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  2. Sidney the robin

    How have the young guns done in 2018.?

    Really interesting what you say for most ask Bickley moving to Championship level how difficult is it a big ask.Brennan i have seen only once this year see him as a youth rider but he has real ability a nice style.Jenkins is the same he has had a difficult year this year but he will be fine out of the others i like Rowe and Edwards both can move forward.
  3. Woryna didn’t cost his team. He wasn’t at fault for a puncture. The reason Rybnik failed to make it was the ref, calling back a heat when Robert Lambert moved. Woryna was away and gone with Lambert missing it. In the rerun the home team gated to a 5-1.
  4. Shaggy

    Newcastle 2019

    A shortlist of riders who could very well be seen in a Diamonds jacket next season (my views) Tero Aarnio - Been one of the standout riders this season altogether and a real game changer Ashley Morris - Really settled down since arriving at Brough in 2016 (Not mentioning the Peterborough and Somerset stints in between) Josh Pickering - A wonderful sight to see around Newcastle but would he be tempted to walk from the Monarchs? Danny Phillips - Obviously a very poor season for Danny, but if the point limit is lowered then there could be an opening for him to potentially return Ludvig Lindgren - A lacklustre start to the season especially at home but started to improve as the season was beginning to curtail, should be considered but not as a number 1 Matthew Wethers - A good return season for the Aussie following a year away, capable of being a solid reserve and potentially a number 2 but who knows? Rene Bach - Always a class act since day 1, the offer would have to be a tempting one as he does seem happy over in the West Matej Kus - Really good at home on his day but tends to get opened up to weakness on the away tracks, still can be coverable however Carl Wilkinson - Always someone capable of 5-6 points (minimum) in most cases, looks happy where he is too Lasse Bjerre - Impressive around Newcastle (when he isn't having gremlins) but the question is, will he come back to the UK following the Sheffield altercation? Josh Embleton - One of the wilder thoughts but hear me out. I'm not saying Josh should be in the main squad but as an on-track number 8 (when available home and away) to see how he improves and then considered for 2020 Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen - Someone else who has looked good in his handful of appearances in the North East but is a potential thought Kyle Newman - A former diamond who has been away for 9 years and has improved a hell of a lot since being the 17 year old. Prone to injury and bad luck but if he can keep away from the disasters is capable of being a solid middle order man - home and away B - Named (Likely) I - More unlikely Would love to hear your thoughts
  5. Bavarian

    the 2018 Baltic Speedway League

    St.Petersburg only have a very basic dirt track oval (next to a mx course) where thy are practising, but there is no proper speeway track/stadium there to stage a meeting. They have ridden their Baltic League home meeting at Riga. Daugavpils Juniors were the best team througout and won four of the five rounds for the inaugural Baltic League Championship. The Ukrainian club Rivne only rode in the opening round but didn't show up for any of the other meetings.
  6. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd
  7. Bald Bloke

    Poole 2019

    Put ya rod away
  8. Saw someone was saying according to Dudek's manager,his season was over
  9. Steve Shovlar

    Poole 2019

    Who does? I don’t believe anyone looks like a name.
  10. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Danish metal league final from Outrup Wednesday September 19th
  11. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Lublin v Rybnik Nice Polska final 2nd leg Sunday September 23rd from heat 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c77pKk5f6yU
  12. Sidney the robin

    Where is SCB

    He' will not come on this forum again in my opinion I.e.) because he is arrogant and he will stick out like a sore thumb.I never liked him ever but there were others on this forum who licked his ass Shawn this Shawn that if I had my way i would feed him to the pigs.
  13. Is Dudek out for the season or is he hoping to be back for the last GP?
  14. IronScorpion

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    Steady on HT speedway is only a minority sport & didn't Tai come close in winning that award in 2015(now I will have to do a search). I think SPOTY should be renamed anyway as how many "Personality Sports People" win it. I think they should rename it SWOTY Sports Winner Of The Year. NOW he might stand a chance. Go on Tai and show Great Britain in 13 days time that you ARE Great Britain's Best Ever speedway rider.
  15. Now that Polish Championship is a TROPHY... compared to this dinky thing in the Premiership..!
  16. Oh Dear Woryna has just cost his team promotion to POL EXL. On a 5-1 in clear second when he had a puncture on lap 3 of Ht 13. A stone last in ht 15 was the final nail in the coffin. His loss of points in effect cost his team the move up to the big league. Even lost out to Jonsson in top of points av for Nice 1 due to those 2 rides. Mind you one can add the useless efforts of Spaniak who again proved he was a one season wonder in 2017. You remember the guy who was top of the POL Nice 1 points av in 2017. How the mighty have fallen huh ?? Lets hope Kacper's luck changes for Poole.
  17. They can always go and beat Zielona Gora over 2 legs.
  18. Bald Bloke

    Poole 2019

    I was not taking the P.... I just said he don't look like a Cecil...
  19. Well done Robert - the boy is a born winner.
  20. Hopefully not as tight as this afternoons nail biter.
  21. Possibly but nothing like Belle Vue to Leicester.
  22. I agree 100% The race where Lambert jumped, he was at the back in the re-run he and his partner got a 5-1.Still can't understand what the ref called it back for. That one decision must surely have cost Rybnik a lot in terms of money.
  23. ProudtobeaBrummie

    How have the young guns done in 2018.?

    Question is which ones will or are capable of stepping up to a championship reserve birth next season Kemp- already has no brainer . Thomas- has been at Glasgow this season possibly a year too early but hopefully they stick with him and kick on Flint - could do a job at number 7 possibly for berwick . No Pressure he could chip in with 2/3 points a meeting Mountain/ Hume - Already relatively established champ riders Bickley - been at workington this season not really kicked on from last season again i think a season to early maybe Of the others i expect only Brennan and Jenkins to make the step up in 2019 and it will be tough for them guys also..
  24. Not its not great. But imo it is a lot better than Lublins.
  25. Trotter65

    Daily Mirror International Tournament 1973

    I haven't watched much of this yet but I started watching in the 70's and I certainly think you can look back with rose tinted glasses...sure league racing back then was in a different level to now due to more teams, regular matches and settled teams... But this was highlights and not live so of course it's packaged well with no delays etc..if it was live it would have the same delays as today.. and it does have the crowd with helps..but to say the starts were better back then with less messing about ?....I remember starts taking an age with tape pushing all over the place and basic cheating going on..they are actually quicker on the start line getting underway now with starts 100 % fairer than back then.....and I've watched old videos from meetings I was at and a lot of racing was underwhelming to say the least...and I watched every week at Hyde Road in the 70's ..speedway racing will never get the crowds on this video again but I certainly think it looks more professional now than ever and the racing when a track is good is probably better than back then on the whole.. I still like to look back at these though but I'm on that say sport moves forward and progresses in all sports...GP's can equal this racing wise
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