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  2. martinmauger

    Birmingham Assets and Payments

    Do it RS, treat yourself, you won't regret it ! I have ridden with Wayne Carter, on Scunny's mini track and on a 500 on the main circuit (gulp !) and found him friendly, helpful, very knowledgable as you would expect and has a good sense of humour without being at all condescending or insulting, which helps if (when) progress doesn't go as planned or the ground keeps coming up to meet you (!). He has plenty of time for everyone and equally importantly he asks what riders are hoping to achieve; from just having fun, riding round the track without the ground hitting you (!), getting a full slide on (yay!) to taking on the likes of Laguta, Tai, Smazlik, etc. He then helps each rider make steady & safe progress at their own pace. Speaking as I find, I can highly reccomend a day 'skidding with Wayne' and promised to myself one day hope to do so again. One day....
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  4. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah
  5. SilentLurker

    Glasgow 2022

    Starting to wonder if Craig Cook might be off elsewhere
  6. scottyfan

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Iain Baird - Football
  7. scottyfan

    Song Title Game

    Never Too Late - Status Quo
  8. cyclone

    Glasgow 2022

    Tobiasz Musielak Craig Cook Tom Brennan Danyon Hume Benjamin Basso Connor Bailey Jason Edwards/Archie Freeman
  9. lisa-colette

    Poole 2022

    Ben is 5.31 and maybe they prefer to squeeze him in to the team? We could be on team L now considering how long it is taking and I am sure Hume would have featured in one of the teams at some point. But you are definitely underestimating how much Poole wanted to keep Basso.
  10. Jaizer

    Poole 2022

    Given Hume and basso on basically same average then why not if were so desperate to keep basso give Hume that place?
  11. lisa-colette

    Poole 2022

    Scrapheap? Do me a favour! I was at the meeting when Matt Ford said he really wanted to keep Basso for 2022 but knew it would be difficult. One of the reasons we moved down was to get Weds nights back again, so hardly going to change it again for one rider and even if we were prepared to, what night would be allowed to race on? I'm guessing Hume prob was in the team before someone else decided to leave Plymouth. Might have had to choose between Hume and Ben Cook?
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  13. Justgotmecpc

    workington ..

    Would take mega money that & even that would just cause more trouble as once again the gypo scum get offerd a pay off they would take it & then tell the next door caravan the crack & then they would come asking for protection money.. & that's how they work
  14. The day is coming when the world will say, ‘Sweden was right.’
  15. rjsj9803

    F 1 Today's race

    Hamilton was hardly squeaky clean with his formation lap then neither was Bottas, those are the rules though and all fair in love and war, for me though Hamilton lost any respect when he happily threw Dave Ryan under the bus 2009 Aussie debacle I can't be doing with stabbing your own man in the back lying little turd.
  16. szkocjasid

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    If you have a reserve like Archie Freeman or Luke Crang who score 0 most weeks it makes sense to put them at number 6, giving them the hardest rides & putting your stronger reserve at 7 to score more in heats 4,8,12&14. For a team like Glasgow who could put Sedgmen at 6 to beat opposition second strings & Bailey at 7 to beat opposition reserves it makes sense to put the stronger rider at 6. However if you put a weak reserve at number 6 you're basically running with a 6 man team as you won't expect them to score anything after heat 2!
  17. Tsunami

    'the Donald' Trump

    Ha Ha. My bets on this newboy being a Blupanther Mk 3. after BP, Crumpet and now MC.
  18. Deano

    workington ..

    Pay a nasty bloke who’ll make one or two of them disappear.
  19. “Long Covid” update.
  20. TotallyHonestJohn

    workington ..

    They not only have the backing of local councillors they have the support of the local MP but with what they are dealing with in lawless scum who opt out of society it will always be a difficult situation until possibly the whole site is developed and there is no land for them to park up on... Regards THJ
  21. MumsieCulpepper

    'the Donald' Trump

    Indeed, only been on here 5 mins. What on earth is wrong with him.
  22. Ray Stadia

    Birmingham Assets and Payments

    If I was far younger and yes, I would have loved to have been a speedway rider, I would have preferred to have had a job/career, and speedway was my hobby. I would have accepted that the only way my costs were met or exceeded, would be based on results. There is no way speedway will survive as it is presently, with people (promoters) running a team hoping the gate (the income) will pay the outgoings. Speedway will survive, but not in it's current form.
  23. Tsunami

    workington ..

    The unfortunate thing about Northside is it is an open site on a dune area under the many windmills. The previous owners tried to enclose it, but the damage just continued being caused by gypsies in caravans alongside the track. They were then cleared off that site, with council help, hence the enthusiasm to turn the site into something that could be developed into a Redcar type site. Even with an expensive spiked metal fence surrounding the whole site, which would not be cost effective, it would not solve the problem as it would probably just provide the gypsies with a new supply of metal which would be stolen on a regular basis. Perhaps a local councillor could help with the establishment of a sport in Workington, as it was thought that with the cockups by the council, and the other stadium owners in the Town, regarding the other stadia, they appeared to have thought that by helping Northside now it would make up for their incompetence previously. Let's hope the council stand by that enthusiasm, and stand up to the thugs who could deprive the Town with a sport facility that they currently lack.
  24. Deano

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    https://goo.gl/maps/nT9ktnyYYaRVuAQo9 No wonder I’d never seen it. I’ve driven down the main road, not up Edwards towards the baths.
  25. Wolfsbane

    'the Donald' Trump

    Didn't take you long to work that one out

    Belle Vue 2022

    Signing Max which was well advertised at the end of the season and is a good replacement for Max. However losing Dan is a massive blow as far as I am concerned. I feel sure that Tom B will be part of the team.. but despair re the rest of the team I hope that I am pleasantly surprised
  27. steve roberts

    European Union - In Or Out?

    ...really does highlight the total incomprehension of his/her constant babblings!
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