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    I guess that would make them 'little europeans' then in the same way way that you think Brexit supporters are racist and bigoted 'little englanders' If the citizens of Europe look at the entire population of a country that way then they are most certainly racists and why would we want to be in a political union with them? For what it's worth I think you should have left the second bottle unopened and that is a load of nonsense. The majority of Europeans, just like the majority of British people are quite capable of accepting people as they are rather than disliking them because of their nationality. You seem completely unable to distinguish between wanting to leave the political union and thinking we are leaving Europe. Brexit voters are perfectly capable of wanting to leave the EU while still knowing that we are part of Europe and wanting it to stay that way. It's like me saying you detest the working class because you don't vote Labour who say they support the working class at every opportunity. The EU is a political organisation and that is all, it no more speaks for the entire population of Europe than any UK government has ever spoken for the entire population of the UK.
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    How do you know who has acted in good faith? You only have the UK governments propaganda to go on, and a treaty is a treaty, you sign it, tell everybody about the great deal that is included in it, and then 9 months later decide its not such a great deal after all, and that we couldn't be bothered to read the small print so its not our fault we have to break the law to get out of it If it was the EU breaking the law you would be shouting from the roof tops that leaving the EU was correct because they break the treaties they have signed
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    This is the extent the madness has reached I have worked in the office all through this. Meetings are now telephone based rather than face to face No one else should enter my office if I am in it to ensure distancing Until today my colleagues who still have face to face dealings 'out front' could choose whether to wear face coverings even where it has been mandatory for the public From today those staff are mandated to also wear face coverings Upon clarification it has also been decided that I in a single use office and out of the way on my own also have to wear a face covering at ALL times even when on the phone Utter lunacy!!
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    Call the shots ? we have to break the law to get out of something we signed up for ...
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    In the local paper today experts have said best way to combat the virus in the winter is to open your windows and keep your central heating on. I am guessing the government will help with paying peoples bills then? I hope Greta does not hear this or she will come out from wherever looking grumpy again like angry cat.
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    Yeah, but am sure somebody as important as he is, wouldn't allow money to cloud his professional judgement.
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    YOUR argument would be all the stronger had many countries, most notably Germany, not broken a number of agreements and their own courts confirmed they can and should override EU law if in the best interests of their country.
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    HOME COVID TEST. 1 Pour a large glass of red wine and try to smell it. 2 If you can smell the wine , then drink it and see if you can taste it. 3 If you can taste & smell it then that confirms you don't have Covid. Last night I did the test 19 times & all were negative thankfully. Tonight I am going to do the test again because when I awoke this morning I had a headache &feel like I am coming down with something.
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    So the EU has acted in good faith all along in these negotiations is that right ?? NO is the answer.The way they have behaved shows me that leaving the EU was always the right decision don't be deluded anough to think that they are our friends.
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    Well after just reading a post on facebook & people having a go about either joe or dan Thompson replacing Kyle bickley in the british final at Ipswich... Well i'm astounded to read the criticism of our young & up & coming talent for instance do people not realise whilst holding down full time jobs like Newcastle's Archie Freeman's dad paul drove and mechanicked for his son on Friday Edinburgh then sunday Scunthorpe then in Monday all the way down to Plymouth fir his boy to do the best he can is pretty fantastic I can say... But just remember you doubters in the future if it ain't for our young lions trying there best now we may not have speedway in 10 years or so time
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    So all the governments around the world must be telling lies cause this bogus virus story is pretty universal and hitting a second time in lots of places. If it’s a load of lies there must be thousands upon thousands around the world complicent to the lie which to me sounds incredible.
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    I might consider it at £3-4 but definitely not a tenner. I wonder how much market research they did to come up with this price point.
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    Those one in four within the age group of 18 - 38 who had the opportunity of voting during the referendum should have got off their backsides and done so rather than showing complete apathy at the time and not bothering casting a vote. No good blaming those who carried out their democratic right in voting...the blame should be laid at the door of those who didn't.
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    And there, ladies and gents, our friend from lovely Dorset reveals his true colours, again.
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    IT WOULDNT WORK - IT DIDNT WORK The only way is for fit people to be exposed to it and hope you build immunity
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    I never even spoke to you about that . i reply to your post saying that we call the shots . Quite clearly if you have to beg and break the law to get of something you agreed and sign up for you are not calling any of the shots . i would say making a deal and sticking to it like the Eu have is very good faith
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    That must be your influence on them then because I have never heard anything like that said. We (my brother and I) own a company that deals with the mainland via Poland and Germany as well as via UK and I have never heard the ordinary European describe UK as you post. Why should they? The average European doesn't really care whether we stay or go, it's our future so it's ours to decide. The only ones that have described us as such are the EU hierarchy when attempting to get us to change our minds then wonder why our resolve to leave gets stronger. After all, why should anybody care, unless, of course, they realise the implications to the EU of UK leaving.
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    I am sure Panther you could rustle up egg and chips for him we all know we will all soon be in starvation in the coming months.
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    British speedway fans ..... ‘ why isn’t speedway moving with the times ?’ BSPA ....ok. ( during a worldwide pandemic) Here’s a livestream for the British final’ fans ..... bloody hell £13 !!!! Too dear... streaming ? I don’t have WiFi,.... I miss the smell.... I want greasy burger and chips.... BSPA... look. There’s people dying , this is the best we can do in the current situation. fans .... No way that’s it I’m done
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    How's your head this morning Steve? You had a good session on the sauce last night.
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    Trouble is the U.K. is full of racists, especially the older generation who think foreigners should never be allowed in the U.K. sad but true as it’s proved. Led by Farage and his posters of queues of Middle Eastern looking people pouring into the U.K. little do these older generation know that brexit won’t stop this, but increase the flow. These people in their last quarter of their lives have crapped over the younger generations future. There’s absolutely no chance of this country healing. Once a no deal brexit is in full swing divisions will get far worse as people won’t have the same benefits as before.
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    The EU are now showing there true colours and hopefully Johnson who is having a knightmare with Covid will put put them to the sword.We are in control now we call the shots two years ago that was not the case give it five years other countries will follow us out of the Sunken ship of the EU they are doomed as Frazer would say.!!!!!
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    £60 million sounds like a lot, but it probably equates to about £1 for every person in the UK, ye don't get much for a pound, so make your own mind up. It costs about 76p for a first class stamp to send your fine out, £60 million wont last long in man hours.
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    Oh, I see, we have to let the EU lorries in without checks, but France can do what it likes?

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