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  1. Asking who is vaccinated is one thing, insisting your employees are vaccinated opens up a complete can of worms. As if companies have not got enough on their plates right now……
  2. Are you saying I was moaning then? Do you know me? And what happens when an employee refuses to get vaccinated? What does the company do then? Disciplinary action? Then maybe industrial tribunal?
  3. Pass the buck and responsibility onto employers as usual: ‘Good idea’ for companies to insist staff are fully vaccinated, says Grant Shapps Transport secretary says he expects UK firms will require employees to be double-jabbed.
  4. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Post from a trucker very good mate. Thanks Rai: Yep, it's quite bad. It is brexit. TV and radio saying that we have to self isolate because of being pinged its total bulrubbish. A lot of drivers have left the country because of brexit and new IR35 tax rules. Look at the motorway services at night, before brexit all the truck stops and motorways was rammed with foreign trucks, now you bearly see any. My both uncles used to come every two weeks to uk delivering stuff from all over Europe, but since brexit they haven't been here once. Just to much hassle and cost. Why come here and deal with all that, when you can roam Europe with no hassle what so ever.
  5. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    It is already hitting the supply chain very hard and I would expect the local economy as well.
  6. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Indeed: There has been good news for Mr Brennan, Mr Poole and 25 other Honda apprentices. All have been taken on immediately by other manufacturing firms in the town. I met Mr Brennan at his new job, making machines that recycle soft plastics, the flimsy wrappers and films that normal recycling plants cannot handle. Recycling Technologies is a brand new company in a shiny new shed, just a few hundred yards from the giant car factory. "It's fantastic work," he said.
  7. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    In Tokyo, Honda executives denied the decision had anything to with Brexit but it came as the British government was in deadlock over whether to stay in the European Single Market or leave, and risk 10% export tariffs on sales to the EU. Prof Graves is convinced Brexit played a crucial part. He said: "The Swindon factory was world-class but because we chose to pull out of Europe, which was the most important market to Honda, they chose to stick with America and Japan. "Brexit was the straw that broke the camel's back."
  8. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Honda workers in Swindon face 'reality check' after car plant closes. https://twitter.com/BBCWiltshire/status/1420334904936632321?s=20
  9. Could be a Hurricane, a lot of people make that mistake!!
  10. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I have had 5 apprenticeship positions for my engineering/manufacturing facilities available since the start of 2021 and can’t fill them. (2 did start and then packed up!) Schools label manufacturing as a ‘dirty’ industry with no future so no wonder young people do not want to train as an engineer. I have actually been into schools to try and get the point across to students that manufacturing is an exciting career which can be a very rewarding career. Having said all that I have a 24 year old who is running one of the factories and doing a brilliant job. He originally went to uni to study finance and found it boring and gave it up after 2 years and said he wanted to do something with his ‘hands’ so I took a punt on him and it paid off. But he is definitely the exception to the rule. So I don’t accept it is that difficult for young people, they need to have more staying power and be prepared to have to start at the bottom on lowish pay and work hard to get promotion. Schools and colleges don’t seem to recognise this progression and tell young people they can go straight into well paid jobs and/or go to uni and then everything will be rosy in the employment garden. These are the issues in my opinion as I have seen them at first hand.
  11. They certainly won’t be coming back on a BA 747 as they don’t have any anymore!
  12. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    We were told this was Project Fear!!!
  13. dj350z

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Brexit -- the effects of which kicked in at the start of the year -- means hiring migrant pickers from eastern Europe is now much harder. Fruit and vegetables are being left to rot in England as Brexit deters migrants from taking up picking jobs. Farmers have told Euronews that restrictions to freedom of movement have had a "devastating" impact. Brexit -- the effects of which kicked-in at the start of the year -- means hiring migrant pickers from eastern Europe is now much harder.
  14. Not worried about the Triple Lock then Blu?….
  15. That's a lethal concoction to mix!!!

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