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  1. OGT

    Birmingham Wheels

    Wasn't there plans for a national speedway museum on the site too, Brian? Incidentally, I went there about 4 years ago for a stox meeting and it hadn't changed a bit since the speedway closed in 86.
  2. OGT

    Killing the sport

    TBF, it's normally the test rider who'll get the ride as part of his contract.
  3. Well I pay my £6.99 per month for Disco+ and for that I get Eurosport's excellent coverage of British and World Superbikes, SGP (hit and miss I know) and this nonsense. I think an air fence would make darts more interesting, BTW
  4. Birmingham has fallen out of love with speedway before, in the days when the sport was immeasurably more popular than it is now and at times when there were hardly any other attractions to spend your money on. The demographic of the city is vastly different to how it was 60, 50, 40 years ago. It's no surprise it's struggling now. Unfortunately.
  5. There were two number ones, Smart and Price.
  6. Fair play to him for taking the sport seriously I suppose.
  7. And there was me thinking Blose fans knew everything about the Vile. Oh well https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2022/may/03/season-tickets-for-2022-23-coming-soon/ https://www.worldfootball.net/attendance/eng-premier-league-2021-2022/1/
  8. Ha ha, brilliant. I officially apologise on Villa's behalf for only being to fit 41,000 fans in for a home game with 20,000 fans on the season ticket waiting list.
  9. Loving the "Oi, come back with my bike!" mural.
  10. 40 years ago today we lost Zdenek Kudrna who succumbed to his injuries sustained at Stadskanaal the previous day. RIP.
  11. Checks thread title. Yep, definitely says Birmingham Brummies 2022.
  12. That's the key, one swallow doesn't make a summer after all. Hopefully he'll improve his average at least.
  13. Probably because the work's behind schedule and the clock's ticking down. More workers coming in, price goes up.
  14. Blimey, take a bow, Brummies.
  15. I get that, but loyalty wears thin when the team isn't quite as attractive as you first thought or were lead to believe. Speedway isn't a charity and times are bloody hard for a lot of people. And times for the club have just been made even harder.

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