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    I thought that was one of the worst GP's ever, the track was an absoloute disgrace, who ever prepared should be sacked. I dont think I saw one passing move in the first 12 heats other than a mistake because of the ruts. If Olsen thinks that sort of track is what is required he wants sacking. Truly dreadful
  2. bigcatdiary

    Tactical Ride / Tactical Substitutes Poll.

    The whole tactical ride thing should be scrapped, along with the guest rider rule. Dreadful, both of them, holds this sport back from being taken seriously. Unfortunately its the BSPA who decided these things and they dont want to scrap either.
  3. bigcatdiary

    Hans Andersen

    Perhaps I can help you, NL is your wife, I didnt realise you had split up again.
  4. bigcatdiary

    Hans Andersen

    The press release for this story stated that Mick Bratley was Peterborough Co Promoter and advisor to Hans Andersen. If the Daily Mirror want to interpret that as manager, then thats up to them. Anyway why would a Reading sponsor be so interested, are you so fed up with putting the boot into Colin Horton that you now have switched tactics to stabbing Mick Bratley in the back. Or is the real reason that maybe you're just bitter that Peterborough withdrew their proposal of team sponsorship to you this season because they decided they did not need the hassle from a two bob lift company. I see the spelling hasnt improved yet
  5. bigcatdiary

    Hans Andersen

    I wouldnt take everything you read in the Daily Mirror as gospel, its not known for its accuracy is it, secondly every promoter in speedway is involved with his riders and is clearly biased towards his riders, It goes with the job. Promoters are always in the pits, its required under the rules, certainly in the UK anyway. Try a different daily it might help with the spelling
  6. I heard that Kings Lynn have bought the airfence from Oxford
  7. I think he means Speedway was started in Australia
  8. bigcatdiary

    Gp 3 Eskilstuna May 26

    It doesnt really matter where the GP is being staged because the man responsible for its state is Ole Olsen While he is GP Director in charge of track preperation it will be slick, slick and more slick.
  9. bigcatdiary

    Gp 3 Eskilstuna May 26

    Yeh brilliant he only mentioned that Zagar was 5 times slovenian champion about 15 times. The mans got to go
  10. bigcatdiary

    Danny Bird Fails Drugs Test

    Very good steve, but I bet Craig Watson wouldnt find it very amusing
  11. bigcatdiary

    Greg Hancock - Gear Stolen?

    Perhaps because his first wife was from Sheffield
  12. Peterborough's isnt its written by the local evening telegraph speedway reporter Mark Plummer
  13. More fool you, I sit in the stand you know the big thing with 2,300 seats in it. I rarely get hit by shale
  14. Not so sure I agree with all of that 1. The racing wasnt to bad 2. Spectating at this place is still dire, their are very few seats and if you stand on the bends you end up wearing half the track by the end of the meeting. One of the Lynn fans told me they are doing up the place, I have been going since 1970 it shouldnt take 37 years, I dont like standing on uneven earth banks. 3. If you are not allowed to take your own food and drink into the place, then it should be clearly advertised on the media releases. 4. £3 for a programme is fair enough for this sort of event, but it should have included the Consolation Final and space for the many changes. And whilst on the subject of changes if these events are to be taken seriously again someone should remind the competing riders to be more professional. Five changes to the riding order is a total disgrace, David Norris, Kris Kasprzak, Janusz Kolodziej, Ales Dryml and Robert Miskowiak all failed to show and were replaced with a variety of second strings and reserves. Yes I am quite sure some of those missing were genuine, I am also quite sure some of them were not. Lastly well done to Bjarne Pedersen did very well to pass McGowan in the final, especially as he received absolutely no help whatsover from his partner Jason Crump who was out of the gate and gone.
  15. bigcatdiary

    Rules Please Help

    Yep down to Jason saying no
  16. Interesting race format but I think for a 5 man race the poionts should be 4-3-2-1-0 as only 3 riders off 15 metres, actually were able to get through the field into scoring positions, Andersen, Lindgren & Karlsson.
  17. bigcatdiary

    Lmao At Millard

    It would ne nice if he got it right occasionally but he doesnt, Millard is embarassing sky should get rid
  18. bigcatdiary

    Attendances For British Gp

    Having attended Cardiff for the last 5 years I have found it more expensive every year, Its bad enough that BSI rip us off without the hotels getting in on the act We have booked to go to Germany for the last GP and with flights, hotel & tickets, its just as cheap if not cheaper than going to Cardiff. If you do it yourself and its not differcult, its works out about half what reputed speedway travel clubs charge.
  19. If they took over the store Ronnie Russell had, it must be a lot of shale because he never put it on the track
  20. bigcatdiary

    A Date For Your Dairies

    Have to agree with the general consensus, I thought it was pretty poor. They even showed the same clips again at different times, the only good bit was the last 3 heats of the play off final.
  21. bigcatdiary

    All The News From The Conference

    I must be honest that thought had crossed my mind as well
  22. bigcatdiary

    Conference - Cvs Proposals

    Spot on, what an excellent post
  23. I agree fully with the above comments, Look forward to watching him progress again next year
  24. bigcatdiary

    Latvia 2006

    I thought the GP was one of the worse this year, the track was an absolute disgrace, do the organisers actually want to see racing. Anyone watching that for the first time wouyld have switched off, its pains me to say it but I agree with Shovlar, It certainly looked like Hancock had 2 wheels over the white line

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