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    Just seen a tweet that he is not riding for Poole tomorrow against the Bloaters as personal issues remain unsolved. Strangely they are solved in Poland
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    C'mon SL get your washing out,the shower from Dorset won't arrive until about 17:30-18:00
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    Oh god, don't open up the can of worms that is the difference between "raceable" and "rideable"
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    I was in Manchester last evening on a business trip so went along to this meeting and see the NSS. Had a good evening, meal in peter craven lounge, grandstand seat. Early rain drained away and there were some fine races. Only KK any good for rye house. Chatted with a couple of BV fans who were good company. Back home in Poole now looking forward to Thursday with the Pirates.
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    Ooops! Yarmouth.
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    Ford seems to be the best promotor in terms of finding ways around the rules, or as some say, using them to the full. Don't always work first time around. He takes no prisoners.. I think Matt Ford Fan is his son
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    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1944049679002275&id=129552893785305 Dan the man's heat 15 win
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    holder will be back in the team once the averages change. with the teams poor form and averages going down and Chris being low himself the changes will be coming.
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    Id say that before a wheel was turned this season most wouldve expected the Witches to hit 60 in this one. Now 50 would be delightful and 46 accepted gratefully! Time for the boys to stand up and be counted. Sitting in a corner moping and feeling sorry for yourself is not the way to sort things out. Chin up, chest out, tell yourself youre good enough (because you are!) and then go out and prove it.
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    Shovvy aint bothered about the weather for tonight as he isn't going to this one. He has to pack his Speedo's and rolled up sports sock tonight ready to leave for his annual Holiday in Skegness on Thursday
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    This is an excellent rainfall radar, updated every 5 minutes, for those wanting to keep an eye on the showers. Hopefully there won't be any. If you hit the "anim on" tab at the top, you can see which way they are travelling. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
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    It's 70 years to the day that the first meeting took place at wimborne road
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    Common sense would dictate that 14 riders all on track at full speed at the same time would be a disaster waiting to happen. hot laps are rider doing laps at full speed in relative safety. I thought anyone with with an iota of sense could see the difference.
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    If Middlo has lost the passion to get the team going why don't Poole go for Stewart Dickson former team manager at Glasgow? In a lot of people's opinion one of the best managers in British speedway and would maybe relish the new challenge. Was he not going to be stand in for Middlo the other week, I read somewhere that Matt Ford had asked Dickson to take the team as Middlo was on holiday. Yous could do worse
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    Starman the only person who can refer to someone as Steve and then later ask 'Who's Steve?'
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    Been ☔️ no since midday so it was the right call
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    13 from 16 for Freddy is very impressive and probably pays well. Really good to see Nicki have a good start. Love or hate him what a brilliant competitor he remains. Box office.
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    Never be as good as fast freddie
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    They might not get another chance!
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    I seem to remember the same being said about Adam last year. ( when people conveniently forget he was riding with a broken wrist) Give Davey time, I’m sure he’ll come good. Believe me. For a young rider to be seeing fans calling for him to be replaced isn’t a good thing.
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    I also agree that Will is doing a good job. His use of reserve switches has been very on the ball. As for Neil Vatcher, whilst he may indeed not have been an inspiring team manager, he does seem to have done an excellent job with the youth speedway set up. There has been a steady stream of kids with high potential coming through the system in the last two or three years. Perhaps he's found his calling?
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    Strange that Poole fans were talking pre-season about how strong thier line-up was and the other teams were just there to make up the numbers. Here we are not even anywhere near the end of April and they want changes. Fickle old lot down Dorset way.
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    I like the Star, to me it's been in a far better state than the sport for years. The improvements look good to me, on a purely personal level I would like more technical articles about the machines and tracks but realise most wouldn't. The balance at the moment is probably about right for the majority, few , if any, other minority sports get anything near as good as the Speedway Star. Can't understand the gripes about too much Grasstrack or overseas coverage, it's not like you can't just flip past those pages if you have no interest and those who do have an interest appreciate it.

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