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  2. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Are there two better candidates? Maybe it is unlikely, of the two i assume pawlicki would get it. Opening up a spot for Milik? In which case Hampel has to be considered unlucky, given his gp record, losing place due to injuries and form since.
  3. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    So you say with any luck wildcards wouldnt go to two poles but then reccomend giving to the riders who finished fourth, which would mean two poles and two brits?
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  5. The continuing decline of Speedway

    maybe not a sign of the decline in british speedway just your declining interest in it .
  6. Poole 2018

    Clearly havent heard why his visa still hasnt been granted yet then???
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  8. Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    I have not lost any correspondence and incidentally you cannot lose something you never had. As for the dog ate my homework cant say that ever happened to me. Its amazing how the 'keyboard warriors' make a comment and it becomes fact. Why would I single him out I don't even know who he is. As I have said the requests I have had I have processed and any others I receive will be dealt with.
  9. Well spotted, although I would imagine the title of the thread gave you the hint!!
  10. You should have accepted our offer to ride a few weeks ago. Told you we had bike problems and with BWD in your team you would have done us over like you did at our place and you would have qualified. With MC coming back and us starting to get the bikes sorted and Paul hopefully back fit and well I can see us doing something at worky. Don't worry I won't say told you so
  11. Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    Why on earth would you post original tickets in this day and age
  12. No massive expectations for tomorrow night from an Aces point of view unfortunately. Could do with Tungate carrying his speed from Monday into this one, great to watch, especially heat 15 v Iversen and Lambert. Not expecting much from reserve, don't remember Bewley scoring too big here either. Sorry to be a tad negative, prediction 52-38 Rebels. Will be delighted to be proved wrong though.
  13. Edinburgh 2018

    So another rider would have to leave, the swede? And theyd have to find a 2(?)pointer. Luke ruddock looks a prospect and not far to travel
  14. Edinburgh 2018

    Where's Byron Bekker when you need him ?
  15. I'm guessing this is for NBJ? How long is he likely to be out for?
  16. KOC Rye House - Swindon 23.5.18

    Kyle Newman guests for Rye
  17. Would love to attend this function, however due to work commitments this is not possible, Therefore could someone please ask the following question on my behalf. “Did the BSPA invest money in the Gerhard engine” Many Thanks in anticipation
  18. Do you work for nothing and pay staff ?
  19. Edinburgh 2018

    Any facility only lasts for 28 days I believe.
  20. Least I'll save a score + petrol now
  21. You could argue that the prize is qualification, therefore no need to pay the participants.
  22. Edinburgh 2018

    Guests until 11th August !
  23. Must admit I’m guilty of that I have lot of friends in Poole Wolverhampton etc and I tell them it first out of the gate, gate & go stuff with lots of standing around whilst they grade the track with sub standard food etc in the venue. Sometimes think I should shut the f*^% up and let them decide but you know an opportunity missed and all that. Speedway fans like to be honest.
  24. Edinburgh 2018

    Surely his average wouldn't fit?
  25. You might see it, but history would suggest that 2-day speedway meetings aren't well supported. For some reason there's more of culture of it in ice racing, but there's presumably a reason why it doesn't happen much in speedway.
  26. How would those riders be paid for, given that 24 rider fields weren't financially viable before? And you'd still have the problem that the 24 riders would have to be hand-picked, which doesn't improve the current situation much whilst greatly increasing costs. To have a reasonably inclusive field drawing from various national nominations, you really need to have a minimum of 48 riders and that's not going to be financially viable for any organiser, especially those outside of Europe.
  27. Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    It's not libellous until a bench of three judges in a High Court decide that it is. Bear in mind that a valid defence to an accusation of libel is "fair comment". It doesn't matter what identity someone uses in a public forum. Complete red herring. As long as his correspondence to you which you "lost" (a "dog ate my homework" excuse if ever I've heard one) had his proper name, that's all that matters. I'm sure that Brummies_Ste will copy and paste his original letter to you. And I'm sure that if you've got the finances to afford defamation lawyers, you can afford to pay the refund.
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