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  2. As expected, Schlein does the business. Stream worked fine, sound isuue for a few mins but that was my end! Cast it from my phone to the TV and was a great picture. Brennan impressed me most.
  3. 4 -2 of the boys from down under......
  4. Well done to Rory Schlein in winning the British Championship. A nice title to sit with his two ELRC titles.
  5. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    British final 2020

    Well it's been a G'day for British Speedway
  6. steve roberts

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    ...but I admired Mauger and his ability to get the best out of his team mates. Exeter were never favourites on paper to win the League in 1974 but with Ivan's influence on and off the track they managed to do so.
  7. has to be the setup been like that at leszno for a few years now , even szlauderbach tonight was pressing protasiewicz etc
  8. Not posted on Speedway-forum for a few years (apart from a couple in the last half hour re British Final 2020.) but saw the subject about Michael Lee and 40 years on for him being world champion in 1980. Holy Moly I happened to be at the meeting in Ullevi, Sweden on that FRIDAY night. Me and my Coventry teenage mates had booked a Tee-Mill tours trip ( a coach journey from Birmingham And back) essentially to watch our Ole Olsen bring another world championship - alas we also SAW Ole fail to make the world finals - albeit was just a reserve - in his demise at the inter-continental final at White City. en-route to the final we had heard that Finn Thomsen (Wolverhampton) had crashed in practice, broken a leg, and Ole was in. Total bullsh**. So our support had to be moved elsewhere and the next best was to watch Michael win the evening. I so remember walking out of the stadium towards the ‘town’ and hearing Lee-o, Lee-o, Lee-o being sung by the Other English contingent. A spectacular evening with thousands in attendance - beaten I must add to the 2 finals I attended at Wembley By Olsen and Penhall (the Penhall win not the best for a Coventry supporter !) This era was fantastic for a fan of the sport, so many GREATS with many being English - Kenny Carter, Peter Collins, Malcolm Simmons, Dave Jessup, John Louis, of course Michael Lee, Sorry to bore the living daylights out of your all with my memories, but tonight I have enjoyed reliving the good times, this rather than enduring the grief we all encountering with the never ending COVID episode. Stay strong all and stay safe.
  9. There is something about the Leszno track I can’t quite put my finger on, must be bike set up. Home riders are so much faster and can make away riders of greater ability look like novices.
  10. That's interesting, I did consider swapping devices but I thought I'd read that you can only watch on one device and not change. Glad you were at least able to watch, phone screens aren't too bad once you've zoned in.
  11. Wasn't sure about paying for this but after such a rubbish year I've enjoyed watching the youngsters tonight. Not sure I'd keep paying £12 + but it could be a way to go but I'd say about £7 - £8
  12. I gotta say ALL of the "kids" have been really impressive
  13. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2020

    Any 1 watching the updates from belle vue !! The young lions are doing a good job all in the points also the worralls doing ok Richie is going really good as is the old master even tho he's an Aussie mr crump
  14. Today
  15. I used to like the old place. The depot was on a slope using garages as workshops & the run to the track was over cobbles & with a right turn onto the track the turn was very interesting. I was at a few meetings there in the mid 90's. The old East Germany had many tracks at one time sadly most seem to have gone.
  16. chunky

    Peerless Jack Parker

    Quite possible, but my memory isn't THAT good!
  17. So okay, not a fantastic line-up but there is a whole spectrum of talent from seniors (sorry Jason, Chris and Rory) middle order and youngsters. In hindsight, although so many things changing on a minute by minute scale, perhaps a handicap at the gate could have been adopted - just a thought but a massive hats-off to ALL the guys who have made the effort - you a credit to the sport. As for Edward K, you had massive intentions and sorry you not able to attend. Looking forward to March 2021 which can’t come soon enough.
  18. norbold

    Peerless Jack Parker

    You were probably hurling missiles at a dartboard.
  19. Racing getting better now the drizzle stopped
  20. Your response made me smile - not so many of those in the last few months - thanks
  21. You don't have to be "a fan" of someone to fully appreciate their ability. Most of us were never Mauger fans!!!
  22. Polish federation won't give a crap about Swedish league racing
  23. Sorted mine, only change was that I was listening via bluetooth unlike last Thursday, disconnected the headset and the stream is fine now, strange but true.
  24. Any ideas of the restaging date? Iversen obviously due to ride in Sweden Tuesday and Thursday which complicates things this week. Plus the GPs at the weekend.
  25. chunky

    Peerless Jack Parker

    For once, I WASN'T there! Well, I was only 15, and was probably at home in the warm...
  26. My streams been perfect (Probably just jinxed it).
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