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  2. I don't mean to have a pop at you, Pantherssteward, or at anybody involved at Panthers, but it just goes to show what a load of bollox this H&S thing is when the "head-steward" doesn't even know the rules (even if they are an ill-thought out load of tosh) *It's one steward per 250 seats, not one per 250 people. Even if a block of 250 seats have no bums on them, the nutty rules dictate that one steward is required The finger needs to be pointed at the self-serving jobsworths who get those H&S jobs down at the PCC and at venues like the EoES. Somebody needs to point out that having the two end blocks roped off means that people get crammed into the central blocks of the stand - and in the very (very!) unlikely event of a major incident requiring evacuation, it'd be far more problematic getting out to safety than if we were spread out over the whole stand. I put the same argument to them when they suddenly stopped the standing at the back a couple of years ago. If something kicked off in the stand and I was standing in my old regular spot, do they seriously think I'd be hanging around like a lemon and blocking the exit routes? Feck that! I'd be out of the exit and down the back stairs to safety before most people had even stood up. So how on earth would I be causing a problem regarding evacuation of the stand?!! In actual fact, if those H&S bods were capable of logical reasoning they'd realise that me standing at the back would be more of a positive thing than a negative one. I also pointed out that back in 2006, for the P/O Final v Reading, the back of the stand was 3 or 4 deep with people standing. If it's such a big safety issue, how come we were subjected to such a big risk? The answer, of course, is that there was no such risk; it's just in the minds of the H&S numpties with their own self-serving agendas. No response was forthcoming back then, and I doubt if they'd entertain any dissenting voices this time around either. Creating and maintaining a problem, and labelling it a H&S issue, keeps them in a job, see? Cunch o' useless bunts the lot of 'em (imho) Up the Panthers!
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  4. Teromaafan

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Our reserves are a concern as we know but Bjerre's scores are simply unacceptable for a No.1. According to my programmes, he has won two races (add in two further paid wins if it makes it look better) in the last 4 home meetings and is struggling to hit his CMA for performances on his home track. Whilst BP, as we are constantly reminded by all speedway followers, is supposedly all about gating, it appears that nobody told the KL riders that tonight. Bjerre has been referred to as a 'gating tart', but as a No. 1 you should be able to come from the back on your own track in some races. Top riders can make passes at Leicester, fact (seen it too often from visiting riders). The heat where Nielsen took Bjerre on the run in to the flag was the race of the night, but I asked myself, could Bjerre ever do that to an opposing rider? From what I've seen this season the answer is an emphatic no. If he doesn't gate first, bend 2 of the first lap seems to be the last effort he will make to pass. Being brutally honest, I do not think he has the bottle/desire to chase a rider down, which usually means being prepared to leave the throttle open a split second longer than the rider in front and being prepared to change your racing line. KB simply does not deliver from what I've seen this season. Regardless of my opinion, its about points/results.
  5. Poor meeting with one mistake leading to a pass and one pass in heat 15. Very much follow the the leader and spread out. Heaps got points but quite a few were against opposition reserves and fallers. Wolves won comfortably but will face a stronger test against Belle Vue with a full seven back on track
  6. Expecting R/R for Protasiewicz and will be interesting to see if Maksym Drabik shows up this time.
  7. This may sum it all up. I live and work in Ipswich my place of work has 66 employees. Out of that 66 one goes to Foxhall every week and one goes to more than half the meetings. Another 15 or so used to go in the time frame of early 80s to early 90s. Alot of what they remember about the riders from that era seems to have as much about their off track personality and antics than it does rider and club results. One story they all remember is cook riding his speedway bike on the public highway to his local pub. One thing they all come out with is the guys who ride these days are not committed club men they don't live locally ride for others teams and so have zero chance of building a relationship with the town. As for the so called big name riders they all know woffinden and Hancock other than that the other GP riders are met with who? In short the big names in speedway mean very little to those who don't attend so would not put bums on seats. There is a massive disconnect between your team and the local area mainly down to the fact they are not your team but riders on hire.
  8. DizzAssStar

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Looks like the village idiot and his band of merry men got it wrong on all counts (AGAIN!)
  9. stevethelion

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Note to Lions management, next season make Thomas Jorgensen the first rider you attempt to sign, seems to fly round BP every time he visits, always seems to hit double figures. The Kings Lynn boys were a class above anything the Lions could offer( Andersen apart), Pieszczek's form has dipped dramatically, Bjerre is poor & Kurtz looks like he's riding a lawnmower.
  10. ReadingRacer2017

    Swindon 2018

    So looks like changes are on the horizon. Judging by the fact the manager is discussing team plans with Morris & Batchelor, my guess Musielak, Bellego & Smith could be goners. http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/16358050.team-changes-nigh-at-swindon-robins-following-heavy-defeat-against-wolverhampton/ http://www.swindonrobins.co/_mobile/news.php?extend.3139.1
  11. W9 Lion

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    No but I have tonight.....
  12. You don't see many riders retiring early because of the fat pay cheque's they receive.
  13. Heat 13 and 15 were just about ok the rest not good

    16•07•18 - Premiership - Wolverhampton v Swindon

    In all my years that I have gone to wolves that has to be one of the worst matches I have ever witnessed, it was dreadful
  15. Let's just push all the nonsense aside for this thread and think about what's happening. Are we witnessing a league that could potentially turn into one of the all time classics seasons ever. We're heading to the halfway point in the season and I can't ever remember a time when top and bottom have ever only been separated by a measly 8 points. King's Lynn go into this week with 2-3 matches in hand. Also on the other teams, 2-4 less home fixtures with 3 of their home fixtures to come in 7 days from next Monday. Leicester just need to find a "hot" reserve and they'll be back in it too. Belle Vue, Wolverhampton & Swindon are solid, Poole have bragged their backsides out of the gutter. On paper Somerset are the team to have punched above their weight but with the few changes they've made to their team (for the better) they could become formidable. Potentially, 2018, when looked back on could go down as "THE" greatest league challenge ever in British Speedway history.
  16. Round 10 preliminary line-ups Vetlanda - Dackarna Vetlanda 1. Artem Laguta 2. Tomas H Jonasson 3. Leon Madsen 4. Bradu Kurtz 5. Bartosz Zmarzlik (K) 6. Filip Hjelmland 7. Robert Miskowiak Dackarna 1. Greg Hancock 2. Pawel Przedpelski 3. Patryk Dudek 4. Oliver Berntzon 5. Maciej Janowski (K) 6. Joel Kling 7. Hans Andersen Västervik - Lejonen #Focus meting Västervik 1. Nicki Pedersen 2. Bartosz Smektala 3. Peter Ljung 4. Mikkel Bech 5. Peter Kildemand 6. Grzegorz Zengota 7. Anton Karlsson Lejonen 1. Jaroslaw Hampel 2. Rohan Tungate 3. Chris Holder 4. Maksym Drabik 5. Piotr Pawlicki 6. Kenny Wennerstam 7. Timo Lahti Rospiggarna - Eskilstuna Smederna Rospiggarna* 1. Jason Doyle 2. Max Fricke 3. Robert Lambert 4. Jacob Thorssell 5. Andreas Jonsson 6. Kenneth Hansen 7. Samuel Masters Lagledare: Mikael Teurnberg Eskilstuna Smederna 1. Fredrik Lindgren 2. Pontus Aspgren 3. Michael Jepsen Jensen 4. Krzysztof Buczkowski 5. Niels Kristian Iversen 6. Linus Eklöf 7. Mikkel Michelsen Masarna - Kumla Indianerna Masarna 1. Linus Sundström 2. Kim Nilsson 3. Tai Woffinden 4. Artur Czaja 5. Antonio Lindbäck 6. Joel Andersson 7. Emil Millberg Kumla Indianerna 1. Kenneth Bjerre 2. Piotr Protasiewicz 3. Ludvig Lindgren 4. Anders Thomsen 5. Vaclav Milik 6. Christoffer Selvin 7. Adrian Miedzinski
  17. For the first time ever or at least the first time in long time (I can't remember it happening before) there are scheduled back-to-back rounds in Elitserien. There have been postponed meetings before that have been held the day before/after (or even on the same day) as a scheduled meeting and there have obviously been post-season meetings two days in a row but not scheduled league meetings. Round 9 and 10 is the same teams meeting each other on both nights. R9: Dackarna – Vetlanda Lejonen – Västervik Eskilstuna Smederna – Rospiggarna Kumla Indianerna - Masarna R10: Vetlanda - Dackarna Västervik - Lejonen Rospiggarna - Eskilstuna Smederna Masarna – Kumla Indianerna Round 9 Preliminary line-ups: Dackarna – Vetlanda #Focus meting Dackarna 1. Greg Hancock 2. Pawel Przedpelski 3. Oliver Berntzon 4. Patryk Dudek 5. Maciej Janowski 6. Hans Andersen 7. Joel Kling Vetlanda 1. Artem Laguta 2. Tomas H Jonasson 3. Leon Madsen 4. Brady Kurtz 5. Bartosz Zmarzlik 6. Robert Miskowiak 7. Filip Hjelmland Lejonen – Västervik Lejonen 1. Chris Holder 2. Maksym Drabik 3. Jaroslaw Hampel 4. Rohan Tungate 5. Piotr Pawlicki 6. Timo Lahti 7. Viktor Bergström Västervik 1. Nicki Pedersen 2. Mikkel Bech 3. Peter Ljung 4. Bartosz Smektala 5. Peter Kildermand 6. Anton Karlsson 7. Grzegorz Zengota Eskilstuna Smederna – Rospiggarna Eskilstuna Smederna 1. Fredrik Lindgren 2. Pontus Aspgren 3. Michael Jepsen Jensen 4. Krzysztof Buczkowski 5. Niels Kristian Iversen 6. Mikkel Michelsen 7. Linus Eklöf Rospiggarna 1. Jason Doyle 2. Max Fricke 3. Robert Lambert 4. Jacob Thorssell 5. Andreas Jonsson 6. Kenneth Hansen 7. Samuel Masters Kumla Indianerna - Masarna Kumla Indianerna 1. Vaclav Milik 2. Victor Palovaara 3. Piotr Protasiewicz 4. Kenneth Bjerre 5. Anders Thomsen 6. Christoffer Selvin 7. Adrian Miedzinski Masarna 1. Linus Sundström 2. Kim Nilsson 3. Tai Woffinden 4. Artur Czaja 5. Antonio Lindbäck 6. Emil Millberg 7. Joel Andersson Live streaming at: https://www.speedwayplay.com/elitspeedway Live results as always at http://www.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Speedway/ http://www.elitspeedway.com/liveresultat/ https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/live/zuzel/elitserien Elitserien can also be followed at https://sverigesradio.se/sida/gruppsida.aspx?programid=179&grupp=7514 (web radio in Swedish) Heat schedule: http://www.svemo.se/ImageVaultFiles/id_14025/cf_44/K-rschema_2-15.PDF Weather forceasts Tuesday : Smw-Ros Hot (>30 degrees Celsius) and sunny/partially sunny-cloudy Dack - Vet overcast but warm Lej - VVK overcast but warm Ind-Mas Hot (>25 degrees C) and partially sunny-cloudy Wednesday: Ros-Sme cloudy but warm Vet-Dack thunder showers/rain/clody but warm Vvk-Lej overcast but warm (<25 C) Mas-Ind overcast but warm (>25 C) Smederna and Indianerna tracks might suffer quite allot from the very hot (>25-30 degrees C) the past week(s). Smederna's track was exposed to a very intense rainfall for about 1 hours on the past Saturday. Once the rain stopped the track was back to super dry after less then 30 minutes so.... For the focus meetings, both meetings should provide excellent racing if the outside factors (weather and etc) cooperates.
  18. Oh the irony!!! This is sure to split opinions.......many people view Matt Ford as the anti-christ, and many view him as a God. It's beyond reasonable debate that Matt stretches the rules to the limit in an effort to benefit his team, and I really can't see too much of a problem with that, as that is his job. As a result he is often criticised for gaining an 'unfair advantage' over the other teams, when it can't be unfair as the same rules are there for everyone to either 'exploit' or 'suffer'. I am of the opinion that if the other promoters had been as 'astute' as Matt over recent years, British Speedway would be in a much stronger position than what it finds itself today!!


    Sometimes wow just about covers it
  20. Confirmed:- Max Ruml, Gino Manzares, Zaine Kennedy, Josh McDonald, Kye Thompson, James Shanes, Danny Ayres.
  21. KevH

    Swindon 2018

    That doesn't sound anything other than a knee-jerk reaction to me, because if Rossiter had anyone any good in the pipeline why would he discuss it with two of his riders? Surely the change would simply be made (for the sake of the team) and no discussions would be required?
  22. John Scrutton

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Not a chance they love Swindon
  23. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Still you still got number 1. Whilst you have number 1 it's still good. I hope you don't lose it either, every club needs as many fans that it can.
  24. John Scrutton

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Lot of (SO CALLED) Lynn supporters with egg on they face after tonight
  25. Why are you trusting a rule speedway is an individual sport wrapped up in a team package. Let’s say I am a promoter , riders are paid as individuals so if I have a rider who is not performing I don’t pay however I know the fans want the team to win so as they are my income stream I know I have to replace an underperforming rider with another even though I know I will probably be paying more to keep the fans happy I accept that. now if my attendances are down and most are the only person who is losing out is me. As a sponsor I want Poole to do well even though I know my money could be spent more beneficially my marketing team keep reminding me that but I love the sport and my team so I put some money in . In Matts defence he treats his sponsors well arranges good social events and promotes local businesses , Not everything he does do we agree with but his commitment to Poole over the years has seen us do well, ok we have had a few bad moments and well done to the other teams in their success Rather than looking at individual promoters and teams we need to keep as many together if we want the sport to survive , the rivalry’s are great the opinions we all have are our personal views but let’s all agree the sport needs changing and the rules regarding team changes we’ll perhaps we can have a squad system or limits ‘What I do know is every team can make changes most promotions do they have to but I’d still be happy to have a forum to air our views on Matt Ford Poole pirates Swindon robins Belle Vue et al in a couple of years from now as I will still be watching speedway
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