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    Shame people can't accept an apology these days without being offended.... World gets politically madder by the day!
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    Ah, a DC2 favourite, Dr Malhotra, the often discredited and ridiculed cardiologist.
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    Every day that passes is proving that my decision not to have the experimental jab was a correct one...
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    I'm so glad the Fords have a good relationship with Mark "the Undertaker" Phillips because you would be well advised not to pi££ him off. Those of us that know Mark consider him a hard working man of his word, top bloke all-round, he fully deserves any success coming Plymouth's way in '22.
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    Well, in tha defence tha not totally wrong.
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    Dick announces police inquiry into parties earlier this morning. Now the Gray report will not be published until after the Met have finished. I keep saying it. Folks, they really do think you're stupid.
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    It's all theatre to distract from what's really going on in the Western Democracies. Look here, don't look there. WW3 started shortly after WW2 ended.
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    Another to add to the long list of pending legal cases: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/01/24/politics/georgia-trump-grand-jury/index.html
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    Surely you await his posts with bated breath!
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    My post wasn't meant as a direct comparison....just promoting the positives of the Brits inclusion. It's all we have, especially with Poland killing the sport in this country IMO. Not criticising the Poles....after all, speedway is popular there most likely coz they're sh#te at football amongst other sports....(a whole new debate...) LOL
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    large Russian minorities!!!! Do you mean when 'small is big' - or when 'big is small'?
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    There is about a six page article in Classic Speedway Issue 21 Summer 2013.......he chose between Speedway and a job and the Job won. He also went to Leningrad with the Aces in 1969
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    I hope Johnson survives. Because the scum media want him gone.
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    Yeah, I'm too used to saying England from when Poole were in the Prem, but at least I am noticing before it's pointed out now!
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    Most of us have the troll on ignore now Skids...
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    I hope I'm wrong, but don't think Basso will be on these Shores for long , specially when Poland start waving the big bucks
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    Spot on assessment mate and a rider and family who are 100% committed. Well deserved in my opinion
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    ‘Russia is about to invade Ukraine’ is the 2022 equivalent of 2003’s ‘Iraq has WMDs which can be assembled and launched within 45 minutes’. They were lying then and they’re lying again now...
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    You might regret that comment lol
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    The world was safer when he was in charge - FACT...
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    NATO still wants to position nuclear missiles just 4 minutes from Moscow, and there is no way Russia would just accept that. NATO has always been the aggressor on this, not Russia. The West continues to poke the bear with sticks, and then whines when the bear wakes up and bites them...
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    Middlo's testimonial March 25th line -ups confirmed: COUNTY CREST ALL-STARS: Bjarne Pedersen; Nicolai Klindt; Brady Kurtz; Josh G; Nico Covatti; Adam Ellis; Stefan Neilsen. MERIDIAN LIFTS HEROES: Chris Holder; Scott Nicholls; Bomber Harris; Danny King; Hans Andersen; Edward Kennett; Nick Morris (replacing Jack Holder). NB. Jack Holder's new visa only allows him to race Premiership meetings/tracks. Poole's 3 new Aussies will also have a series of match races during the evening. Normal prices - should be a good night.

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