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  1. Fozzie4388

    SEC European Championships 2024

    Adam Ellis and Jack Smith riding in Debrecan. I guess no other British rider fancied it or British speedway don't.
  2. Fozzie4388

    SEC European Championships 2024

    Poland have announced their nominations Woryna - Debrecen Hampel - Mureck Przemyslaw and Janowski - Stralsund Cierniak and Piotr - Krsko
  3. Has there been a stockcar meeting at the track by any chance this weekend?
  4. Fozzie4388

    Plymouth v Scunny - KO Cup 2nd Leg

    The Updates are still looking a texter for this meeting - if you can help, please let me know! Thanks
  5. The Updates are still looking a texter for this meeting - if you can help, please let me know! Thanks
  6. Redcar Agilia Bears 1- Danny King 8.41 2- Jonas Knudsen 5.39 3- Connor Bailey 5.23 4- Jason Edwards 4.55 5- Charles Wright (c) 7.80 6- Jake Mulford 3.06 7- Ben Trigger 2.08 TM – Gavin Parr Scunthorpe Scorpions 1 Kyle Howarth 7.76 2 Connor Mountain 5.28 3 Simon Lambert 5.87 © 4 Michael Palm Toft 7.01 5 Jake Allen 7.16 6 Jack Smith (G) 7 Luke Harrison 2.00 TM – David Howe
  7. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2024

    He's already on the Green sheets on Speedway GB website in the National league so wouldn't be surprising
  8. Fozzie4388

    Scuntffield 2024

    At Least Smith will be number 1 its a lot better than some teams who are trying to develop a 32 year old at reserve
  9. Fozzie4388

    12.4.2024 - Scunny vs Plymouth KOC

    Anders Rowe according to preview on Scunny site
  10. I'd email the club gail.godfrey@btconnect.com and explain the situation i'm sure Rob and his wife will help you.
  11. Fozzie4388

    TV coverage for 2024

    According to the folks on BSN, Eurosport are showing 18 fixtures over the season
  12. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Hopefully the Scorpions Riders engines have better reliability then the Buses do
  13. Fozzie4388

    Winter Meetings

    Jan Gravesen won the Kenny Smith Memorial meeting I remember that was like a mud bath and very winter ISH conditions. Scott Nicholls had a hissy fit and left after 2 of his rides. https://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/7360/kenny-smith-memorial-scunthorpe-2010
  14. Fozzie4388

    Scuntffield 2024

    Kean Dicken announcing news tomorrow. Scunthorpe usually announce their news on Thursdays Maybe I'm putting 2+2 together here
  15. Fozzie4388

    Championship Predictions 2024

    Honestly Edinburgh 8th and Plymouth 9th but the other 7 could be in any order, Quite like the look of Berwick. Poole and Glasgow will be up there as they always are. Scunthorpe and Oxford look solid. Workington anything could happen with them depending how their newbies go on and Whether Cook can return to his best. Then there's Redcar and honestly imo i don't think they'll be as good as people are expecting but we will see

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