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    You are defending the indefensible again. It was a poor crowd nobody can deny that and the track was awful.
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    if ever you needed to see just how speedway is spiralling downwards in the UK then last night was a prime example of it. Very small crowd with the average age above at least 45. Track an absolute disgrace. Little in the way of entertainment. Not one GP/World Class rider on show. As a spectacle and as a advert for the sport it probably did more harm than good.
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    Tatum’s fault. Went around vandalising it before the meeting by sting a bloody screwdriver in it!
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    It’s always been said that a longer meeting means more food, drink and bar sales for Buster and I can’t think of a reason which trumps that one.
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    Well that was an excruciating watch tonight. Never did I think I would see the once mighty Poole in this state. Awful meeting on a dangerous track with bumps, inconsistent preparation and a large blue groove. The shabbily turned out Pirates , residing in what looks like a rundown stadium in front of the lowest crowd I've seen for a Poole TV match. If anybody was in any doubt that the sport is on life support this was it.
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    Have you checked out Buster’s prices ?
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    Is BT Sport helping the demise of speedway ??? Surely Tattum/Pearson and the other so called experts know what a poor race track Wimborne road is? yet they still decide to televise there, when they could have easily gone to Kings Lynn for a local derby match....surely the atmosphere and the racing would have been better from an entertainment spectacle?
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    As a good friend of mine said a long time ago...... whatever you do , do not take Speedway seriously... just enjoy the racing if you are lucky enough to watch at a good track. By the way he started watching Exeter in the 50s...
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    Meetings like tonights on live TV are hardly a good advert for any potential buyers or investors
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    People who dress their poor little dogs in teeshirts etc Dogs are born with fur, to keep them warm etc. On facebook you get photo's of these "cute" puppies/dogs laying in bags etc with clothing on, the poor little blighters are panting like mad because they are so hot. I get the coats that keep them dry when out exercising, but take the damn thing off when they come in
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    I would agree with all of that. The track wasn’t good. We all know that but the expected venom thrown on this thread was as expected. The track at Swindon last bank holiday evening was far worse than last night and caused Doyle to withdraw with an injury. Wasn’t on tv though for everyone to witness. Wimborne Road is a fantastic racetrack. We all know that. I hope the work about to be undertaken brings it back to its best.
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    All people do is slate other teams tracks these days. You lot are spoiled each week with the best track in the country where as we have had sh1te for years. So yeah last night was good in my eyes.
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    Interesting topic. Speaking to my dad who went to Halifax 1965-84 I think he would disagree with it been a horrible track. His view was that it was super fast (perhaps only Crewe faster?) and caught a lot of visiting riders out. Back then the spectacle of speedway was so exciting and coupled with the noise and slug of air at the back of the Shay main stand it was thrilling (similar times eh?) Another poster mention Chris Pusey who remains my dad's favourite ever rider and after watching speedway for over 50 years that's pretty good going. A friend of his has actually reproduced an exact Chris Pusey replica bike but that's for a different thread Onto Bradford... Another track around a pitch. I'd say for most of the 20 years racing at Odsal was generally OK. Decent shape and plenty wide enough. Then in the last few years before closure with the likes of Wigg, Loram, Screen, Sean Wilson the track was prep'd in such a way that you could see visually the outside of the bends was thick with extra dirt. All of sudden you had the most tremendous race track. Just wished they'd done it 15 years earlier!!
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    Some people are getting so much older and predictable in what they say. Some just repeat the same thing over and over again
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    You must have all grasped by now that the tractor racing is, in fact, a kind of meditation for Buster, or therapy to allow him to recover from the stresses of controlling UK speedway - saving it ( some say ) from extinction. All of that comes at a cost and I don't mean of the financial kind. It is a mental battle dealing with all of the suspicious snipings and the only place Buster can refresh himself is behind the tractor wheel, The laps fly by and he is far removed from all of the horridness that speedway encompasses for him. And as we know the opinion of fans is also far from his mind ( in fact when out there "improving " the track those opinions are not in his mind at all ). Someone else said - due to the poor quality of racing ( and the tractor therapy for the boss ) "it’s once in s blue moon at Lynn for me as it just doesn’t feel worth £18. It’s a pity as I hardly missed a meeting for thirty odd years." And since the creation of the track for me I hardly missed a match - it was my beloved " Oh Yes!" place. Last night I preferred to watch the Live TV match ( which was appalling 3/10 ). That match at Poole showed clearly why it better not to show UK league racing on TV as it puts people off from going to see it in the stadium. That's what it does for me, except when it's from the NSS.
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    at least I am honest in what I say not the normal rubbish you write .actually its a treat that you don't post as much on here these days still onward and upward .roll on Thursday week ps as you seem to know everything you tell me why gates are down more and more these days
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    I’m a self employed gardener so extremely busy this time of year and I just don’t get home from work early enough to get to Lynn without rushing around like a blue arsed fly and having to eat a rat burger at the stadium for tea. If the racing was better and I was able to get home a bit earlier afterwards I might pop along a little more often but as it is it’s once in s blue moon at Lynn for me as it just doesn’t feel worth £18. It’s a pity as I hardly missed a meeting for thirty odd years.
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    Lucky you. I can immediately forget things without falling asleep.
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    Have a chat with ya self,,, he was awsome tonight and deserves every bit of credit,, but that's one good meeting so far,,,,, now if he does that week in week out I will eat as much humble pie one man can eat,,,, until that happens, the only pie I will be eating is chicken and mushroom.
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    Some excellent racing tonight and a good team performance, particularly as our number 1 looked a little under horse power. Top marks to Troy (thanks also for the -1 v Polar), particularly in heat 15 as he cut back on the inside to go from third to first. Trapping is sublime and looking fast in front. Kid is looking a sensational signing on a similar average to Alpen a couple of seasons ago. A superb last to first ride in heat 8 getting up on the line, it was like watching Jamie Spencer at his best (that’s a joke by the way cos I think he’s a liability - Spencer not Razza). Must be the first name on the 2020 team sheet. Adam quietly went about his business and I thought Perks deserved more than his 3 point tally. His effort could not be faulted. For the Aces, I thought Lee Adams had returned, so similar was Fricke’s style. Quick and has a liking for the Blunsdon circuit, unfortunately, he had no support and tbh, I thought the Aces looked a bit Dennis Bergkamp (poor travellers) to me. A crucial time for Rosco. Stick, or twist. I think twist. I love Alpen, the rider not the muesli, but if he is out for any length of time then changes must be made, particularly if we can get Razza at reserve.
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    Never thought I would say this but to see Poole Speedway like that is sad .. No crowd a cow pat of a track and stadium looking like a tip ..The grass in the center green was not even cut .. The meeting itself was garbage and that is being kind .
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    Ok. I’ll just end with this. Troy Batchelor who is never shy in coming forward has praised the track after the meeting. Said if you give him the tools to do his job he will preform like that. Said he’s enjoying turning up & not worrying about the track & bike set ups as the track has improved & will only get better. Now some may say “he’s a home rider, he’s bound to say that”....this is Batch, we will know he doesn’t stand for crap & we’ve seen this at Swindon so to say riding side by side was “dangerous” has massively over egged it.
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    Track still looks in better shape than Wimbourne Road

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