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    If speedway is going to be on Eurosport next season I do hope they don’t use Ermolenko for commentary! Probably the worst commentator ever IMHO
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    Can somebody please tell colleen Rooney and Rebekah vardy, we don't care and quite frankly shouldn't be front page news
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    Why do you have to get personal? Why are you always fishing for a reaction? Why don’t you just keep it to speedway!
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    Personally I feel that leaving the EU is a terrible idea. As individuals we gain nothing, but we lose a lot. I cannot, for the life of me, see why people wanted to leave the EU in terms of how it will affect them personally. However, you can't have a referendum and just ignore the result and have another one because you don't like the result of the first one. The result of the referendum HAS to be seen through for the sake of democratic voting, and I believe that Boris Johnson's priority is to get it through in whatever shape or form he can so that the vote is adhered to and then we can move on. The campaign for a second referendum, or the process of passing laws to prevent the result of the first referendum being carried through, is a national outrage. Many people are agreeing with this stuff purely because there are many people who wanted to remain and are seeing that as more important than the integrity of democracy being maintained. Unfortunately that isn't the case. The integrity of a national vote has to be maintained. Once it has been, then everyone is within their rights to want another referendum and to campaign to rejoin the EU - and I, for one, would vote to rejoin. In the meantime, I think that we just have to hope that everything gets settled by October 31. The sooner we are out, the sooner we can start campaigning to rejoin. We just have to live with the result, and the only reason this has gone on so long is because politicians are deliberately stalling things in an attempt to thwart what people voted for.
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    Spot on answers Never did nay harm to Peterborough , Kings Lynn , Ipswich or Leicester to drop down did it......look at the season Leicester are having , im sure their fans are loving it there at the moment and must be easy to promote and bring fans in. As you said you will get one or two fickle fans but they arent really fans if they dont believe in whats right for their club Speedway is dying and we just need to sustain the sport................bringing back the top boys will not increase crowd levels thats a fallacy....its success that increases crowd levels.........Ipswich attendances didnt go up when Iversen returned , they have risen all season becaus of the promotional work we do and the success on the track The only issue you have at Poole is they are notorious for going missing when they dont win so if they drop down and the fans dont bother the club could be in serious trouble I dont see why Ford is worrying about the stadium when he should be concentrating on the track surface
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    The same old tune is what the law actually says, not what you wish it would say. Your bald statement was that the referendum result was illegitimate. Parliament says it was legitimate so that is the law. Not a difficult concept to grasp. I have simply referred to the relevant acts of parliament. Nothing more nothing less. Some of us still observe the rule of law, you obviously don’t. It’s that simple.
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    You did - and you swapped him for a Pole who no longer wants to ride here
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    I would say every track has its glory hunters, only go when there winning, not just a Poole thing. I have surported them in the lower league and the higher league, and will continue to do so, win or lose
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    18.1.9 was supposed to stop that but (as with so many rules) is written wrongly That was certainly the intention - a guest (a) couldn’t come from another team involved in the play offs and (b) couldn’t guest for more than one team in the play offs. Instead, the rule refers to “in any one leg”. I would expect Leicester to use Allen as the guest, for Glasgow to appeal it, and for MC, for obvious reasons, to reject Glasgow’s appeal
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    Gating tart, no thanks.
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    typical of the stupidity flying around. BTW well said in the post just prior. Personally i despair - i've asked far and wide for 3 good, provable reasons why leaving will be beneficial. Never had a sensible answer
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    I’m sure top riders returning would bring more folk through the door but the sport had been run so badly over the last ten years or so that I fear we are beyond the point of no return now unfortunately. It all needs a major overhaul and to be pointed in a completely different direction before we can think about getting the big boys over here. Poland paying the kind of money they do might rule it out anyway.
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    Why are you bringing politics into this. This forum is about speedway not whether you voted to leave or remain everybody has there own veiw
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    I wou;s love to see top riders back but that is not going to happen why ride at £150- 200 per point in England when you can earn €1700 per point in Poland. The British promoters pay for mechanics even insurance at times and have to get the ruder to the track it’s not financially viable . Top rider scores 10 paid 12 £150 per point £1800.00 plus all the extras say total 2250.00 and that’s minimum for 1 rider at 15 entrance your first 150 people pay for the top rider and you haven’t even thought of all the costs involved you do that on a home and away basis then your first 300 people pay for that rider. Simply put British speedway cannot compete with the other leagues unless things change.
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    Good Luck to both teams and hope it is a good meeting and no injuries.I think 6 points win for Newcastle but if it is in the muck I can see a14 point win lol.
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    Redevelopment of the track at Swindon has been a great success actually - just redevelopment of the stadium that’s the problem
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    Can't even spell it correctly......
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    All the wasted Sundays we've had and not had a meeting and now the weather has changed like it does in Oct, who's going to want to watch the 90th meeting nearly in Nov absolute joke imo!
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    If you met him in person you would be amazed he could string coherent sentences together, I think his young children do the posting on here (Note to Yearbyred - Visually impaired!! (I haven't forgotten!))
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    I agree Gordon, and I pointed out the sloppy wording at the time, to no avail. I'm sure in the scenario you mention, MC would be as scrupulously fair and unbiased as ever.....
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    I’d love still to have the accent of my birthplace. I’m one of those unlucky people whose accent changes within a couple of weeks of moving to a new area with little bits of previous accents coming through. Was a bloody nightmare living in Birmingham (sorry Brummies) and I refuse to ever move to Liverpool!
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    Berwick Academy among the trophies in tonight's NJL Riders Championship at Armadale. Luke Harrison won the 125cc title, while Harry McGurk and the fast-improving Mason Watson crowded the 500cc podium as second and third to winner George Rothery, from the Workington area.
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    I have to say having read quite a few of your posts this season through following Redcar on here with their Lynn connections you are one of the most articulate, fair minded, unbiased and balanced posters on the forum. This post sums it up well.
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    Pooles crowds started to drop the moment we lost Darcy and Chris, things have never been the same since
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    Pooles season finished the moment they stopped using r/r at 2 and lost Covatti into the main body If they had operated that against us with Klindt , Josh and Covatti taking r/r rides and Covatti having 6 or 7 rides from reserve they would have won THJ at reserve with Wells and Covatti at 2 cost them any chance of the league

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