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  1. Debbi

    Jason Garrity

    I seem to remember when Ward got banned for alcohol in his system at the Latvian GP, there were a couple of riders who said then what they should be testing for more often is drugs. As certain drugs make you lose you inhibitions leading to crazy and dangerous riding that will/has caused serious injuries (sound familiar?). How do they even find out when random tests are taking place I thought that was the whole idea of being random, maybe we need to go the same way as athletics and other professional sports, miss x tests you get an automatic ban.
  2. Couldn't agree more! The impact he took To his head & neck are red flags, then add that he has discomfort! He may want to represent his country but god forbid the worst that could happen from a wrong move, rut in track etc. Rosco should step in and make him have a proper assessment!
  3. Surely if you were Lynch u wouldn't have put Bjerre in the rerun!
  4. Why does Kelvin think that it is acceptable to put the opposition through the fence but not your team mate?! The amount of times he has said that he can only think that Riss did not realise it was his teammate. You do NOT fence a rider regardless of who they are or who they ride for!
  5. "As for the track yes its bumpy. Has been for a while. Its called home advantage and one of the reasons I believe Its not removed." Really try telling that to a rider who has problems with a head/neck injury that still rode the track but left in an ambulance. Astounding really that as a tv spectator it was obvious that Hans was dazed let alone him admitting he couldn't turn his head, even IF it was Hans choice to continue, the management should not have allowed him to race- thought this would be the team most aware of the possible outcomes of this type of injury.
  6. I may be wrong, but I thought Poole want to hold this meeting every season, the way the fans have been treated tonight how many of the fans tonight will remember this and not turn out again to support Darcy! Surely common sense says give something back to the fans who have not got what they pay for as it was not fit for purpose. People are turning their backs on speedway and if you are going to treat the paying public like this what else do you expect?
  7. What idiot tries to open the pit gate when there is an injured rider laid against it FFS! No wonder KK kicked at it!
  8. Has found two sponges in the two fuel tanks that he used at Cardiff, has asked if anybody wants to talk to him as they were not put there by him or his team! Kelvin says this would have caused problems Chris says he doesn't think so and doesn't buy it calling it "sponge bob gate", this could be one to watch, either way someone has put it in the tank!
  9. How does Sundstrom get away with that?! He was the instigator in that. Feel sorry for Jarek poor guy was just a passenger in that and had no chance.
  10. Taken from Bjarne's website: - Bjarne Pedersen has decided to stop his english season in Leicester Lions. - The decision was easy, but I am sad that I dissapoint the club and the supporters. I have to think about myself and the rest of the season, tells Bjarne. - All the way I have been in good dialogue with Leicester, and I informed them five weeks ago, so that they could find a substitution, says BP. So who is telling the truth Bjarne 5 weeks notice or Leicester only a couple of days?
  11. That's exactly what I thought when it was first mentioned - Kenny wouldn't have a chance!
  12. Quick question does the silly gardening at the tapes whilst still on a bike still exist? If so why has nobody told the riders or ref at Lynn?
  13. I don't believe that Kildemand had engine problems he proved that in heat 13 when he did the same again and pulled off the track but there didn't appear to be a problem with the bike when he was doing practice starts on the concrete. He didn't look interested which was a shame. Hope Rory's shoulder isn't to bad - it's a shame after all the time and effort that he had put into removing the beard that a trip to hospital stopped it from happening!
  14. Debbi

    Darcy Ward

    Didn't stop him last year in the restaurant and bar of the hotel in daugavpils, he was staying in the same hotel as the travel plus group! It was commented on then that he was in the bar 'til 2 in the morning!

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