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    I find it odd people jumping on the wagon to jump on young James, poor guy has moved country at the age of 16 is on tracks hes never rode before what are you expecting from a first season. He won his first ride at scunny the other day so got his 3 points job done. He would have won his first heat last night however got a puncture. Its still only his had 2 home meeting , id hate to work for some off you lot , youd be sacked after your second day. I personally think middle to end of season he will be on 5-7 points at home. Keep the faith and get behind your riders.
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    James Pearson is still only 16years old. He needs as many rides as he can get. I have criticised LR may times in the past about some of his decisions, but i am with him on this one giving JP his 4 races. If the match was in danger of a home defeat it would have been different. Brummies won
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    In the way that you are critical of what you call right wing comments that I don't see as being so, as with Addio, I just don't see him as particularly right wing. I suspect our idea of what we would consider central is quite different, in my opinion both Labour and Conservative have taken up more central positions in the past couple of decades (apart from Corbyn) and in truth there is often very little to choose between the two. I would say that the Conservatives have moved further left than Labour have right though and where they sit now would have been central a few decades ago. I read your posts as suggesting that you would rather see a government that moved further left than they currently are, Communism is an exaggeration I accept but I was just making a point. Certainly the difference between a Blair and Cameron government wasn't much and even with Johnson and Starmer I think the way they would actually run the country rather than be the opposition wouldn't be so very different. I voted Conservative at the last election because I couldn't imagine anybody being less effective than Corbyn not because I thought Johnson was any good, just the better of two poor options. In a similar way I could never vote for Starmer but so untrustworthy is our political establishment generally these days I suspect I won't vote at all next time and I have always been a firm believer in using your right to vote. The only thing that might get me to vote is the fear of Labour wasting even more of our money than the Tories have managed to. I do think that anybody who thinks one party is any more honest than the other is kidding themselves.
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    Have you been to Plymouth to actually see the racing there first hand? I'm not a Plymouth supporter but went there for the very first time on Tues vs Poole. Hardly a 'toy track' when you see the breathtaking racing that it produces even tho it's small. Tracks are not about the size but how they are shaped to produce quality racing. I would say you need bigger balls to ride that track than say a Sheffield. The riders are closer together so if one rider comes off it's likely more will follow like dominoes. Toy track, nonsense!
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    1 by the starting gate but a couple of right mingers on bend 4
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    I witnessed his dad getting hit by someone in the pits but I suppose the Newcastle promotion and fans don’t want to talk about that part. Winditin Winditon
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    anyway nice to see the brummies get there season up and running with a decent win
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    * figures taken from wemadethisup.com
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    Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost, or sadly not in this case…. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-chicken-prices-boris-johnson-b2071393.html
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    Maybe tracks that can’t get their floodlights to work should also just be training tracks
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    I'm absolutely shocked to hear that, Kester. Blumpet's figures are normally so reliable because s/he gets them first hand from some bloke who heard them from someone's uncle whose cousin's girl friend's aunt's mother-in-law's first husband was talking to a bloke down the pub who saw something like them on Twitter once, though he couldn't quite remember the actual figures but thought they were something like that. So you can't get much more reliable than that.
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    These 'works' seem to have come at a very convenient time. Reminds me of a Cradley v Wolves match that was called off due to a 'waterlogged track' . One of my mates lived in Dudley and we thought might as well go for a drink as we were going to be out anyway. Passed by the track to have a look, dry as a bone. The fact that Hancock and Hamill had missed their flights back to the UK was a pure coincidence.
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    Well done to all for achieving first home win this season. Sorry,I can't make the 140 mile round trip to support the team whilst there are folk who think loyal supporters of speedway(and have been for many years) are classed as 'keyboard warriors'. Who gives a flying from posts on Brummies Speedway Forum whos birthday it is or whos grass has been cut during the off season and if anyone has a day off work to take a rider to an airport No disrespect to those who have taken on the challenge to put the Brummies on track for 2022.Those folk who have put their money where their mouths are deserve our ultimate respect
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    Do you really think that anyone is going to take any advice from you, Wolfie, apart from the Blumpet conglomerate that is?
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    Wouldn’t have moved King from 5 either personally. Once Riss has been moved to 2 he probably thought Barker and Batchelor as a pair at 3 and 4 looked a bit iffy so moved King in there. I prefer keeping things simple, Barker at 2, Riss and Batchelor 3 and 4 and King at 5. Although certainly an argument for Riss at 5 on current form. Only one man’s opinion matters though at the end of the day. Perhaps Hawkins is far more of a tactical genius than any of us gave him credit for
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    As long as everyone - especially Danny - keeps clear of Barker's 'rodeo' bike, all should be well!!
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    The bad weather probably affected the flights into Netherton International.....
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    Ace has broken fingers, so didn’t want to risk falling off and hurting himself, as the Bullets have a meeting tonight that he wanted to be fit for. As for the silencer, there was something very wrong with it, it had a crack in it, but there was no proof as to when that was done, and was obvious that it wasn’t done to cheat.
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    Second half was cancelled due to the Berwick juniors not wanting to ride, nothing to do with the goings on in the pits. I did witness Newcastle fans shout abuse at all the Berwick riders and promotion, so if a couple Berwick guys gave some back, then fair game in my opinion, as it was the Newcastle fans that started the verbal abuse… as usual.
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    Me, You, and the vast majority of fans I would say.... A huge opportunity I would think over the next couple of years for the sport over here when (if) Poland release the riders to ride in more leagues. .. The top league has to be seen as "the flagship" in any sport so getting plenty of top two division riders from Poland over here into the teams (with top GP stars included) will be almost like a "new start" for the sport.. In the interim, having the likes of Doyle, Fricke, NKI, Holder, Kurtz, and Zagar over here means the top league has some "top talent" that doesn't also ride Div 2 so there is some demarcation.... The more the merrier, and the better the sport will be...
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    As I see it a riders job is to win races or at the very least to beat his opposite number, a managers job is to make sure his team wins then to make sure the opposition takes no league points, surely thats what the Sport is all about it is after all a competitive Sport if not then there is no point in competing, instead we should just play tiddly winks.
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    No the signed a rider on a 28 day contract which the BSPA approved. Do you honestly think that the BSPA didn't expect BV to replace that rider. Stop digging that hole.
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    There is the ability to choose but it follows two years of misinformation about the risks to various age groups from Covid. For those who look it up rather than blindly follow government advice and mainstream media it seems entirely reasonable to ask why they are even thinking about vaccinating children. I've yet to see any sensible argument in favour of it at all.
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    My 10 year old too. Same result. Bloke at work today had his 13 and 11 year olds jabbed yesterday , was openly bragging about it. I had no words so didn’t bother saying anything

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