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    The full line up is now on the BSPA site. What I find totally disgusting is that a team have put their press and practice day on the same day as the Ben Fund meeting and forced one of their riders to withdraw from the Ben Fund meeting. Even worse is that the Ben Fun meeting was moved to accommodate the very same team with their now cancelled opening meeting.
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    BREAKING NEWS... Diane Abbott has self isolated in a room with 15 other people.
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    I see the idiot is in full swing again, thank heavens i put the twot on ignore nice and early ....
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    Certainly exceptional to tell people what they could have, and probably did, work out for themselves but the one important question that you know jack about & you claim diplomatic immunity - how about accepting a ban for being a mentalist
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    ...great speedway pic included. Scroll down. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8095877/The-pictures-shortlisted-Sony-World-Photography-Awards-youth-student-categories.html
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    Peterborough obviously don't want to try to find a compromise that will suit all parties. Us BB holders are told in our terms and conditions that misuse of the badge can result in it being taken away. If, and I say if, staff were being abused the badge number should have been taken, it's on the front of the badge, and also the car reg and then report the incident to the appropriate Council. Also that particular BB number could have been banned from using disabled parking in future at Peterborough. Why should all BB holders tarnished due to the actions of one person. As someone else said all badge holders could also be told they will have to wait for a bit longer to exit the car park. As for the excuse of people walking about and car movement etc how do people get to their cars in the main car park - fly - there is the same chance of an accident there as anywhere else.
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    This meeting had to happen at the start of the season..with all the excitement of the oncoming season.waste of time cramming it in at the end when no one is interested...again I ask the question..why can't they just close the grandstand for this one meeting and let it go ahead?
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    Although it’s not really the fault of THJ on this occasion he really can’t be trusted in the UK. Only ever appears interested in part seasons when it suits.
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    Alot of people said Fricke would never make a GP rider, and apart from maybe Smektala,Drabik, Lambert, Kubera it is all to play for to reach the series in the future.
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    Quite clear that it isn't regionalised (All seven clubs will field their own four-man team, who will race their opponents over six heats on a one-home, one-away basis after Premiership matches between the respective sides.) but as the Premiership isn't exactly a nationwide competition like the Championship, the travel isn't too big a burden. Six home meetings can be accomodated in the warmer, lighter summer nights when spectators are happier to stay on to watch the juniors. As long as the promoters all take it seriously, use their own junior riders and encourage spectarors to stay and watch, it can succeed. All it needs to be a success is for one gilt-edged UK prospect to emerge from this mini-league every year, and that's job done.
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    Mike Bacon, local journalist from the Ipswich Star with his prediction.
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    I too was there all day on Saturday -mostly to see the new generation of UK speedway riders ( and some were truly exceptional ). It was a well organised and very intersting day - the 2 Brothers Stunt Team were excelllent. However on the attendance it sounds like VERY rose tinted glasses were counting, as I estimated there were less than a well supported regualr speedway match! 1.500 tops and that in great weather for the time of the year.
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    This is not why I go to speedway certainly don't look forward to seeing it ,anyone can try too hard make a mistake but not just knock someone off and act in such an arrogant manner afterwards there is nothing endearing in that !
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    Were I able to prostrate myself in prayer that that would come about I would. And although "Nothing is impossible with God" those who listen only to Mammon rarely listen to His directions. Free will exists especially for the Management of Peterborough Speedway!
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    Major overhaul needed there, the problems began a long time before Jose came in and seem irreversible with the current squad.
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    So... Swap a 6.9 former GP rider for a 5.4 never gonna be. Is that the only change? I guess THJ sold a few season tickets.
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    I just don't get this idea that the party you don't vote for are automatically wrong on every subject. I voted Conservative (and have done for years) and think the current Labour party is a complete mess but that doesn't mean I have to disagree with every policy and move they make. There are some Labour policies I would like to see the government pinch and put in place, I don't disagree just because of who said something. As for strategies for this virus I would say that if you go too far too soon then by the time (and if) the more drastic reductions in movement are needed people will be starting to ignore them. You can only put big restrictions in place for a very short time if you want people to abide by them. As was pointed out by a doctor today when talking about Cheltenham festival, thousands of people in a big, relatively open area are probably at less risk than a couple of hundred in a more confined area such as a workplace or wedding.
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    Bring back Joe or is he otherwise disposed?
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    Dr Harries on BBC Breakfast News: "The virus will not survive very long outside," she said. "Many outdoor events, particularly, are relatively safe."" So self isolate and stay indoors... errmmm...
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    It was a STAFF meeting, therefore Staff business and not yours
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    JD a tough rider, give him half a space he’s going to be ruthless - no different to lindgren, zmarzlik and most of the other riders fighting for world championship at the sharp end, crump, gollob were always ruthless racers as were many other world champions including Nicki - where Nicki has differed over the years is consistently is taking it one stage further and rather than just racing hard deliberately riding the man into the fence, he’s also guilty of laying on people taking the fall and conning the ref countless times throughout his career - I agree with you Nicki can be treated harshly at times as a result of his reputation but frankly he has himself to blame imo
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    He wanted to run it at Newcastle this season but with the doubt about continuing in 2020 he had to opt for another track not his fault.. but the Newcastle promotion are doing a lot to help his day be a success...
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    I've just finished Tai's book "Raw Speed"... or as it should have been called "It Is What It Is". And while it was very interesting to read his take on things (I still can't make head nor tail of why he punched Ben Barker, other than they were both drunk) I have to say that I don't think I've ever read a more poorly written "Autobiography" and I've read a few. At least a third of the book must be pure filler as it goes off at tangents giving irrelevant and needless details and giving you history of who people are and and venues etc. Which quite clearly haven't been penned (or even thought of, I suspect) by Tai. And if I had a pound for every time I read the sentence "As I've mentioned before"... Take away all of the filler and I don't think it's anything more than an extended Speedway Star interview. 6/10
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    Except that it was couched in terms to have a dig at not “some Brexiteers “as you know try to claim but “the Brexiteers “ collectively only 3 days after you “liked “ a post by orion criticising someone for doing exactly the same thing as you now do . Smoking gun in hand, large hole in foot

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