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    I reacted with despair and dismay to the totally unnecessary further restrictions announced yesterday. We seem to have lost all sense of perspective in all this. Due to the upsurge in testing we are seeing around 3000 new cases a day but the hospital admissions and deaths are thankfully flat lining. Back in early May with the test regime in place then we were also seeing around 3000 cases a day but deaths recorded then were around 5-600 a day. If there was the capability to test as many as we are testing now back in March there would have been enough new cases to fill Wembley Stadium every day, according to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's estimates. Yet now we are still destroying the economy, the hospitality and leisure industries, jobs, healthcare on case numbers that would just about fill the home straight stand at the East of England Showground - and the vast majority of those would have minor or no symptoms at all. Life is full of risks that we evaluate and act accordingly upon. The simple act of getting up in the morning and going downstairs carries risks - around 800 people a year die falling down the stairs in the UK - and none of us are put off getting in the car and driving somewhere despite on average 75 people being killed or seriously injured on our roads every day. And no one has ever been overly concerned about a respiratory virus that still kills 1,000's each year despite there being a vaccination against it, simply because it's always been present and we are used to living with it. Yet for many that rational evaluation of Covid is not happening and the government's actions are not allowing it to happen. Piling on restrictions installs fear, not reassurance. Sitting at home hiding under the stairs will not make this go away and who really wants to spend their life living that way?
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    Imagine if speedway crowds took the knee, most would never get back up again
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    You mean those 'experts' who thought it was a good idea to shove all the elderly back into care homes untested from hospitals. It was obvious to anyone with a microgram of common sense what would happen. Those 'experts' who decided to suspend all cancer screenings, all diagnostic services and just concentrate on Covid. It was obvious to anyone with a microgram of common sense what would happen. Those 'experts' that completely closed down the hospitality and leisure industries, hoping that chucking a bit of money at it would see them through, then allowing them to re-open partially with heavy restrictions, again hoping that they will survive it all. It was obvious to anyone with a microgram of common sense what would happen. And today, Roche are having trouble supplying swabs and testing materials as well as analysing tests for the NHS. This includes Covid, cancer, diabetes , blood and urine tests. To help solve the problems, the 'experts' are going to prioritise Covid tests! As in "f**k the cancer patients, they can wait." Now if you were to poll the general public 'Would you rather take your chances with Covid or cancer?' Common sense tells me what the answer would be...
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    People who live in tax havens and lecture others about social responsibility will always be on a sticky wicket.
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    On the radio the other night there was a black guy talking about how he encountered 'aggravated racism' several times every day and that white people couldn't understand that. Took me a while to work out what he meant by aggravated racism that could be happening so often. As far as I could tell what he actually meant was every word said to him during the day that he didn't like, every time somebody took a stereotypical viewpoint and any other imagined slight he could find if he looked hard enough. He used a lot of unnecessary long words to get his message across and had as big a chip on his shoulder as you will ever find. I suspect he came across a lot more people who were rude to him every day because he is a pretentious, hate filled t**t than because of his skin tone! People like that always say you can't know what it is like because you aren't black and there is no doubt that they are right. However neither do they know what it is like to be white and if they think we never come across prejudice and stereotyping they would be wrong. I am from the Hampshire countryside and sound like a yokel so many people automatically assume I'm not too bright, I drive a lorry for a living so that confirms that suspicion and I ride motorcycles and everybody who does that understands how many people view you for doing so. I'm not going to try and say all such assumptions are wrong in my case but the basis for them is. Even Doctors and Nurses openly refer to motorcyclists as organ donors! Every single one of us no matter our colour, religion or nationality will deal with such things on a daily basis and mostly not even notice them. If you are in a minority group of any sort then there will be more prejudice for sure but in the main people just shrug it off as ignorance and get on with their life. However if you were really determined to pick a fight and stir up division and hatred you could do so. As ever those who choose to do that claim to speak for the majority who really just want to be left along to crack on with things.
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    Let’s be honest. Brexit is going to be an unmitigated disaster. Even ardent brexit voters are raising their hands and admitting the UK is going to suffer far more than originally thought. Nothing good to come out of brexit. That is plain to see even if a few foolhardy idiots continue to waive The Union Flag like it will magically make everything OK. The Covid-19 outbreak will hide some of the mess. But it will soon become apparent as Europe and the EU recovers, that we are being left behind, with inflation, unemployment, and chlorinated chicken. Add to that the collapse of the pound, and of course the loss of our freedom of movement, and it will dawn on those brainwashed by sunlit uplands, rainbows and unicorns, they have have been sold a turkey. And a chlorinated one at that.
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    Hi, Yes we already have face masks available and pretty smashing they are too. Initially I ordered 200 which have all but been taken up by frontline, NHS, Carers and key workers. We gave them away and asked for a donation and managed to raise £505 when went to Capt (now Col) Tom Moore They certainly seem popular
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    Hey, The challenges for a club such as ours are many - for example we have already spent for 40 AIr fence banners, plus A frame and trackside banners, we have invested in new media equipment, track equipment, we have undertaken Ferry TV and Newpapers marketing campaigns (although these are suspended), and there are many other expenses associated with the season starting insurances, pbs, machinery hire contracts and more... its pretty tricky right now. Luckily, we havent processed any season tickets and not all sponsorship agreements, but the worry is that if our sponsors pull out or reduce their sponsorship it could provide a much greater challenge moving forward for the sustainability of the club (as you know speedway is not my main work). I am sure that our club is not alone when I say that we have already had contact from sponsors raising such questions about the seaon ahead and what's happening and how that might reflect their sponsorship contribution. Nothing said in a bad way... just enquiring because for sure, they will also be hurting too and worried about their bottom line. It is a heartbraking situation for us all and even more so for anyone who has to make considerable financial investment to bring speedway to the public in the first place.. Riders, Promoters, Management, and I am sure our govening bodies too. But all this really does not compare in the effort of our nation(s) right now to protect us all against Covid 19 and I wish you all well and keep healthy and safe. As to the question of if we can all survive this... I am always very positive about the future and what lays ahead but it will take an effort from everyone involved in speedway from our fans to our governing bodies to ensure that we succeed. Promoters and riders cannot do it alone... never could, but even more so after this. Keep safe, check in with your elderly relatives and if you need a chat reach out to me anytime. No need to be lonely.
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    Save the covid stas to the covid thread please and not here.
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    Four main reasons I would think 1. Manchester is in varying degrees of lockdown week to week so planning an event there at the moment is very risky and has no guarantee it will happen. 2. Ipswich has around two thirds more capacity than the NSS so when percentage restrictions are applied you can still get a reasonable (and more importantly viable), crowd in.. 3. With Kings Lynn, Peterborough and Mildenhall all 'local' you have four lots of Speedway starved fanbases to pull from, which (with a good few from around other parts attending) hopefully will ensure all tickets available will be sold.. And 4. Ipswich might be 'in the middle of nowhere' but does traditionally at Easter get one of the largest crowds (if not THE largest single crowd), of the season at any track, so obviously have a strong underlying fanbase who show they will attend on one off occasions.. Put it all together and I would think the size of the venue, the amount of awareness of Speedway that exists in that geographical area, and the fairly low impact of Covid 19 to that part of the country, ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to planning and putting on an event that needs a crowd to be a financially viable...
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    Why all this fuss about being stopped by the Police. Surely as an MP she is aware of the knife and drug crime being committed in her constituency and the entire London area? Crime doesn't get detected or reduced by Police officers sitting on their ar5es watching the world go by, these were conscientious officers doing their lawful duty. If the incident which happened four thousand miles away in the USA hadn't, then we wouldn't be hearing about this at all! What seems to have been forgotten is that across the pond all Police officers are routinely armed with lethal weapons, as are quite a large number of their general population. Here the Police carry out their duties by consent. If they choose to stop a car (be it because of tinted windows, where it is registered) we have as a population, agreed that they can do. What was the problem here? the driver stopped, the officers spoke with the occupants of the car and the initial exchanges were polite, relevant questions asked, and one of the officers said they couldn't see into the back of the car because of the tinted glass (possibly from a safety point of view). It then becomes a racial issue, why? This whole thing was a routine every day matter that has been created into something else by one person...... Dawn Butler. Hope she's proud of herself, as someone has already highlighted, as an MP she should be trying to help Police/Public relations not destroying them.
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    I think EIA needs a reminder of what was going on around that time.Ford was unhappy that Coventry had managed to keep Shamek at reserve for so long, IMO they used the very same criteria that Ford himself used many times (ie they played Ford at his own game)and he didn't like it .Pawlicki's 16 +1 did for Poole on the second leg meeting and Ford reacted by taking in his firework display, turning off the hot water to the visitors shower room & removing the Champagne from the bar area. Hardly the reaction expected from a mature person. Then came the sudden rapidly arranged meeting by a select few who connived a change in the conversion factor for lower league riders moving up, effectively screwing up bees deals for two riders already in place. I've seen comments that the teams shouldn't be selected before the AGM but we all know that it was the accepted way of doing things for years ,and probably stilll is now. We also had the re assessment of Pawlicki's average, another very unfair decision. Despite all the protests to the contrary it seems blatantly obvious that Ford was the Prime Mover in all that went on in the winter of discontent, & to add insult to injury he then proceded to register Kildemand as a poole rider whilst the bees were in the middle of a team shuffle mid season 2011. Kildemand went public and stated that he had no knowledge of his transfer to Poole as he hadn't even spoken to Ford. But it did have the desired effect as it stopped Coventry using him again.Those are just some of the moves of a very underhanded & bitter man.
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    Has not the world gone mad when "Black Lives Matter" is the new buzz word yet "White Lives Matter " is offensive. So much so that Burnley FC are ashamed. I for one am sick of grovelling apologies for what I can't get my head round.
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    BBC now describing Edward Colston as a “17th Century slave trader”. As abhorrent as it is, it wasn’t unlawful in the 17th Century. And he went on to be a philanthropist, I believe. Can people be forgiven if they turn their lives around? Does the BBC describe George Floyd as a violent criminal?
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    He probably failed to arrive and a guest replacement was used.
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    Some idiot phoning in to LBC just now “ I don’t think you could trust Boris and his cohorts to make the right decision about Coronavirus” Presenter: “ Well what is the right decision ?” Idiot phoning in :” I don't think anyone knows what the right decision is “ I don’t know about lock down but a lot ought to be locked up.
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    And if the government and the MSM had publicised this and been honest about it from the outset and throughout, rather than perpetuated the lie that Covid does not discriminate, we would not be in the total mess of the public having no confidence in the re-opening of schools. The government is paying for its lies.
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    When I had a word with Mr Google a few days ago, to see if I could find any unbiased scientific opinion I came across a “Which?” Report from about four weeks ago that said that masks do protect both the wearer from others and others from the wearer, but crucially it said that the amount of protection a mask gave was only marginal and by far the best protection was washing your hands and social distancing. In. Fact at the start of the lockdown some advice that came to me from two consultants at Adenbrook’s and an associate cancer specialist at the Harlow hospital, was just keep washing your hands. Hand washing and social distancing seem to be the advice most people ignore. I went to our local farm shop on Thursday , everyone was wearing masks, some even arrived in their cars wearing them, but I seemed to be the only one using the hand sanitizer provided by the shop when I went in and the only one using it when I came out. Trust in the masks seems to be absolute, hand washing apparently too much bother.
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    Robert has a great future. But let's take great pride in his achievement today. As David Rowe in commentary, he was in the National League 7 years ago. And now, he is beginning a World class career, winning a major championship and heading into the GP series next year. A special day.
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    Arrest a 12 year old for being a troll, THAT we can do. Arrest a grooming gang for raping 12 year olds... well that's not really our wheelhouse. British police in 2020.
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    It shouldn't matter, people should have enough sense to look at the statement 'white lives matter' and think fair enough there is nothing wrong with that statement and move on. Now because instead of doing that hundreds are running around claiming to be deeply offended, hundreds of others are asking why? All of which manages to create further division over something that should have been immaterial - much like a career criminal being killed 4000 miles away should have been to British people.
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    Collymore has a personality disorder, don't think anyone would believe any of the crap he comes out with, same as Deeney with his every team has a gay player statement, both thugs. Sad to see more bloodshed on our streets over the weekend, right-wing football hoolies and black activists, extremists clashing with police. Protests are mainly peaceful. They have a very difficult job, trying to arrest guys in Ackney East London, then accused of being racist! Its not the USA here. Personally dont think the Churchill statue should come down, great wartime leader, perhaps a few others should though. Fair play to the black guy that rescued the white geezer, could have died. It's not a race war. Just a tiny minority full of anger stirring up hatred and division, fuelled by the media, most peeps just want to get on regardless of skin colour and live their lives, it's bad enough with this lockdown. Bloody stop it!
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    The breaking down an analysing of everything he said is pointless. This was a family undergoing a bit of a crisis who coped with the situation the best they could. He's explained the situation. Now we should move on. And, as he said, his own house is constsntly under seige, which is an exceptional circumstance in itself. You only have to look at all the press and the rent-a-mob that were there today as an example. Would anyone here want to have an ill 4 year old child surrounded by those numbskulls? People have obviously gone stir crazy lately and this is their escape from that, but this really is something of nothing to me. And I actually thought he came across as a decent enough bloke too.
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    I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everybody involved in producing the Speedway Star, despite the current crisis. To be able to fill nearly fifty pages with things to read about our beloved sport, even if a certain amount of it is nostalgia stuff, is a credit to them all. With businesses dropping by the wayside at a fast rate of knots, I think it's important that we speedway supporters do our bit to keep the company going, and at just £3 a week, is that really asking a lot, when you consider a match day programme usually costs £4 these days. I appreciate that social media provides most of the information we require these days, but this is about trying to keep the only weekly speedway publication up and running, even if we only take up 6-month subscription for £60 until the current coronavirus crisis is hopefully behind us. Such a lot of the older generation who need the help of those who are more able bodied to be more flexible in the way they are living their lives with shopping etc., don't have access, or can't afford the luxury of the internet, and rely either being at meetings to keep up to date, and purchase their magazine from the Track Shop, or use the subscription service. So please, if you are of the younger generation, and can afford it (It's cheaper than a Smart phone package), take out a short term subscription and help the elderly and vulnerable. I don't work for the Speedway Star, and these are purely my personal thoughts and feelings. Thank you for reading this, and if you don't agree with my posting, then please don't post negative comments about it, as I'm thinking of the older generation that to a large extent keep our clubs open as most promoters will tell you, and at the same time, it keep the staff of the magazine in employment. STAY SAFE EVERYBODY

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