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  1. Memories good and bad.!!

    Yes Sid, it was Kermit because of his green leathers. An exciting little rider to watch, always gave 100%. I recall him being thrown out of the 4TT finals at Monmore in 1980 due to successive first bend "incidents". At the final meeting of the Brummies' 1980 season, there was a demonstration of MX bikes in the interval. Zdenek promptly slung his leg over one and proceeded to wheelie it round the track, taking the corners speedway style, firstly the right way around and then the opposite way, still broadsiding it perfectly. A proper character and sadly missed. RIP ZK.
  2. Memories good and bad.!!

    Good stuff First meeting Cradley v Swindon 1970 Second Meeting Cradley v Hackney the following week. Heathens' fans stoning Garry Middleton's Mercedes when he tried to leave early First meeting at Perry Barr 1971 Arthur Browning's max in his first meeting for Brum in 1972 Mal Corradine riding in a plaster cast 1972 Mick Hines in 1973 The double in 1974, Just the team, fantastic bunch, brilliant times NNL champs in 75, sponsored walk (pub crawl) for Keith White 1978, Czech touring team at Stoke, utterly bonkers! First time I saw Zdenek Kudrna race. 1980, Zdenek joins Brum, fantastic. My ultimate sporting hero 1981 KOC final, ran Ipswich close with a rag tag and bobtail team Last World Final at Wembley, a great occasion, even though Penhall won (joking) 1982 Zdenek returns to Brummies. The sheer joy of watching Jason Lyons in action Bad times The debacle of Brum's debut year in GOBL 1976. Chris Morton fencing Alan Grahame. We knew. Losing Zdenek in 1982, a real low point both personally and for the club Finishing at the Ladbroke in 1983 The reality of the Wheels stadium, not good. Decent racing in 85, but in 86, well........ Seeing Joey Owen seriously injured 1985
  3. Broadslide

    I was given this for Christmas and I have to say, it's a terrific read. The surprise for me was seeing a photo from the indoor speedway in Wolverhampton in the closed season of 1971/2. I remember my old friend Derek Timms telling me about it, as I recall he rode in it himself. There's a wonderful picture of Arthur Browning trailing Chris Harrison. Is there anyone out there who attended this meeting?
  4. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Indeed, but Birmingham is the 2nd city, that's the difference.
  5. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Wilf O'Reilly and Cat Deeley?
  6. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    I reckon it's Wilf O'Reilly and Cat Deeley. But what do I know,
  7. A wounded Robin is a dangerous animal. Talking of dangerous, how will they cope with the most terrifying track in the world on Wednesday? Well done to Wolves and good luck in the 2nd leg.
  8. Against the Big A, for old time's sake
  9. I'd throw Middlo in there, literally!
  10. Problem on a night like tonight is there are too many inexperienced riders out there trying too hard and riding way beyond their current ability. It's an accident waiting to happen, especially with these modern bikes. Hope Thorsell is okay, BTW.
  11. Well, Birmingham's previous demises have been anything but dignified. The broken promises of 83 and the sink without trace in 86. Shame. I hope something can be agreed for them to run next year, Cradley too, for the diehards' sake at least.
  12. I would have thought that EFI and plug and play engine control units would have made setting up the bikes a whole lot easier.
  13. Back in the 4-valve revolution days, fans waited with baited breath to hear which of their riders had raised enough cash for a Street conversion or were lucky enough to acquire a Weslake. Later on it was 4-valve Jawas, then Goddens. there was a section in one of Briggo's books in the 70s about all the different types of engines used during the decade, including Egon Muller's old Lantenhamer (sp?) JAPs. In the "olden" days things were a lot more interesting than now, it hasn't always been this boring engine wise. Tuners have been around for years and yes, some of us did pay attention way back.
  14. Watched the meeting tonight and the first thing that struck me was the standard of the 2 teams. A few years ago this would have been a Premier League encounter. What is going on with the sport?
  15. Cardiff 2017

    Yes But I guess people who think Last of the Summer Wine is the funniest sitcom ever would say no.