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    Well after just reading a post on facebook & people having a go about either joe or dan Thompson replacing Kyle bickley in the british final at Ipswich... Well i'm astounded to read the criticism of our young & up & coming talent for instance do people not realise whilst holding down full time jobs like Newcastle's Archie Freeman's dad paul drove and mechanicked for his son on Friday Edinburgh then sunday Scunthorpe then in Monday all the way down to Plymouth fir his boy to do the best he can is pretty fantastic I can say... But just remember you doubters in the future if it ain't for our young lions trying there best now we may not have speedway in 10 years or so time
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    British speedway fans ..... ‘ why isn’t speedway moving with the times ?’ BSPA ....ok. ( during a worldwide pandemic) Here’s a livestream for the British final’ fans ..... bloody hell £13 !!!! Too dear... streaming ? I don’t have WiFi,.... I miss the smell.... I want greasy burger and chips.... BSPA... look. There’s people dying , this is the best we can do in the current situation. fans .... No way that’s it I’m done
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    imo iversen, dudek, michelsen and lindback shouldn't get a pick. Fricke needs to score well in Torun to stand a chance of a pick. Gregory Laguta would be a good addition but I am not sure they give 3 Russians a pick.
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    I reckon they'll go top 9 plus the 4 already qualified and 2 new faces
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    Lovaas was superb for Reading, Hackney, Oxford so disappointed he could not get to grips with the White City track..Dag for me was like Scott Autrey he retired to early was always hoping both would comeback at some stage.Autrey i felt could of been persuaded to comeback in the ill fated 1984 Exeter Falcons BL venture when Ivan did home meetings only he declined unfortunately both great riders.
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    Who decided Speedway in the UK was an 'elite' sport? Was it the Govt or those who run it? Presume there had to be some set criteria? No disrespect to it but you could hardly put it at the same level as Football, Rugby, Cricket and Horse Racing.. Could it get reassessed I wonder? Go down the route of riders being semi pro at best? Many effectively 'pay to compete' given their outlay, similar to stock car drivers, so maybe the sport could be 'down graded' to whatever the stock car level is.. Change 'points money' to 'prize money' and could you then run the sport regularly at a 'non elite' level..?
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    DO you want a round of applause? It would have been at the NSS had the government not changed course.
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    In 1969 Dornier great rider 11.09???
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    Having followed this thread pretty closely and seen all the differing opinions on streaming sports I have a few observations 1. Given the current predicament obviously the stream is now the only option for the British final , some will love it and some will hate it. All depends on people's perspective of what watching Speedway means to them, the experience, cost, basically everything involved with actually being there. I don't see there being enough supporters to subscribe to streaming on a regular basis to get the income to survive. 2. Is streaming the way forward for any sport? Simple answer is no, football may be able to survive with all the TV money but probably only the bigger clubs, also sponsorship/TV may cover international sports like American football and a few others. 3. Speedway imo has no chance of survival without the paying public in the stadium. There's no real financial sponsorship, the only prize for winning the league is a trophy after all. Poland of course maybe the exception to this, whole different situation there. Whilst I fully appreciate everyone's opinions, for or against streaming as opposed to actually being there, only one answer is realistic for Speedway's survival. Seeing it live is the only way!
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    Anyway, Ive paid for the live stream as I do feel for the effort put in to put somethimg on for us, I ws never going but may watch now..
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    We all know that the noise, smell, etc. that only live speedway can give is part of the enjoyment and that also many fans would have put in a lot of effort in to be at this meeting in travel etc but just think of all the effort the Promoters have put in to try and get this meeting on, first with 2,000 fans then to have it slashed to 1,000 then a couple of days before it takes place the rug is whipped from under their feet with no fans allowed at all. The riders who agreed to take part I am sure would prefer to have fans there instead of riding in an empty stadium to what for some of them might have been their only ride this season (whether they are top riders or not is irrelevant). I have paid for the live stream and I hope as someone else said that 1,000 fans sign up to watch and even more than that would be great. At least by watching it will show to the Riders and Ipswich Promotion that we do care about Speedway and even though there will only be 2 of us watching in my house we'll be cheering on our riders (Eastbourne). As for the noise and the smell of the bikes we'll just have to use our imagination and old memories. Roll on Saturday and please dont let it rain.
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    Thanks. I too will be supporting the event but just wanted to check that it can be watched later rather than live.
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    Yes have signed up if only to support the people who put so much effort into organising the event
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    That's good. I look forward to watching further streaming. I know WMTV's standards are high and there's not much you can do in last week's situation. I've also really enjoyed the Rewinds, especially Mike's distinctive commentaries.
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    No laptop, no tablet and no wi-fi..? Where do you live? In a cave?
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    The few are those who not only disagree with what an elected government is advising, but is actively demonstrating with their actions they are ignoring any advice and mix with society in general without taking precautions. Thus, the increase that is taking place meaning the many who want to work along with the advice so restrictions can be lifted and get back to as much normality we can at any point in time.
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    Yeah he'll end up blowing a 'fuse' if he's not careful
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    Wiesław Dobruszek in his great "Mistrzostwa Świata Par" opus states expressly that 1970 Malmoe tournament was the first officially recognized World Pairs Final. 1968 Kempten was a trial meeting and after it had proven to be succesful FIM introduced the competition called FIM Best Pairs International Championship to the official fixture for 1969. In October 1969 during the FIM Congress at Ljubljana they at last decided to hold official World Pairs Championship starting from 1970. No word about posterior recognition 1969 final as the first official World Pairs Final.
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    I just get lines of text saying "You have chosen to ignore"
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    Save the covid stas to the covid thread please and not here.
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    Still the sad old dictator and know it all....give it a rest. You do whatever you like whilst the rest of us will follow and do what those that are running this country advise because that's the LAW. Now naff off back to the Covid thread with your pals so you can chew the fat about Coronavirus v Flu blah, blah, bleedin' blah 'til the cows come home.
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    Anyway, IMO it's fine to call it the British Final. Fingers crossed, that as a test event, it's not affected by this morning's news from the government. The BSPA have had to really jump the hurdles to get this on - let's hope all that hard work is not scuppered.
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    Tobias Musialak and Rasmus Jensen didn't need visas to ride for Swindon last season. Did make them British? Crump is Australian, but I have no problems in him riding in this year's British Final Actually for once I feel sorry for the BSPA, they have sweated buckets to get this event on and been met with a barrage of whinges from fans, and now there is a strong likelihood that the event will be cancelled and they'll have to foot the sunk costs.
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    Because that is the policy that has enabled this event to take place. Just remember this is a test event, and will be closely monitored, and if it's a success you never know we might just get speedway back next season. The hoops that Ipswich are having to jump through for this is unbelievable so please for the sake of the sport please abide by the rules.
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    Dan Gilkes is a lad that seems to have his head screwed on right too, looks after his supporters and sponsors and willing to take advice

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