their heart, souls and money into saving the sport on Tweedside? It could be any other club but one thing's for sure there are more casualties to come.
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    It can't be his fault entirely. Even if the idea to change was his - which is possible, if not likely - he can't carry it through on his own. Others must have supported it, so they are equally culpable. In addition, lets not forget that Workington have been struggling to survive for a number of seasons. Even if fixtures hadn't been changed, there's no guarantee that they would come to the tapes in 2019. Having said that, this ridiculous and selfish action unquestionably makes things more difficult for Laura Morgan. I know how much she cares about Workington Speedway but there will be limits. This could help push her towards thinking she really has had enough
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    I've always felt that the owners of these abandoned buildings and sites should be made by the local authorities to keep them in a decent condition instead of allowing them to crumble into a state of disrepair and end up where demolition is the only option
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    It seems that when the sport of speedway throws up more than competent people within it, who can carry it forward, they are always lost to it. Or sometimes driven out or forced out leaving staid administrators who like the idea that it's alright as it is. Tinkering every year with how it's run but with no thought that re-structuring is required. Yes I know they are the money men but their dollop of dosh coming in from speedway has evaporated and for most of them it must now be a drain on their resources.
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    Lot of dust to start with but after a few heats watering got rid of most of it. Usual very decent Derwent Park meeting, my highlight Bewley's last to first in one lap in heat 14. Berwick were poor and Workington will face much tougher tests but take nothing away from the Comets, they were impressive. All done in just over 90 minutes. Anyone missing the interval ?
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    Depends on the question??
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    I think you are hearing exactly the same as me. It seems that the number of clubs in the planned league is less than that currently in existence so a few have to go, which suggests to me that the annulment of racing licences is less motivated by a determination that speedway clubs pay their debts (which has scarcely been a major issue in the past) than ensuring that future plans can be realised. I have heard that the promoter of one of the clubs you have mentioned (and it doesn't take the genius of an Einstein to work out which one) is about as popular as a lion at a zebra birthday party. He'd be the one to get hit, but they'd have to find a reason for it.
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    Well said... it annoys the life out of me!
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    Belle Vue paid all their debts, late but in agreement with the riders. The stand off with the council was then spun as a debt issue?especially once Buster thought he could take over. The irony is the new lot paid the lower level of running fees as set out by the original promotion. How the sport could do with those two now, instead we have Buster.
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    The BSPA is a misnomer. Yes, it is an association but of the loosest kind. It has little overall interest in the sport as a whole, it purports to represent British Speedway but does little to concern itself with how the entire sport is run. As "custodians" of the sport in Great Britain ( well England and Scotland ) it has failed in many ways as when it had the opportunity with Wimbledon in 2002. That should have been developed as the then Jewel in the Crown - a presence in the capital to "show off" with. We now have such a facility at the NSS but with little to thank the BSPA for about its creation. The sport is now too weak across the country to make good use of what is today's Jewel in the Crown. At least on a Monday! And thereby hangs a tale.
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    The most memorable matches I can remember were when Wolves brought a decent-sized crowd (glory seekers) with them to Belle Vue in the mid-90s. It created some great banter, Belle Vue fans who had stood for years at the side of one another without speaking a word were, for one night only, found out they spoke the same language. Fans do create a better spectacle.
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    Not sure throwing the blame in the direction of BMR is wholly fair, although some of the decisions made were poor to say the least, the moto cross track is an example. Only one year ago we were all enjoying big crowds there.........on a Saturday night. Wednesday racing has crucified us, and no mistake, and with no vote at the agm, it does not seem as though BMR had much choice. Yes, in hindsight, second division speedway suited us more, but at least the owners had some ambition, all those talking fondly about Len, and calling for his return are conveniently forgetting the last few seasons of going through the motions, the dreadful teams, and the crowds leaving in droves, remember the "if you dont like it, dont bother coming" quote of his ? I, like many, are devastated by this, but if lessons can be learned, and sustainable speedway can be brought back..........on a SATURDAY night, i will be back like a shot.
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    Complete sense I was highly criticised for saying exactly this halfway through the first BMR season. Yes Len Silver had some faults show me someone who hasn’t. He had a great love and imensece knowledge for not only the sport but Rye House too. BMR have proved that the grass is not always greener. Just surprising that so many were taken in by BMR. Easy to blame the BSPA but the reality is BMR got rid of the long bar, they made spectating worse, they made the wrong decision regarding what league to run in for all the wrong readons. They accepted midweek racing and put out a sub standard team. The punters voted with their feet because of those decisions not as the result of the Annual conference
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    Not having regular racing each weekend is a massive issue. Makes a mockery of starting our league the third week in March when we could have started over a month later. Last year we had A and B fixtures against each team but the problem on top of too many meetings was you could already see long before the A fixtures were completed who were the strugglers and who were top end material. This year its not enough meetings as well as a poorly planned fixture list for some clubs like Workington. Sometimes wish the clubs in our league would form a breakaway and take control of their own management rather than play second fiddle to the alleged Premiership.
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    Traditional race card for 2018 Swedish GP:- https://www.keepandshare.com/doc16/21129/gp-2018-4-pdf-39k?da=y

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