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    I'd suggest every one of those riders is either injury prone, unwilling to ride Championship or on their way down. If Liebman had been signed and frozen out a genuine British youngster who is ready for the challenge then fair enough but I don't think that's the case. I think she is one of the most exciting signings of the winter, along with Worky's other two new ones!
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    He only beat Bowes and West. Rew and Kurtz fell off in his heats. Although the only other rider in the field you'd possible expect him to beat was Etheridge.
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    Add Workington and Scunthorpe to your list
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    He wont be an asset for Glasgow because he's owned by Belle Vue.
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    Any track can be difficult for the first visit though, places like Berwick, Edinburgh and Plymouth are pretty unique in shape and take a bit of learning. That said if Rew was the last signing rather than Vissing I'd be more excited as a Worky fan, but would be slightly concerned at going to some circuits with five debutants.
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    Rew might improve as a rider over the season but will he surpass Vissing, who I think I better now. For example Rew has a 6.00 converted Champ ave based on his 4.00 Prem ave, which is because he can't drop below 4.00 - averaged 3.74 in 2023. Whereas Vissing has a rolling ave of 6.24, despite his 2023 form of 7.07 (8.00 home / 6.19 away). I still can't believe Glasgow dropped Vissing & would love Workington to sign him & so he can top score for a Comets away win at Ashfield. I can dream lol!
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    You don't want too many riders going to tracks for the first time though. A bit of experience to go alongside the top two is pretty important.
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    Exciting times at Oxford this season, who wouldn't want to watch Bomber, Maciej and Charles Wright every week, might be tempted to visit myself and watch the occasional Premiership meeting.
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    Looking at the field 4 points for Pearson is the most you could expect from a 4.1 Champ rider. So his first meetings performance is especially good. While it will be tougher stepping up to second string for the first time, the potential is there.
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    It's a forum, are you suggesting people who have no inside knowledge shouldn't give their opinions / ideas on the final 2 riders? We'd be on page 2 not page 62, if only allowed to state facts not theories.
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    I didn’t see any comments about him being a HL - we have 3 very capable HL - lets put this into perspective - he is 18, 2 years only on a 500, was a number 6 last year and scored very well for Plymouth, he has had a very good start to his Aussie season racing against premiership and SGP riders in the Aussie title. Totally holding his own and scoring above expectations - taking some very good scalps along the way. Leave the kid alone and let him develop. If we do that he may well be a very good asset for Glasgow. And I know for a fact Poole also wanted him but he wanted Glasgow, so lets get behind him and support him.
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    Maybe not let’s say past glory. Better?.
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    I've never known her to be 'negative' about anything and she's one of the most chilled members on this site.
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    Yes. Some peak early and never become what people think they will become. There are many examples of this throughout history.
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    If I were a Bandits fan, I would be excited about that team. Change in approach from their usual team building. If all the riders get dialled in at home should be looking to make play offs.
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    Plenty of room for interested spectators, come down to sunny Cumbria and join them, we will gladly take your admission money off you
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    On a the negative side the black and gold will lose a few quid without them.
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    Irrespective of how the season turns out,it’s refreshing to see a Bandits Team with riders who are young and might improve as opposed to journeyman riders.Good Luck to them
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    Who said that? That's absolute nonsense Lisa, was pointed out he had a decent meeting. But it's a bad day when beating a prem number 1 and getting slated for it. Based on his experience 4 points is about his level, especially as had to work for his when bowes and west were gifted most of theirs by retirements!
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    Good little rider Pearson I wish he was still with us.
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    I'd go for Rowe.
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    Last rider surely between Anders Rowe Claus Vissing Hans Andersen
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    What I've seen of anders Rowe Id not be too worried Infant id rather have him than batch
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    Anders Rowe imo.
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    And Bachelor's name will resonate more with the "old teams'" followers than someone they may never have heard of.. They can advertise him a an "ex GP rider, who has been twice on the rostrom, Twice World Cup Silver medalist, and a former Elite League and Australian Champion". which can only help get some interest..

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