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    So he was bad at Wolves and disliked Belle Vue even more yet still averaged nearly 9.5 in a league where most teams contained 2 GP riders Wasnt too shabby overall then......
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    Honestly IMHO Dick has spelled it out quite succinctly and he is only stating what everyone is aware of, Workington went through this a few years back and the supporters club morphed into the Friends of Workington Speedway and then in to the Workington Speedway Supporters Trust and those bodies injected 20 thousand pounds into Workington Speedway over two seasons becoming the clubs biggest individual sponsor paying for things like medical cover ambulances and other sundry items that go into running a Speedway team and it still didn't save the club. As much as Dick can be a "dick" and isn't everyone's cup of tea he has hit the nail right on the head here and the new Supporters Club needs to support the club; its always nice to run subsidised coaches and give the riders lump sums but the priority has to be keeping the club afloat first and foremost otherwise you can raise as much money as you like but if there is no club to support what do you do then. You still go to the GP but pay for it yourself anyway! Watch TV Speedway and go to the odd meeting up and down the road rather than have a local club to support. Very short sighted in my view All revenue streams need to be coming back to the club to keep the thing viable and you don't need to hand over the cash because lets face it what the issue is here; is that certain folk can think that when they are handing over cash that the promoters just put it straight into their pockets and subsidise their "Playboy Lifestyles" which is not the case. (Courtney's Playboys lol, Sorry Scott) All clubs are operating on a shoe string and the difference to making a small profit or a small loss can be the lifeline that keeps the promotion operating rather than folding another club due to large debts and unsustainable losses. If the Supporters Club worry about where the cash is going commit to paying for something all season, Medical Cover doesn't come cheap pay this direct, the Referee needs to be paid for, meeting fuel and tyres possibly, security or stadium rent, whatever it is; it helps and takes pressure off the promotion. Also it needs to be stated transparency is the key and if you tell people where the funds are being spent and how they are benefiting the club most (not all unfortunately) come on board and understand why this course of action is being followed. Keep an accurate ledger and follow good governance. Keep the faith Bandit Fans and get behind your promotion to ensure you have a Speedway team in the town to support because in this day and age it will be very difficult to resurrect a club once it has gone Good luck with the new Supporters Club Regards THJ
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    Awful awful woman , she's as bad in her own way as Diane Abbott
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    I agree that promoters should not spend above what they can afford. This need sot be a group effort though. The wages costs per meeting you mention are I fancy way short of what is paid now. The meeting costs are also well above £3k, the medical staff alone will cost nearly £1k, plus track rent of £1-2k then there's advertising, programmes, licences, fuel & maintenance of track/facilities, rider suits, insurance costs (employee and public), VAT/tax/accountancy etc.etc. It would cause the loss of some riders and maybe some fans short term but the long term gains would be worth it. Everyone has a choice, like it or lump it, If I was a rider today and the only contract I could secure paid me xx per meeting, I'd make sure I cut my expenses so that I still made a bit of money - it's not compulsory to use brand new equipment each year, or give thousands to people who you think might make you a bit faster, or spend on a new leased van every year, or even have a full time or paid mechanic.
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    Sam Hurst, only rode NL for Newport and Weymouth (well a bit of PL for Newport but out of his depth). Reasonable amount of talent and a good set of balls but lacked the dedication to make it any further.
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    Totally Agree. People need to be positive, although I know its hard. The period on ice will give the club time to sort its debts out, and regroup and see where they are regarding running again. The way things worked out, and the fact that no one expected the club's season to last until the end of October, meant they had precious little time to assess their situation, before the AGM came along and they had to start talking about 2019 !!! Plus, although I know its unlikely, it gives a whole year almost for them to find new sponsors or for one to come along of his own volition. I think the period on ice will be an opportunity for them to run more special social events this year, all hopefully laid on to raise cash for the clubs future, and not least to ensure fans stay interested ! WATCH THIS SPACE !!
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    Scott Courtney praised the Supporters Club for having a bit of class last season. End of the season we handed over £1000 to the STARS project and in Scott's words bridges were being built. There has been a few digs lately in blogs on the Dirt Page regarding the existing supporters club, all I will; say is that if your going to put something on a website that is read by fans and supporters at least get your facts right.
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    There is one simple fact at Workington Speedway and a lot of other clubs. Not enough fans attending meetings to cover the costs. Sponsorship can only cover so much so for years Laura and other promoters have subsidised our speedway so we can still watch the sport we love. This is unsustainable going forward and Workington will not be the last club to close this year. I'm very surprised there were not more clubs closed during the winter. You only have to look to the premiership one man owns three clubs how can that be right ? The sport is sliding away to nothing and very fast. The riders spend a fortune on equipment and obviously ask for signung money and points money to achieve this but there is not enough money in the sport no more.
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    Belle Vue 1. Max Fricke 2. Kenneth Bjerre 3. Dan Bewley 4. Steve Worrall 5. Ricky Wells 6. Dimitri Berge 7. Jaimon Lidsey Ipswich 1. Chris Harris 2. Danny King 3. Krystian Pieszczek 4. Richard Lawson 5. David Bellego 6. Jake Allen 7. Cameron Heeps King’s Lynn 1. Robert Lambert 2. Ty Proctor 3. Kasper Andersen 4. 5. 6. 7. Peterborough 1. Craig Cook 2. Hans Andersen 3. Rohan Tungate 4. Bradley Wilson-Dean 5. Charles Wright 6. Lasse Bjerre 7. Ben Barker Poole 1. Jack Holder 2. Brady Kurtz 3. Nicolai Klindt 4. Josh Grajczonek 5. Richie Worrall 6. Nico Covatti 7. Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen Swindon 1. Jason Doyle 2. Troy Batchelor 3. Tobiasz Musielak 4. Adam Ellis 5. Dawid Lampart 6. Zach Wajtknecht 7. James Shanes Wolverhampton 1. Sam Masters 2. Rory Schlein 3. Jacob Thorssell 4. Nick Morris 5. Kyle Howarth 6. Luke Becker 7. Ashley Morris
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    As things stand very few clubs are equal and all we have is clubs that are able to survive longer than others rather than a sustainable model. Clubs need to look at the type of riders they want to attract, how many clubs and fans want mercenaries who just arrive for the big money? How many want loyal riders who have an affinity with the club? Higher teams also need to start caring about the development of future riders rather than blanketly ignoring it and assuming someone else will bring the next generation through, if they paid some level of investment now it could save them a fortune in the future. The sport has to fall in line with current commercial trends, quick easy entertainment fixes, cheap and superficial, basic enough for all to grasp quickly but most of all sustainable & adaptable.
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    There has been talk of scrapping the UK's rebate for at least a decade. Here's an article about it from 2004! https://www.politico.eu/article/commission-braced-for-row-over-plan-to-scrap-uk-rebate/amp/
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    Think many of the riders with a bit of experience will up their averages nicely like Mountain, Bacon, Bailey, Perks & Wood. Newman is more than capable but might be forced to ride a bit out of position in a poor side. My bigger issue is with the non improvers filling a place for yet another year, Kurtz, Covatti, Harris, Bates etc either riders on the way down lining pockets or going no further but still blocking up places for riders who might.
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    Traditionally tracks in this country staged a full season of meetings. My team Wimbledon ran 38 in 1980!. It works for Len Silver at Kent, less isn't always more.
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    Tim Stanley‏@timothy_stanley Not sure why Remainers cheered. As of tonight, Britain is scheduled - legally - to leave the EU on March 29 without a deal. The Government will probably not fall; May remains in place; she & the EU have implied there's nothing to renegotiate. Right now: it's out without a deal.
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    That would probably improve Swindon...
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    No-one really cares what they think. Article 50 will be suspended now, and whatever needs to be done to enact that will happen.
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    If you think your fx deals are a triumph you are a sad case. Do everyone a favour, leave a don’t come back. Howver If you have the front make yourself known at every track and spout in public what you hide behind on your keyboard. If you have the balls good on you but I would take out some insurance.
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    Neither you or HA care a idiot about the younger generation, its all about you, trying to get your own way for what you want. Very convenient for the sympathy vote. What you both don't seem to understand is that the 2m deceased since the referendum in the retired category, will be replaced by the top end middle class society, who in turn with be replaced by the younger folk now being eligible to vote. The top end 2m of the younger generation will have moved on, taken responsibility from life experiences, and joined the middle class. it's really just a massive Q, with 2M dropping off one end and replaced by the new 2m fresh out of their nappies.
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    I hope the new 2 pointers grab their chance and make great strides led by Kemp Bickley and Flint
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    With the 4 point decrease in overall points limit, shouldn't riders averages improve naturally? Because primarily of a lower standard most seasons?
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    Of course, you are assuming they can read!
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    Arguing with yourself now Geoff!!

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