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    Around 2.5 million
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    I would prefer Knudsen to Vissing as well. I know there’s not a lot of riders out there etc, but that’s a lot of points limit not used. Haven’t got an answer either unfortunately.
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    I would prefer Knudsen to Vissing , he has always looked good at our place than he did at Berwick
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    I’m just going off what I was told by someone involved in the management at Berwick that they are aware of a couple of clashes and aren’t concerned
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    Don’t panic As is often the case with that poster what they know and what they think they know are completely different. Drew may miss a couple of meetings but this was known by Berwick and facilities are allowed in those instances.
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    That was a huge surprise yesterday, hopefully, instead of building lots of little brick walls on the site, Brandon Estates have just run into a massive one themselves.
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    heat 15 doesn't count towards average
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    No harm in dropping him a line and asking him to investigate the goings on at Swindon. Oliver.Holt@dailymail.co.uk
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    A great servant to British Speedway, you always knew he was going to be at a meeting, no mysterious illnesses, van breakdowns, always gave 100% and showed enjoyment when he won races with his straight arm fist pump. Always supported British Speedway when others were jumping ship. Probably should have been World Champion when he was riding at his absolute peak (when he was Hans N Andersen ) if he could have combined his form from 2007 & 2008... who knows? I can't ever remember seeing a better exponent of the block pass, hard riding up the inside of a rider and just parking it in front of him, I'd never really seen that before. I hope he gets granted a farewell meeting, he fully deserves it!
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    Kemp has the ability, but lacks 'mentality and physicality' IMO!
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    Playing devils advocate here but all Redcar need to do is find a rider with a higher average than the points they currently have left and ask the bspa to up the limit slightly… precedent has been set by Edinburgh so happy days haha.
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    Surely those images that came out over the weekend of the excavator struggling with the conditions at Plymouth must be considered a PR mistake. I cannot believe more has not been made of the very poor conditions. Compare those images to the ones released by Leicester of their new training track and the early winter work that has obviously been going on with the main track.
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    Not sign a badly injured rider perhaps?
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    They could always alter the averages to get him.As they have done in NDL.( in the best interests of the sport rule).!!
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    And you will only open your doors when your best employees tell you they can get into work, as they all have other jobs, rather than when your customers would like you to open... Resulting in inconsistent, sporadic, opening hours, which can sometimes see you close your doors for up to a month... And these best employees will also be given your blessing to go and work for your competition, as and when your competition are short staffed, helping your competitors to actually do better than you in your chosen field of business.. And for that, as you can probably imagine, I am out....
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    Did it jog your memory then ? like you i couldn’t believe that anyone with any speedway nouse would not want JD in their team as he is a class act. I miss not seeing him ride for Swindon any longer.

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