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  1. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Are Poole’s team changes fair?

    There ultimately financial fair play rules though in football so not unlimited/unchecked
  2. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Again this does not relate to the original postponement but the withdrawal of any Friday availability
  3. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Didnt say THAT Friday - I said A Friday The reason Fridays have been shelved for Worky is supposedly as too many teams are riding yet a Sunday is agreed when Peterborough have a double header and presumably Newcastle also have a meeting Nothing to do with Scunny being back at full strength by then......??
  4. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Wallinger will get no grief from the crowd. All are fully aware he is very unlikely to get a point and will respond accordingly
  5. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Im sure it will get a good bashing if it arrives
  6. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    British Tracks - Can your local track be improved?

    Ipswich no unless stock cars were to move out
  7. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    And how is that better than a Friday? Peterborough have a double header that day!!
  8. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Good luck to Connor - very pleased to see him pick up another club so quickly even if 'home' is the same track
  9. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    TOPGUN at Sheffield 19/7/18

    Wheres the one for Mission Impossible? General Speedway section???
  10. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Just waiting for the right time to announce Belle Vue and Somerset have been given permission to use Fridays perhaps.......
  11. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    There are worse rules than that in place so why not
  12. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Lets hope neither side finishes with any less too.....
  13. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    That does happen to an extent - although it is not the full assessed average that is retained The average cannot drop below 4
  14. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Its a disgraceful situation
  15. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Workington 2018 .

    How ridiculous to have the 2 sides from a 3 team group in a semi final together
  16. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Watch out Wallingers coming to get ya!
  17. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    Riss has had some reasonably impressive outings at Foxhall and Garcia looked competitive on his recent visit. Both can be entertaining. That combination improves the chances of a home win and provides a chance of some entertainment which will be what the majority want to be persuaded to turn up the next week. 90% 0f fans don't give 2 hoots what happens away
  18. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2019

    Far too early and if you start to show your hand then history shows others will use it to shaft you at the AGM! Unfortunately despite the position the sport finds itself I don't have great confidence that such self interest will not continue
  19. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    an unequivocal YES Id say Connor has had a fair go and I think it is with some reluctance that the decision has been made. The play offs this year are at best an outside chance and if we are to miss out then the next priority must be to enhance home results to maintain the home crowd This is why Garcia is seen as a better option as Connors home average is only 2.50 (away is 4) (Danyon is the opposite - home 4.5 away 1.5) With Danyon out and only 2 point replacement possible I can understand why the balance needed to be addressed (or at least attempt to address) Had Danyon scored just 4 more points from the 77 rides in his rolling average then Garcia could've been a direct like for like replacement - that's how tight the difference is between having to make the change this way Connor is indeed unfortunate in many ways and I endorse that we should 'back the Brits' but that needs to be a league directive and whilst that is not the rule changes such as this have to be considered
  20. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    Agree with that - I see it more as a taster to prove just that and then have a full winter to prepare as best as possible accordingly
  21. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    I thought the cut off was the 12th and where you need to gives 3 days to be effective it was too early with his birthday on the 11th I corrected it soon after when it was confirmed the cut of off is the 12th to be effective from the 15th
  22. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    Whilst a little underwhelming (the Danny situation is more of an issue but there simply isnt anyone at that level) it is at worst like for like Riss will be at least as productive than the Haertel/Jeppesen position even at his lower level performance and could pick up significantly Garcia will be more consistent than Connor at home and I think its this that the promotion are concentrating on With all due respect to Wallinger there must have been beter options. No pressure and no expectations and I hope he enjoys the experience Im sure Connor will get fixed up and in fairness I think with a home track that isnt Foxhall he could benefit from it in the long run. He certainly leaves with the best wishes of the vast majority
  23. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    No - Garcia 4 Connor 3.7ish
  24. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

  25. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2018

    Good to see - long may it continue and for the Witches too

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