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    I bet if the all of a sudden wanted to run a GP at Eastbourne and he was offered a wild card he would be fit as a flea and up for it........
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    How dare you break into the Adonis/ Orion thread with sensible comments!
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    People like Soubry are part of the problem. One minute she calls for 'grown up' debates , next she's at some rally screaming 'racist , xenophobes and bigots' at those that voted to Leave. A classic case of BDS. Completely lost the plot.
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    Btw Kelvin Tatum who's James Shens
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    You have a very weird chip on your shoulder We was talking about last nights meeting Has Worrall been poor? Do you think Covatti should be doing better? Were Ipswich unlucky? These are debating points but you seem to have your own strange agenda Didn’t see you comment when I said that Kurtz looked like he had turned a corner .... or when I said Holder was getting better.... or when I said Klindt had done well so far this season or when I congratulated Poole on the comeback at Belle Vue You are very strange at times I now must remember when commenting on a Poole meeting that I must say all the positive aspects first before highlighting anything else I was at Ipswich the other and was moaning how bad Harris was.... funnily enough no other fan had a go at me for not mentioning how good Bellego and Lawson were in the same meetimg Some funny folk down Dorset way
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    I grew up literally a stones throw from a speedway track ( West Ham) which was I centre of a busy housing area. Nobody ever complained about the noise. It was all part of the community . Everyone could see that fans coming from other areas were bringing money in and spending it it in the local shops and pub. It was all part of the economy . The stadium provided jobs and my aunt was one who worked there. It always had been part of East End Culture. Then when Romford opened up, it took one bloke, one intolerant know- all, to get the place closed down. One person took away the pleasure of thousands. Since then I hear of all kinds of complaints about noise at speedway tracks even with silencers. The world has changed. The “human rights” of the few trump the pleasure of the many . Speedway is just one of many examples, of the way the world has changed. Those who complain of intolerance are often the most intolerant.
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    Yes, this is also the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Speedway revival and sad to say Speedway is "DEAD" here once again! There are many reasons for the decline, lack of sponsorship monies (only go to the major sports in North America), kids just aren't interested in a sport where you can use a now, expensive motorcycle in one place and maybe once or twice a week. Dirt bikes are more popular but even that is on a decline. Americans seem to have a knack of keeping the sport alive though, even in New York state where there is only one track (Owego), it survives. It certainly would be nice to have the colourful characters of the 80's back......that could be a while. Just my opinion of course.
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    At long last could there be some light at the end of the tunnel and well done to the campaigning to all those involved. Speedway needs teams of the stature of Coventy, Exeter, Cradley etc. Regarding the state of Brandon, perhaps it may be best to start from the ground up. Remembering the size of the land Brandon is on would it not be possible to do some tie up with a commercial partner who would build a Grandstand that had facilities incorporated that could be used throughout the week, i.e, Conference/Wedding venue, Gym, etc. It may result in Brandon looking different from the facility that closed but going forward Coventry fans would have a stadium more suited to this century than the last one. Most importantly Bees fans would have a team on there own track to support.
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    Which one? One hasn't turned a wheel yet, and the other was top of the averages a few days ago ...
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    Dominic Raab, the guy who didnt know the importance of the Port of Dover to International Trade, is in the running for the Tory Leadership, he says ' We have got to be talking about and to the worker who hasn’t had a pay rise in several years, the consumer who feels ripped off by sharp corporate practice, the young kid from the rough background who wants their shot. ' , 'Focus on a positive message for hard-working Britons.' and ' Hopes for all fathers to have the right to two weeks paternity leave at 90% full pay and a change in the law to ensure new or expectant mothers cannot be made redundant during pregnancy or maternity leave. ' Is this the same Dominic Raab who described ' the Britsh working class as ' the worst idlers in the world ' and that he regards all employment rights and the minimum wage as ' obstacles to British business ' Which is the real Dominic Raab ? '
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    This is the bit this is the bit that irritates me with Soubry and anyone who uses that in their argument. I doubt that any leavers disagree that immigrants coming to work and contribute to society are a good thing, it is the uncontrolled immigration and sheer numbers since the floodgates were opened changing communities, and the perception (whether rightly or wrongly) of those people generally sucking more out the economy than they've ever contributed; and all this with the backdrop of our own sick, disabled, vulnerable and elderly suffering due to benefits and services being cut. I wish someone would actually ask her about that and if the figures in those terms back up her claims, never mind the social aspects of her opinion?
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    Difficult decision for the promoters with several different forecasts for the evening. Being so far "out on a limb" and running on a Friday night with all the visitors who use the road down I can totally understand the reasons for an early "call off". Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. The season just hasn't got going but we've still managed three fairly bad injuries. Using R?R isn't going to cut it, we did that for long periods last year. It brings a lot of disappointment to the supporters. Now we hear that Nathan Stoneman has signed for Birmingham as well and that they will have first call on him, at least 3 meetings with a clash. No blame on him, he's been our most exciting rider in both the one home and the away meetings and he has to earn a living but that the rules allow it is not great for the supporters who pay their money at the gate. The control board is killing speedway with the rules they bring in. I love my speedway, I love the track at Plymouth, dust and all, some of the racing is fantastic. I watch the GP's on BT Sport and sometimes give up because it's just a procession even at that level, also the top league fixtures they show at the tail end of the season, boring, I don't know any of the answers. I do know some new blood needs to come into the control board though with some new ideas before it's too late.
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    He last rode Extraliga 14 years ago as a young lad. Has admitted equipment has been a downfall over the years but invested heavily over the winter. It's paying off handsomely so far as he has been outstanding.
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    It’s farcical. I was hoping to get to the final, but after giving up my season ticket (sell on a season by season basis) after having children I have zero credits so no chance of a ticket. My contacts normally work wonders for me, but I just cannot see it this time. This added to the fact the game is being played on the border of Asia, with travel costs over £1000 minimum for a flight with a minimum of 1 stop, or a 14 hour train from Tbilisi (Georgia) and as you say 4 days minimum off of work - i am just not prepared to do this with no guarantee of a Ticket You do have to ask a serious question though, regardless of actually who was to get to the final, actually who is benefiting from having the final at a place that is so hard and so expensive to get to. I truly hope the stadium is only a quarter full so that not one person who made any of the decisions on where the final should be gains anything, and hopefully gets sacked for being so fkn stupid
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    With Leicester racing Saturdays, and Leon Flint doubling up for Berwick, he was pretty much always going to miss the trip to Leicester whatever the date. Kyle Bickley would have been available when Belle Vue took the fixture. But since the fixture was agreed, Workington closed, Joe Lawlor set fire to a hotel, and Bickley switched to Glasgow to replace Lawlor, meaning he now misses going to Leicester too. Belle Vue can ask to change the fixture (and no doubt they will have done) but they can't demand a change. All the power is with the staging club, and Leicester presumably prefer to meet one of the top sides at their weakest to take the easy 3 points.
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    BV would have agreed as they are the away team and therefore minimal impact to their business... You very rarely see a team run at home missing key riders do you? It always seems to be the away team who arrive with a missing 'No1', wonder why? The reality is this.. Leicester will see it as a much better opportunity to win so will want the meeting to take place.. Belle Vue will see it as having no impact to their business so will want the meeting to take place as it ticks another fixture off.. Fitting fixtures in with so many shared riders must be a nightmare so the plan will be to run them if 'most' are there I would think as getting 'all' of them available, particularly as the season progresses and teams make changes, simply logistically won't be possible.. Let's be honest though, it doesn't really matter does it? Winning the Premiership has zero kudos, therefore winning the NL doesn't matter one jot either.. Speedway now is simply geared up to give lads the chance to justify their outlay on machinery, riding in as many meetings as possible to try and earn as much as they can.. The 14 on show are pretty much interchangeable on any given night due to various circumstances.. Promoters have long since stopped worrying about the credibility of what's often on offer, so no point expecting anything else but what we have now I would suggest..
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    Who seem to have their hands over their ears whilst singing "la la la, not listening"
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    I am as it happens. Heaven knows I'm miserable now is a beast of a tune. As it goes I'm generally a positive person, unfortunately what I've said above is pretty accurate.
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    Not sure how tonight will pan out. Rob is out of sorts and out of form whilst Craig has been coasting through the CL without so much as a challenge. That the field is so poor outside of the top 3 and that we have tai will ensure we go through. I hope the racing is better than the start of the season at the NSS because it's not been great and these types of fields with such gaping chasms never help the spectacle.
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    I would argue at this stage in his career Lambert needs to be racing in meetings like this as its the only way to learn. IMO he can go to Warsaw with no pressure as depending on Greg Hancock`s circumstances he might only get one or two SGP`s so should take those with open arms, after that its up to the rider to come through the qualifiers which his experiences in Warsaw should help him with.
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    Good result for The Bears tonight, especially as, according to Garry May, we look vunerable at home!
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    Soddin ridiculous, Arsenal and Chelsea get 6000 tickets each for the final from a capacity of 67000, then have 5000 mile round trip to somewhere thats not officially in Europe. Good for the UEFA and corporate fat cats.
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    You have my best wishes for the return of Coventry 'Bees' to it's ancestral home. I sincerely hope that this can come to fruition.
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    My generation .didn't tolerate anything . there was nothing to tolerate , we simply all rubbed along together and had all the same wants and gripes, regardless of any skin colour ,and religion what ever shade . intolerance is a label created by PC libtards , simply applied to any opinion they don't agree with , sadly they are ,to a man ,too thick to see that it is them creating intolernace and division ..
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    No, shame on the xenophobe for suggesting there isn't a 'genuine' Brit in the GP.

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