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    Buxton Speedway have been in the 3 tear of British Speedway longer than any other club in this Country, They have produced many riders that now ride in the Top 2 Leagues Plus a GP rider, you don’t have that kind of History by conning the Public, For goodness sake get of there Backs, By the way I was at the meeting in Question there was no way that meeting should have been Cancelled, Keep up the excellent work Buxton,
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    But it wont Might as well have a two day world final in Amsterdam and hope for a Dutch speedway revival. This argument of stimulating interest in small nations is as false as it has always been. And I can't believe it is still being used.
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    Were not allowed to discuss it apparantly !!!!
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    BS. Its not like excuse me could I please check on my team mate who is lying there with a broken leg because the captain is unavailable right now. I won't get a ban or a fine will I? No excuses. Kurtz, Sundstrom and the Poles should have gone out and checked on Stefan too. There wouldn't be any repercussions for checking on Stefan. If that was a certain Rye House rider lying on the shale with a broken leg then you can bet your entire bank account on Harris and Nicholls checking up on the rider. And why would Harris and Nicholls check on the rider.......Well it's simple really isn't it........In case you didn't know it's because they are team players.
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    I actually think bringing 'ex fans' back is a lot easier than generating new ones.. And let's face it, there are a big number of 'ex fans' on EVERY clubs' doorstep... There are many, many social media outlets to browse, not to mention the Speedway Stars letter pages over the past ten years or so if Promoters still need a clue... If each track could get just 500 of these 'ex fans' back it would make a huge difference to the Sport. (An incredible 'small' number in the grand scheme of things but that just shows how far the sport has regressed).. Listen to why they stopped going, lose the egotistical attitude of "we are right, they are wrong, and if it wasnt for us there would be no Speedway" and put fixes in place to correct what is wrong... As a starting point... Credibilty, integrity, with an evening of entertainment at a price point commensurate with what's actually on offer...
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    That is what Rosco is good at he backs his judgement on a rider and installs confidence in them.Adam and Zach are two prime examples Adam really has come on well and he will keep impoving the same with Zach he had a nasty injury last year so it has took him time but i see him getting his average above 4 by the end of the season.Another thing that has never been mentioned Rosco naming young Anders Rowe at number 8 ok he wont get many opportunities but how good was that for Anders being there at the pressday gaining experience and being shown that he is part of a longterm plan. Rosco was a young Sprocket at one time he had to work hard to come through the system and was given a chance so he understands the ins/ outs of the sport. Swindon as a club are going in the right direction i just hope the crowds hold up the club deserve that.
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    Utter Nonsense.
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    Were you there? It happened right in front of me. The medics were on the case. Riders are told not to get in the way of medics. Let the medics do their jobs, if you are lying there in pain you don’t want riders gathered around you asking if you are alright. You want medics attending to you. You really are clueless, as are your multitudes of other aliases. Now go and bother the Swindon fans with your Reading alias.
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    One of the biggest problems this sport has got and as had for a long time is no regulation on equipment , if GM were to make a new super short stroke 100mm piston 60stroke engine and it proved to be faster but it doubled the cost, every rider would get one and speedway would allow it because it fits in with the vague regulation we have now, so it doubles the cost overnight but has no benifit to the sport at all, it doesn’t bring one person through the turnstiles and this has been happening since the street engine in the 70s and not just with engines, there should be a technical committee that looks at new products and that product should have 3 questions asked of it. 1. is it a safety benefit . 2. Does it do anything to improve the sport,. 3 does it reduce costs for the competitor ,if it doesn’t tick at least 1 box its get thrown out
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    What a bit of business to sign Adam and Zach on full time deals. Zach getting better every week and Ellis gotta be the most improved rider in both leagues this season.
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    What a genius discovering the unheard of Josh Auty. Matt we bow down to you.
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    Those who believe that "all is well" and only praise the hard work and commitment of speedway promoters are looking through rose tinted glasses. Emperors New Clothes syndrome. Only by looking at how the sport is run in the UK objectively and taking on a wide range of points of view, about what is wrong and how that can be improved, will positive change ever happen. With that could come a new generation of fans ( and the return of some of those who have walked away ). What ailing business would ignore feedback and not find a way to use that information to change for the better? Look at how things change in the High Street or with any retail operation. Burying heads in the sand and "carrying on regardless" is the way to extinction.
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    I guess it gives someone the opening to voice an opinion and while it may relate to a general theme regarding the state of speedway in the U.K. the idea of the forum is generally provide a platform to make point. Many other threads are from disgruntled, disappointed or disillusioned supporters and the one common factor is that on this side of the fence many fans old and new are not happy with the direction things are going and on the other side you have those who are merely custodians at a point in time, totally disregarding the swell of opinion. All the hot air that the BSPA come out with re FRN and top riders coming back etc and a minority believing that it will happen one day are both wide of the mark. Possibly a waste of time but I guess the point will be proven one way or another when we see who comes to the tapes in 2019 What is not in doubt is that Speedway in the U.K. cannot financially support top riders of GP standard. U.K. speedway needs to find its own level and stop pretending that it can compete at the highest level at this point in time. It cannot and the sooner that the realisation hits home and that financially and tactically team building does not need to revolve around top GP riders or the Danes, Swedes and Poles. U.K. is probably more on a level with Germany, Italy, Czech, France and other lesser nations so why not accept it. Rebuild using British and other European options, reinstate test matches home and abroad, introduce North and South Leagues with the chance of more travelling support to away matches and put the sport back to being weekly fixtures between say May and September. Either side of this period clubs can run whatever fixtures they want. Introduce standard bikes which could mean rider skills are improved rather than the gate and go merchants that grace the tracks today. This not turning the clock back but trying to build for a future which ensures clubs survive. The fact that some believe less meetings are better as it reduces the potential losses beggars belief. That is only putting off the inevitable. The only way perhaps those in charge might listen is to receive a written petition from the fans delivered in person to BSPA HQ with as much publicity as one can muster. Will the sport survive across the country as it stands, probably not but it does have a chance if they stop looking at it through rose tinted glasses and hanging on to the very few good points such as the young talent coming through and start looking at trying to entertain the fans. As has been said so many times, it is a spectacle if the racing is close and good, but it is simple, four riders, four laps on equal machinery. Why complicate it when the reality is it is dangerous, fast and furious the riders put their lives at risk. Sell it as it is. One final point, if only they could try and promote the racing in a a similar vein to the FIM and its trailers for Ice Speedway. The film, music etc is very good and gets across, the cut, thrust, speed and danger.
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    To be fair, he is entitled to do it if the audience are not respectful, and don't want to listen. If someone has a go at me when I have agreed to give them my night I would walk, the least the audience can do is be respectful.
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    I'm telling you a fact if you don't like it don't reply. Riders could have gone out there and stood together as a team whilst the medics were checking on Nielsen. Yet they didn't because the team spirit is crap. End of.
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    Does it really matter if it is a rule or not? Just because riders don’t go running to the unfortunate casualty doesn’t mean they don’t care for their team mate. The absolute priority is immediate medical attention.
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    Good grief. Look at my post wishing him well but hey nothing like a mass over reaction. To clarify i wish him well in his recovery, however just like with Lunna who i also wish makes a full recovery the need for the team continues.
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    That's load of bull both Masters and Heeps came out to check on Thorssell when he fell at Leicester on Monday.
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    Clearly you have no idea of the rules. Team manager and captain only ones allowed on track to support injured rider. As josh was in the heat, Worrall went and checked on his mate. Riders would just get in the way of medics.
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    I went to see Piotr at the end of the season one year at Poole against Lakeside he got a paid max worth the entrance fee to see him.
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    I think the Somerset promotion deserve a thumbs up after having issues with the track they seem to have got it sorted quickly unlike many other tracks who just let any issues carry on. Wish I lived closer to the OTA , always enjoy my visits
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    Thanks Heather, as I wouldn't be taking my car to the speedway the time factor rules our visit out. Regards Tich.
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    Hugely impressed by Flint last night Was IMO the best aside from Bewley in terms of looking like a real racer Loved his all action style
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    Grateful thanks to the supporters at Berwick from all at Birmingham for their generosity in holding a collection to help Mitchell Davey even though he is not one of their riders. Delighted to report that the overall amount raised is now touching £7,000 -twice the original target. Thanks again to everyone at Berwick. Wonderfully caring people.

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