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  1. OGT

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    He did, I watched the documentary.
  2. OGT

    No change next year?

    I bet the winner can't be at the ceremony and they have to bring someone else in!
  3. 4 guests and R/R says it all really. Sadly
  4. Ooh yes, not long now, Allez x3
  5. Friday night was Motocross night
  6. What would these riders have made of the Wheels, 1986 vintage?
  7. OGT

    Electric Speedway

    If they turned up in Brum, the track would disappear way before midnight.
  8. You'll find that in BSB for example, a lot of fans make a weekend of it by camping at the circuit from Friday/ Saturday until Sunday. Many will follow the series around the country too. Obviously a good proportion of fans are also motorcyclists, following their favourite rider, manufacturer or team. Then of course you have your locally based fans attending the whole weekend. Could never see speedway fans supporting two day events in this way and in those numbers TBH. Motorcycle racing fans and speedway supporters are different gravy.
  9. *Coughs* Andy Grahame, Birmingham and Milton Keynes. 1979.
  10. OGT

    Is Emil Right In What He Says?

    Derek Timms once told me about a rider who gave his engine to someone claiming to be a tuner. It was a set up by some of his team mates as he was constantly moaning about his bike. The "tuner" did nothing more than polish the casings, cylinder and barrel so the engine had a mirror finish. The guy fell for it and claimed it was a lot faster than it was before!
  11. I have to say, Brady Kurtz's fuel cap is a lovely shade of blue.
  12. Grand Prix. Poor Ruthless. Poor Track. Poor Coverage. Poor Simon Stead's shirt. Very Poor.
  13. OGT

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    Maybe, just maybe, the IOW will be the norm and everything else will be the circus.......

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