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    Good Morning NSSG As you previously mentioned last night that everything is hard work; therefore so as not to undermine your hard work and not give you to much to do please be advised I have recalled my email to save you the effort of clicking on it to access it or reading it which will give you more rest time before you start the real hard work of typing out another post to stick on Facebook... after all I thought my emailed suggestions were going to "The Management" or "The Promotion" not a Supporters Group as I was under the impression the request came from them rather than the NSSG... However following your post last night you have spiked my interest and I would be grateful if you could find the time in your busy schedule to answer a few questions for me please... First off if one wanted to become a member of the Newcastle Speedway Supporters Group (NSSG) how would one go about this? as I have not seen anything advertised anywhere (unless its on Facebook and as advised I am not on; nor can I have access to; that medium) and I was a former fully paid up member of the Newcastle Diamonds Fan Club both as a Junior and Full Member in the past... So following on from that how much is membership of the NSSG and who do I need to contact to be a member? When does the membership year run from and to; is it January to January or the regular speedway season? Does the NSSG have a Charter? what are they trying to achieve? and what do they do with the funds they raise? and how do they raise funds? and how many current members do the NSSG have... Who is the Chair Person of the NSSG? furthermore who is the Secretary and Treasurer of the group? Are the NSSG a voluntary or non-profit-making organisation and do they follow good auditing practices? Do they have their accounts audited and do they make them available to members to see where the members monies are being used? Is there a process for advising members as to where their monies are being spent? do the club promotion make requests to the NSSG for support? Are any of the Promotion/Management involved in running the NSSG or are the NSSG fully independent of the Promotion/Management? What benefits do NSSG members get once they become a member? Just a few questions I would be grateful for a response to before I consider becoming a member as you will appreciate having open and honest communication leads more quickly to a mutual understanding and respect for a difference in views, interests and needs. ... Simply put, being open and honest builds a sense of self-worth. It is about being moral, truthful to yourself and with others. However stating all that I am not sure if I would want to be a member of something that had me as a member... something for me to consider I suppose... however if you could take some time out of your very busy schedule that you work very hard at and recognising your hard work I would be most humbly grateful if you could give me some answers to my questions... Regards THJ
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    I think this topic is one that people could argue for and against any rider that "never made it ". In reality most riders either make it to a point that they are happy with and enjoy doing so without the aspirations of being world champions or expect too much of themselves and people around them do , this leads to pressure and riders simply fading away into the shadows.
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    Courtney “the very best person”?
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    Anders Thomsen now confirmed as Gorzow GP`s wildcard.( rounds 3 and 4)
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    Phew I must say that is this a competition to who can conduct the biggest paragraph between THJ & the NSSG as there's nee speedway at Newcastle or any other venue ( league action that is ) this could well be the new norm lol !! At least it will be good reading come the winter...
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    So youve named Simon Lambert but disagree with Sissus who was extremely highly rated in Australia ? Quality.
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    Not really. Always had his heart set on Superbikes / MotoGP. Speedway was a bit of fun for him.
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    An option. Not perfect but it could work
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    Oh get me the "Aloe Vera" av just been burned by the NSSG... aaarrrggghhhhh!!! Honestly If you posted information on the Newcastle Speedway Website first, which is where most people look and have free access to, and give them the gist of what's going on or tell them where on Facebook (with a link) they might be able to find your additional information... instead of wapping it on your little clique(y) group on Facebook then you wouldn't get posts on here which maybe are at cross purposes... Information for the masses please... or you can do the "Secret Squirrel" routine aka like the last promotions "modus operandi" and leave people to find out what's going on through the rumor mill... your choice of course... yes? By the way... most of your first paragraph is spot on but totally contradicts what you say you are trying to achieve... also in the last line am I to assume you are part of the management? And can I ask when has anyone from the management run a supporters group... don't tell Mike Ashley or he will be putting Lee Charnley onto the Newcastle Supporters Trust Committee.... So after everything you state in the first paragraph on how no one has Facebook you tell us in the second one this is your best medium of contacting fans... Yes? Well who are you contacting then if no one is on Facebook... then you state it helps you make decisions as a club again this infers that you are part of the management or promotion so how can you make impartial decisions as a supposed supporters group if you are part of the management... Then finally you state all your hard work is being undermined... what hard work? Typing up a post and sticking it on here or on Facebook... wow... hard work that like... ya must be knackered... one post yesterday and one today on Facebook and a post on here... Wow... should take a lie down... Tell ya what a don't want to wear you out so when a get in the office tomorrow I will recall my email so you don't have to read that... I would hate to be responsible for you suffering occupational burnout syndrome... And yes it's a thing according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "occupational burnout" is a syndrome resulting from chronic work-related stress, with symptoms characterized by "feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one's job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job; and reduced professional efficacy... Sound familiar... Yes?... then ya doing to much hard work... And yes still laughing my toggle off... Regards THJ
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    The fantastic real ales (all 12 of them) at the Boathouse in Wylam, make it a no brainer where it should be.
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    Table updated to include tonight
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    Lesson learnt. Never ever back KK.
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    exactly. if you could convince a local authority that having a speedway (or sports) stadium would bring thousands of visitors to the region (for example for a GP) to boost the local economy then you might be part of the way there. but then who funds it? Gateshead FC have been looking for a new stadium for years. There's plenty of waste ground in Gateshead but there's no funding. I'd have thought with Rob Grants lineage to farming you're looking at a Berrington Lough type prospect rather than a NSS Manchester.
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    Cook arguably had the very best person in his corner at Rybnik in Courtney, regarding you say inadequate equipment, he had a new Ashley Holloway engine!
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    gaters paradise boring racing !!!
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    It's still a dump though and the racing is still average.
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    So on the 1st of July 2020 the question was raised about a move to another track and it wasn't received very warmly to say the least; however it now seems that it is being embraced with various sites and options being proposed but the main thing being overlooked with all the proposals being put forward is as follows... All free land in the region is now being assessed for housing and that includes land formally thought of as not being suitable for housing; so land previously contaminated; land previously prone to flooding; land on difficult terrain that requires the likes of contiguous piling and land over mine workings and under high voltage lines.... Land and "any land" is now at a premium and the nearer you get to the city centre the more it will command value wise... Brough will be a housing estate within the next 20 years or less for sure... There is contaminated land on a city centre site (by the now empty O2 Arena) and it will cost £350k an acre in "Remediation Works" to sort the contamination issues out so what that means is Remedial Works for investigating, removing, remedying, cleaning up, abating, modifying or ameliorating the presence or effects of any and all "Hazardous Materials" and it will be very costly. This is all before any founds or footings go into the ground and a brick is laid... The costs are astronomical and the only site I can remember in the last 20 years that went on hold was in North Shields on a former hide and tanning site where animals were processed and we found dormant Anthrax spores on the site which at the time proved too costly an exercise to remove to make the site viable. However I was told recently that developers were back looking at the site as the returns on the development were starting to make this a viable site once again. We have been down this route before and discussed this to death just a couple of months back and honestly it will take an awful lot of good will from any of the regions local authorities to make anything happen and who other than a Speedway fan would have a noisy; smelly; dust creating speedway track anywhere near their homes because again we are not talking about one day a week here as Rob Grant wants to develop a training track and hire the place out utilising it to its maximum; so lets get real people its not going to happen around any built up area; on any type of land that could be used first and foremost for housing then secondly for job creation developments like a trading estate. So we are back looking at areas where noise; smell; dust creation traffic and crowds wont be an issue and with reasonable traffic links... and this leads us back to the likes of the outskirts of Cramlington; Blyth; Gloucester Sports Field near Seaton Sluice; Bedlington or on the way out of Newcastle on the A69 to the back end of Throckley which is the very outskirts of Newcastle or possibly on the Tyne Tunnel Approach Road at the back of the SUEZ recycling and recovery UK plant in Willington Quay which is in North Tyneside or how about at the other site ARC own in the area "High Gosforth Park" at the race track? they have land that used to be Rugby pitches that are no longer used and it was used for an open air concert just recently. After all the Reuben Brothers said they wanted to invest in Newcastle whilst trying to buy Newcastle United with "Wor Manda" and the "Saudi PIF" However the issues don't stop there as the bigger question should be who will finance the building of the new set up (note I did not say Stadium), I asked the question the last time as to what it cost to set up the likes of Redcar and Scunthorpe without getting any feedback however both are good Speedway set ups... I was told (and I don't know how true it is) that Rob Godfrey spent £150 grand back in the day to set up Scunny which was pretty basic when he first started out but he has successfully added and improved the venue over the last 15/20 years to where it is now. So where does this start up cash come from? and even if it is just £150k to get the ball rolling that's not peanuts by any stretch of the imagination. Finding 12/20 Acres of land is just the start of the problems.. Sorry if it seems I am "scooting on anyone's parade" but this is a big issue for the club; the fans the promotion and the region if they want to keep a Newcastle Speedway team... Regards THJ
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    Couple of riders I recall from my time watching Middlesbrough at Cleveland Park. Both probably fall into the category of 'full potential unrealised'. Mike Smith (maybe lacked the application to go with his natural ability) and Chris Readshaw (maybe lacked the financial backing to provide the decent machinery to complement his natural ability).
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    “Making it” is very subjective of course. I’d suggest that making it is fulfilling high potential. Lewis Bridger is certainly one who never made it, he had the potential to be a GP rider. Josh Auty was British Speedway’s great white hope when he was cleaning up in the British Under-15s, arguably he should have had a much better career than he has had. At the top end of the scale Darcy Ward should have been a world champion regardless of what you think of him as a person. His attitude appeared to have improved before the injury that ended his career and who knows what would have happened following that.
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    For me Craig Cook doesn’t have “all the ability”. I’ve always thought him a bit upright and stiff on the bike and reliant on his gating, certainly not a flexible and natural bike handler or dynamic overtaker like Darcy Ward, Scott Nicholls or Chris Harris, and that’s why he hasn’t done so well in Poland, combined with a lack of experience and inadequate equipment for very big and fast tracks.
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    Virtual Skid 11 Premieres @ 7pm on Wednesday September 2nd 2020 on the Speedway Portal YouTube Channel in association with Iwade Garage. Rye House 'Rockets' vs Newcastle 'Diamonds'. Former Rockets Track Staff Member Ronnie Piccalo takes charge of the Rockets, with Diamonds Super Fan James Luckman leading the Diamonds. Fans in the Premiere chat room on YouTube will have a chance to win 2 x meeting DVD's used in the meeting courtesy of Ken Burnett from T2TV Media who has supplied the meetings race footage.
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    Yes , I miss the people as well. I can’t explain what it was but there was a sort of cameraderie among the fans that I never experienced at Hackney for example. There was just something among the fans that seemed to gel. I though Coventry had a nice feel to as well and I miss going there.
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    It's the people at Arena i miss. Yes it was a dump, and a poxy place to get to for us fans south of the river. With Rye gone as well, it's pretty bleak for speedway fans in that neck of the woods.
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    Virtual Skid 10 Premieres @ 7:30pm on Thursday August 27th 2020 on the Speedway Portal YouTube Channel in association with Iwade Garage. Isle of Wight 'Wightlink Warriors' vs Cradley 'Heathens'. Former Warrior & Current Wizards rider Jamie Sealey takes charge of the Warriors, with his brother and mechanic Lewis Sealey leading the Heathens. Fans in the Premiere chat room on YouTube will have a chance to win 2 x meeting DVD's used in the meeting.
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    You just disqualified from being considered worth reading. Disgusting and stupid behaviour, and not the first. Keep taking the tabloids. I am not advocating ignoring the problem, just approaching it with a grain of intelligence, clearly too much to ask from you. Good luck finding someone else to argue with. In a properly moderated forum you'd be well on your way by now.

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