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  2. hyabb17

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Swindon offering 241 for the BT meeting, will other clubs follow our lead!
  3. hyabb17

    Swindon 2019

    Bravo to all at Swindon....241 for the BT meeting. http://www.swindon-speedway.com/news.php?extend.3237
  4. kitten2502

    Birmingham v Leicester

    It is unfortunate that, as it stands it looks like the wrong call. However we have had some sharp showers and there are still several hours to go before the meeting would have been completed, so who knows...….
  5. Rain all day, attack the track time..
  6. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Leicester

    hindsight is an amazing thing. The weather forecasts all predicted almost 9 mm of rain in a 4 to 5 hour period and the costs promoters face with late call offs is large with no income coming in ….. this was the Brummies local derby and a big crowd was predicted …..how many would have been turned off coming with the forecasts on radio stations and tv alone ??? Promoters can't win can they ?
  7. Without being negative-the ones who in all honesty were extremely lucky to get to the old one off World Final would have to be Bryan Elliott, Howard Cole and Rick France, also maybe Ron Mountford.
  8. cityrebel

    Birmingham v Leicester

    With so few meetings to run, it shouldn't be hard to rearrange.
  9. Halifaxtiger

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Its very easy to be wise in hindsight. A rain off with riders at the track costs thousands and no promoter can afford that. As such, they simply have to trust weather forecasts and we all know how unreliable they can be. There are a few occasions when the weather is used as an excuse to call off a meeting, but most of the time no club should be blamed for postponing a meeting on the strength of a forecast that turns out to be wrong.
  10. Today
  11. If all riders are self employed,then how does a club stil hold there contract even after they have finished riding for the club? Surely they should be free to ride for whoever they want .can anyone explain this one please.
  12. I think this rule only applies to Glasgow.
  13. The Dog

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Opinions divided depending on which forecast you follow. I follow XC weather which I've always found to be pretty good and that said no rain today. Jump to the BBC and its heavy all day! Always a tough call when you have such conflicting forecasts. Remember that roads dry far quicker than tracks too.....
  14. How many do you class as coming good? I would have him down for 8
  15. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    PSC • Ipswich Witches v Swindon Robins • 25/04

    Barry will come good and help the Witches secure a 6 point win
  16. ProudtobeaBrummie

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Looks like the wrong call was made here the conditions by the looks and sounds of things would of been perfect for a speedway meeting.
  17. I fancy a home win, eastbournes side away from home looks very ropey to me at 2 and 3 50-40
  18. Is there anyone going to this meeting who would be able to text updates to the Updates site? If so, could you please send me a private message which includes your mobile number. Thanks
  19. Doyle, Batchelor, Ellis, Musielak, Lampart to get 45 between them. Witches 44-46 Robins
  20. iris123

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Have to agree with Steve in that it would be easier to name the not so friendly riders. But we don’t want to start any negativity and quite frankly I can’t think of any The one who sticks in my mind and I have mentioned it a couple of times was Bob Paulson, who was both friendly and mental in a crazy way. Out of the blue whilst waiting in the pits with a friend started calling me the wizard. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he signed my book to ‘the wizard’ and I still have that somewhere around !!
  21. Eagles only need a draw to top the table so they will be up for it and have a bit of an 'each way' bet knowing that if they fail then a win at Birmingham will also suffice. The key tonight must be which Bomber Harris turns up. He can be so inconsistent. Think it will go to heat 15 and should be a good meeting.
  22. SomersetBlue

    Rebels Vs Eagles Wed 24th April

    Going to be close tonight Kerr and Lawson ride the track well, Kennett is 50/50 but in good form. Atkins is a much different prospect at the OTA than he was at Arlington. Grobauer has been decent so far as has Covatti. Kurtz shouldn't be as bad as he was at Arlington either so i'm going for a slight Rebels win.
  23. steve roberts

    Once a Jolly Swagman

    Always worth a view.
  24. Swindon’s top four will need to score 40 to give us a chance anywhere on the road. The Ipswich reserves should carry them to a 6 point win.
  25. Fixer2

    Poole 2019

    Looks very nice.... "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" springs to mind!
  26. Having seen both sides already. 50-40 imho Heats Leaders cancel out, just favour home side though. Reserves - Eastbourne - Wood and Brennan would beat Atkins and Rowe 8 times out of 10 in NL Racing. Middle Order - Somerset - Kurtz is key as he is far better at Oak Tree than Bowtell and Morley and great chance for the German to impress too.
  27. You might be close Doris, could well be a tight meeting and should be a corker.
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