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    Cannot believe some on here can say it isn't strictly bullying as it was a private WhatsApp group, sorry but it is bullying and it is unacceptable. I'd tend to agree with the posts above that it's a lot of sad, old men who have had it their own way for too long and now they have a bit of competition. However, and having said all that, if Taylor is getting a leg up because of his dad and Pearson then it's not right. Pearson seems to be slowly taking over all speedway media recently, including these "special" programmes we get for the shared events. I did note in the recent SoN programme that Pearson had something to do with the company that makes them. These jobs for the boys are the kind of crap that speedway could do without, and just carries on from the Terry Russell days. We'll never get fair media now we'll just get whatever Pearson wants. Whatever the truth is, bullying of a 17 year old child is pathetic, but perhaps not unexpected from some of those involved.
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    Spoke to Hoggy a couple of weeks ago and although he will be getting involved with presenting events at the Cardiff GP and attending a meeting in Poland otherwise he has no role in speedway at present. That's a shame, particularly as his nearest track (Scunthorpe) are in serious need of a meeting presenter.
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    Totally agree Mort should be applauded he was treated terribly and i would love to see him back involved in speedway again a great guy to.
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    I was appalled to learn of some disgusting behaviour of a group of speedway photographers against a 17yr old kid. At Glasgow we have a young man learning his trade and producing some fantastic stuff. He has been subject to an appalling bullying campaign by jealous photographers who are subjecting him to a hate campaign. They were recently busted by someone who screen shotted their WhatsApp group. The guys in question are the Leicester photographer, the Edinburgh photographer and 2 from Belle Vue. I appalled to say that 2 from Glasgow are also involved. i understand that this is being investigated by the BSPA. Personally I will no longer be purchasing any pictures from these guys until I see a public apology. i suggest you do too.
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    Great to read it was a good meeting. Peterborough is one of the best race tracks in the UK so I’m not surprised.
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    Hmmm, I wish I could make hills that big.
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    No use setting a rabbit running jenga there's no grass left for it to eat !!
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    what a nugget that Godfrey is . i hope jedd screws him over after being shown the door by one of the poorest , if not THE poorest promoter in the last few seasons . tell him where to stick it Jedd !
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    Very pleased to read how good the racing was last night. It proves that the track can still produce the quality racing we are used to at the EOS. It's just a matter of preparing it properly.
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    Its not often I start a thread - particularly after race day - but this match deserves one. I suspect I am not alone in thinking that this would be one sided but it was, in fact, anything but and I think the final score slightly flatters the Colts. It was, in fact, a splendid meeting. Nip and tuck most of the way and with some excellent racing thrown in, the highlight was perhaps a superb maximum from Jordan Palin. Aged just 15, he never really looked like being beaten and how vital his contribution was is shown by the fact that Plymouth's top 5 outscored the Belle Vue's top 5. A word, too, for Ben Rathbone, who also put in an excellent performance and jumped up from what looked like a horrible crash in heat 14. Big credit to the Gladiators. I thought they'd get humped but they really attacked the track, particularly Richard Andrews. His last bend drive to split Leon Flint & Kyle Bickley in heat 15 would have graced any Aces meeting. At just £10 - cheapest speedway in Britain - this was excellent value and a major advert for in NL speedway. If any Aces (or other) fans haven't tried the Colts, give them a go.
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    I doubt that it's a surprise to any long term Panther fans that Chapman isn't making anything if true. The EoES and speedway sucks cash, always has, always will. No way could they close the grandstand and I doubt the EoES would let them charge extra after nearly 50 years, plus it would be difficul to administer and almost impossible to police. Added to that, they'd lose more fans than any charge would make up for IMO.
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    From the euphoria of last season to the misery of this. What a devastating end for the Comets and their fans.
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    One of Speedways finest tracks gone.
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    You're not supposed to.... Nobody is.... That's the whole point of them....
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    Spot on... The margins for big % success are so huge given the poor levels of attendance at most tracks, that just a small increase every week will generate significantly more money.. I suggested something similar to a Promoter several years ago... Get 100 regulars together (who are interested in helping) and give them 10 tickets to bring 10 friends/colleagues. That alone would swell the crowd by 1000 if all turn up so would have made the sport look popular in itself.. Then over the next few weeks do discounted tickets gradually moving up to full price in the fifth meeting for the newbie, ie 75% discount, 50% discount, 25% discount then full price.. Hopefully by then, after five meetings, the newbie would start to follow the team and sport... He was worried about the fans using tickets as freebies for friends and family but I told him there are far more than 100 fans who would be happy to pay full price themselves and see their team prosper and use the tickets with integrity.. He said the tickets would cost the club 8 grand (£8 a ticket at the time) so he wasnt sure of its viability.. The reality of course was the only cost was for 1000 tickets being printed and that would have cost him about £30 back then, with the chances of any regulars getting a freebie being minimal, and even if they did it would have meant hardly any 'real' loss, given it would have been such a very low number... The mindset of a promoter...
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    With the change in the political environment following the local elections I can only imagine the whole situation re the new stadium has to be in a state of deep flux. If as seems likely the Council is to be run by an Independent/Tory alliance many of whom campaigned against the new stadium then surely the likelihood of this happening must be reduced. A spokesman from the 'Reds' was reported in the local press as saying that 'they won't be moving anywhere until the situation is clarified' so why commence work on changing the Derwent Park pitch ?. Its about time some honesty was spoken instead of treating us all like mushrooms.
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    This so sad business is gonna run and run...but given that the speedway will cost a lot for anyone to bring it back to life, and I have been given some incredible figures on that, it seems impossible for us to see the Comets rise again, sadly.
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    i think thats bang on the money . Sunday league football in a multi million pound stadium is a joke , give the money to the reds and let them upgrade borough park . its all been one big con , run by some of the biggest con men and women in the area trying to make a name for themselves . its a shame that riders/players/fans from all three sports have been subject to this modern day robbery .
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    I'm sure they enjoyed an ice cream or 2 while on there jollies TBH
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    I recall that there were a fair few on here criticising the trips that Chris and David made as pointless jollies.
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    Mort went to various tracks all over Europe watching races on them. He took bits of the track from all he saw and put it together in 1 track. Which is now the NSS and voalaaa Incidentally. He made sure he designed the track first and have the stadium fit around it. Others fit a track inside a stadium. Morts way is deffo best
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    When it came to the track design at the NSS, I wonder if there had been detailed plans retained about the Hyde Road track (length / width of track, gradients etc) or did Mort just design it from memory? Also, did he take into account the different aspects of the bikes these days? Either way, he did a fantastic job.
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    Jack Thomas replaces Brennan according to the revised Starting List.
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    He’s a nice kid. Always pleasant when I see him. If these other photographers are jealous of him and his work perhaps they need to give it up. They have accused him of not originating his own work saying it’s his fathers! They’ve developed their own hashtag on twitter #amow (all my own work) as a bitchy dig at the kid. These ‘men’ by the way are 50+ years old! Times change and move on - Speedway Photographry has too and it’s about the youth. The old guys need to go off and do something else if they can’t hack it. I just hope this bullying doesn’t have any adverse effects on the boy. As a pensioner myself I love to see youth prosper and wish him all the best.

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