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  2. GiveusaB

    Guest riders

    Not for me...seeing the best possible riders is more value for money imo.
  3. Does get easier for the home men as a not so strong looking Redcar team not so full of Armadale experience and pedigree head north
  4. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Drainage is as good as any track in the country now but depends which forecast is most accurate!!
  5. lisa-colette

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    I'm no weather expert but met office has it dry from 8pm, with heavy rain between 5 and 7pm. I guess how confident there are in the drainage system?
  6. Jaizer

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    My forecast for possilpark now saying pretty constant rain between 3 and 10
  7. Doesn’t look like it, tennis is on instead
  8. They’re Aussies. Moaning comes naturally to them. They invented the expression “whinging Poms” to cover up the fact they’re the world’s best at whinging (I’d add a smiley face there but, for some reason, can’t)
  9. therefused

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Wasn’t there but from the pictures I’ve seen I actually thought it looked like a decent attendance
  10. Anybody know if SGP2 is going to be live on eurosport, nothing down anywhere
  11. But Leicester didn't start riding on Saturdays after he signed for the club.
  12. scoobydoo

    Football 2021/22

    Wonder if Sky Sports actually realise theres more than 2 teams in the premier league Why not show all the last weekend premier games live for viewers via game choice on one of there channel's
  13. And there was no issues with the shale then
  14. RS50

    Guest riders

    Would anyone like a return to the days when, if two equal riders of both teams (say each team number 1) was missing, both teams promoted a number 8 to the team, and adjusted the riding order?
  15. Probably but track was rideable and I visited that day and was not impressed at all as was staying at Mablethorpe.
  16. Mike0310

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Pot calling the kettle black there Scorpio your blinkered reports of your lower sorry bottom end team cheer me up most weekends
  17. scoobydoo

    Premiership Pairs

    Going by Ipswich's meeting against Sheffield Batchelor did but that got him and the team nowhere
  18. RS50

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2022

    According to their website, Freesports are showing a live Swedish match, Thursday 2nd June 6pm.
  19. lisa-colette

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Hmm, I'll think about it!
  20. racers and royals

    Remembering West Ham Speedway 50 years on Paradise Park Saturday 21st May

    Have you tried it on- no way that still fits
  21. Possibly because the fixture deadline was looming and Poole had some of their fixtures still to complete
  22. ruffdiamond

    Guest riders

    Well,,, probably stronger than using an injured rider or one that isn't there/double booked? Maybe guests only for injured riders, not ones away doing other stuff, even meeting royalty. Maybe have some eligibility on compassionate grounds tho.
  23. Late change for the Bears tonight away at Edinburgh. Charles Wright will miss the meeting after injuring his wrist riding for Belle Vue last night. Ex-Bear Jake Allen will guest in his absence.
  24. racers and royals

    DMPJ Polish junior team competition 2022

    It`s extremely difficult to follow the match scoring as i`m never aware of teams not being awarded any match points for turning up short handed. So a very helpful chap at the PZM has confirmed where i have gone wrong and these group cumulative scores are correct(i hope) Group A Zielona Gora 10 Gorzow 9 Daugavpils 7 Poznan 1 Group B Lublin 18.5 Krosno 14 Rzeszow 14 Tarnow 11.5 Group C Torun 15 Grudziadz 14 Gdansk 13 Bydgoszcz 12 Pila 0
  25. Pity they never thought about that when Poole where in town last season
  26. Today
  27. Najjer

    Premiership Pairs

    What is the point in that? So it’s a pairs meeting but it’s actually teams of 3? And it’s not actually the ‘best pairs’ either. All makes sense.
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