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    No, it was Harris' spare tyre. Would explain the difficulty zipping up his kevlars.
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    More misdirection to confuse the people whilst they're beavering away under the surface
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    Let’s hope Steve Rees pulls in really decent crowds, gets his investment back and some. Speedway could then leap frog on his success at some point in the future.
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    Its not just the amount of matches for Tero (and i don't believe any professional should be short of laps at this stage of the year) its the timing and availability of replacements. If as suggested there is a strong rider in the UK looking for rides and a rider in the team under performing and not contributing to the team then changes have to be strongly considered. No rider is bigger than any club and a positive message to loyal fans may be what is needed (plus wake up any others who have been off their game)
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    May I just hazard a guess that vaccines have already changed that!
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    DC2 is completely and utterly obsessed with all things COVID related. He is 100% consistent, on here all day every single day posting his opinion when he finds a snippet of news or media info. which matches his agenda. I've read most of his posts in recent months and the same message comes through day after day after day. He has his OPINION which he is entitled to have, however he refuses to even consider anyone else's OPINION if it differs from his. The media etc. have a job to do and each and every person can decide for themselves whether they wish to believe what's being reported or not. Pretty much the whole world has been dealing with the pandemic is a similar way, most of the world leaders (not all) are following similar paths with lockdowns etc. however one chap sat at home (with a couple of buddies) keeps on telling us they're all wrong...just because that's his OPINION and he spends hours every day finding snippets of news which support that OPINION. Lockdowns have knock on effects, we all know they do, but it's the way the world has and continues to deal with the pandemic. Nothing is going to change that. Period.
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    Finally, a Sage scientist who talks sense, although not sufficiently so for the BBC to stop its scaremongering: Another member of Nervtag, professor of sociology Robert Dingwall, told Times Radio he hadn't seen anything in the latest data to make a case for postponing relaxing restrictions. He said the younger age groups who were not vaccinated faced "much lower risk", adding that "many of the scientists who've been talking over the weekend simply haven't adjusted their expectations to understand that (for these people) Covid is a mild illness in the community". Contrast those wise words with this Sage clot, Adam Finn: "The idea that somehow the job is done is wrong - we've still got a lot of people out there who have neither had this virus infection nor yet been immunised and that's why we're in a vulnerable position right now”. The only people who have not yet been offered jabs are the under 30s and haven’t we been told day after day that it has been they who have been responsible for spreading the virus, so even if they haven’t been jabbed they should have antibodies and T cells!
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    He/She/They* obviously thought that it was one of their alter egos answering the second time... He/She/They* spent most of the thread agreeing with Himself/Herself/Themself* and probably got a tad "confused".... Which seems to happen to Him/Her/Them* quite a lot... * Delete as applicable due to personal identifying protocol....
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    A refreshingly polite and respectful answer. Good to have you here! This aint an easy issue at all. There's a couple the same age as myself and the wife, who met at the same sixth form years ago. Acquaintances really. You'd be hard pressed to find a more ordinary Devon couple of childhood sweethearts. Like us they had kids and one of their children was born a hermaphrodite. As far as I understand, they had to decide choose what the child would be raised predominantly as. At some point they would also have the decision to make whether to have a medical procedure undertaken, either before the child is old enough to understand or when the child is older, understands more and could consent to any procedure. Either way, its a position I wouldn't wish on anyone. Any parent just wants their child to be healthy, happy, be accepted by others, make friends and get on in the world. Yet right from day 1, all this becomes massively more difficult because of social stigmas, amplified by cheap shots from lazy bigoted columnists, click bait commentators and yep, by ordinary ignorant keyboard warriors. Around 25% of children who are trans or non-binary attempt suicide. That's a terrible stat and with a more open-minded society, it wouldn't be like that.
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    One of those riders who were never destined to be a World Champ, but seemed to ride every race as if it was his last... You would never feel short changed watching Martin Dixon.. Best wishes to him.
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    If Speedway is second best when it comes to numbers of spectators / profitability etc. then you have to accept that , and be thankful that the Stock Car promoter is happy to share a track with speedway Too many Speedway fans moan about sharing a stadium with Stock Cars, greyhounds, etc. yet it is often the other activities that keep the stadium going as a business
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    50 in comparison to the thousands lost already to Brexit... https://smallbusinessprices.co.uk/brexit-index/
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    Saw very similar yesterday (be one long lesson if it was the same car) L plate attached under the rear wiper that was stopped mid rear screen. No chance or seeing correctly via the rear view mirror or using the rear wiper if needed and was doing around 12mph. I know everyone has to start somewhere but the 'clever' parent that thought it would be a good idea on a bank holiday weekend taking the proverbial.
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    I was there last night. I believe the official limit was 4,000 and It looked to be somewhere around that mark.
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    After TWO meetings? Nothing like giving a rider a chance after over one year without racing.....
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    Strange after only a few meetings in the British leagues fans are wanting the heads of riders for a possible one off night of racing .
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    There are a number of world champions, including the current one, who couldn’t pass Bewley.
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    Looks like bomber has been on the joe screen diet
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    Lets pray tom brennan has an injury free season, this could be a pivotal year for him, riding these bigger tracks will help his development alot
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    Kent will be completely knackered when mulford moves into top 5 unless they make a change, eastbourne wont be as badly affected when ablitt moves up , even verge could end up there . Gilkes looks the real deal.
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    Remember she was one of the inner sanctum. It was their club, their track, their land , they have chosen to sell up and take the money, that’s business and it’s their choice. Sad loss to speedway but predictable .
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    Self praise is no recommendation. Both you and Twitcher laughed as claims it was serious and likened the outbreak to be just Flu. "Not far out" were you, don't make us laugh at you.
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    A decent meeting today, raced in front of a good crowd. A draw was a fair result, with both sides having some misfortune.
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    Few weeks ago seemed everyone was so starved of speedway they couldn’t wait for it to start…… then there was a grumble because prices have gone up £1…. . Now the grumble is two meetings one after another for £26

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