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  1. Fozzie4388

    Oxford vs Middlesbrough - Sat 19th May

    That would be the same Jamie Etherington who was riding in the Kent/Lakeside meeting at Kent on Sunday
  2. Bailey was there last week with Redcar was Garbage scored 2 from 4 rides he beat Jason Garrad Oxfords Number 8 and then got another point by finishing 3rd in a 3 rider race
  3. Believe the Thompson's are riding in a SGP2 qualifier the same day
  4. The Fraud Australian who stole money off people by holding a farewell meeting then coming back to race been rewarded a place in the BRITISH Final yet again. Good old BRITISH Speedway
  5. He's now withdrawn from the meeting, So Maybe he isn't fit after all. Plymouth really need to sign someone else.
  6. Covatti's riding today in Germany (GP Qualifier) so if he doesn't ride in this he probably never will for Plymouth
  7. Edwards won't be racing he said last night on BSN his plan return is at Sheffield next Thursday night
  8. Fozzie4388

    SEC European Championships 2024

    Surprise surprise the 3 foreigners stealing a living in British speedway take the 3 spots on the podoum
  9. Anyone going to this meeting that could possibly help with the texting side of things. Our usual texter is not sure of his attendance and the back-up has decided to swan off to Warsaw for the weekend Thanks in advance
  10. Will Scunthorpe pull the points back to get the bonus. Ablitt is back according to Social Media posts from the home side, Were as The Comets are arguably stronger with Luke Killeen guesting at Reserve for the Unavailable Celina Leibmann (Personal Reasons) according to Workington's website. Think it will be a comfy home win but not enough for the BP.
  11. Fozzie4388

    Brummies 2024...

    I think Steve Worrall gets away with a lot of criticism, He only ever wins races when he gates he never does anything from the back.
  12. Have Oxford had an average change? Isn't Killeen at reserve with Boughen like he has been all season with Atkins at 2?
  13. The race in Question? Looking at that still picture Mountains front wheel is over the white line, Knudsen's isnt. Poor Refereeing,
  14. The Updates are still looking a texter for this meeting - if you can help, please let me know! Thanks
  15. Fozzie4388

    Leicester v Witches 02/05

    The Updates are still looking a texter for this meeting - if you can help, please let me know! Thanks

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