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    Have to disagree with you on that one under no circumstances should any object be thrown the culprit being ejected may be the least of his worries, a lifetime ban should hopefully follow . As for the wheelies the lad had just went from last to first to clinch the title personally i wouldn't begrudge him that.
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    Newcastle fans have got their Xmas wishes ... a team to support in the 2020 season. many other fans out there that can only dream of being in their position .. Workington. Coventry, Oxford, Rye House , Lakeside, Reading, Bradford Good luck to the Diamonds for 2020. Can't afford another team lost to the History books.
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    Thank you. Suffering from mental health issues myself, I can relate to putting on a face. What an amazing woman she is. Danny will be proud xx
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    I am far from convinced that fans do either. They suggest that points limits, tactical rides, rider replacement and guests cause people to walk away, ignoring the fact that all have been in existence in the sport for half a century. Cut the prices they say, ignoring the fact that when that has been done clubs have usually sustained heavy financial losses. Its too expensive. Belle Vue costs £18 and I see at least one world class rider (usually two) every week. Halifax Town costs £20, and they aren't even in the Football League. By that comparison, speedway is cheap. They criticise the play off system, disregarding the fact that it is a huge success in terms of revenue and that it is now common practice elsewhere. They compare speedway to other sports, ridiculing its rules, its practices, its procedures. Speedway is about as similar to football as an elephant is to a haddock and any comparison is just as valid. I am sure I have even read that speedway should be marketed as a sport for those aged 40 or over, a bit like crown green bowling. Total nonsense. Speedway is for all ages, and should be promoted that way. As to the ageing attendance, I think that's a myth. Barry Bishop told me that less than 15% of his crowds are of pensionable age. But the most telling fact is that while some claim to have all the answers, ask them to put their money where their mouth is and they are running for the hills. Quite willing to gamble others funds, they won't stake a single penny on their - occasionally hare brained - schemes, which shows just how confident they are about their success. While I deplore the utter contempt that most - but not all - members of the BSPA have for this forum, they can justifiably point to that in describing us as 'keyboard commandos'. All I know is that speedway has to start treating its paying customers as paying customers and not run the sport for the benefit of the riders, because that's how it is at the moment. Even with things as desperate as they are, clubs still find time to treat its fanbase like dirt. Sheffield's Damian Bates, faced with huge criticism over an underperforming team and a dreadful track, found time to slag off the clubs fans last season. Faced with similar criticism over an equally dreadful track, instead of listening Plymouth's Mark Phillips chose to ban those who were being critical. When you choose to treat the lifeblood of the sport that way, you get all you deserve.
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    A thoughtful parent who has createdfurther opportunities for his child which will been entitled to dual nationality/freedom of movement between AUS & the UK yeah those true colours are disgusting.......sometimes there is a whole lot more to life than speedway.
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    Several reasons why teams request to drop.. With financial being the obvious one. With the underlying reasons of there being absolutely no kudos by winning any Speedway title nor any attainment levels to aspire too from the lowest league to the top.. No disrespect but a Grand Final in Speedway (UK), is akin to two bald men fighting over a comb.. Therefore what difference does it make to the clubs what league they race in? Hardly anyone cares who wins. There is almost zero National coverage.. And there is no financial reward worth speaking of, in fact, as we see, successful clubs can actually lose money and go bust by winning!! Therefore you might as well decide amongst yourselves where you want to compete, and at the end of the day you can watch pretty much the same set of riders anyway so no loss there.. As you say, it sends out all the wrong messages, but that's where the sport is in the UK, and I suppose the overall thoughts are better to have clubs still in existence than not.. An ever decreasing circle though isn't it?
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    Yet another season has drawn to a close, and once again Crazy Sue and her intrepid texters and updaters have come up trumps again. So thanks Sue and your wonderful gang for providing such a brilliant service, we'd be lost with out you, hopefully more of the same again next year You really are appreciated
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    Castagna is really really bad for the sport. He is misleading it in a totally wrong direction. Speedway is such a special sport - a team Sport first adn foremost - and as such is absolutey different to any other from of motorsport. That's why I am a speedway fan and couldn't care less about road racing or motocross. They ususally only have one long distance race and have to award championship points for that. Speedway has 20+ heat races, plus semi and final, were the riders EARN their points. Perfectly easy to understand. And the winner of the last race in a Gradn Prix (the final heat 23) is the winner of that particular SGP, regardless of the points total scored in all of his races during this meeting. By the way, the winner of that final race DOES actually get the most points (in that race, that is) - three points , compared to two points for second and one for the third. So what, if the rider who wins the final, has not scored the most points on aggregate from all of the races he has ridden that night, nothing wrong with that. It's perfectly fair that he does not automatically get the most points, when he has got beaten more often than another rider/riders. There is absolutely no need to award artificial points in Speedway. I hate this stupid stupid decision by the FIM. Castagna has to go. First they abandoned the hugely popular SWC and gave us a "Speedway of Nations" to fall in line with the "Motocross of Nations", "Flat Track of Nations" and "Enduro of Nations", and now they spoil the SGP by changing from a perfectly fair points scoring system to a totally unfair and unwanted artificial one. I'm fed up. What's Your next idea, Mr Castagna? Do us all a favour and please, please resign from Your position !!!
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    Good luck to Glasgow next season. Brilliant owners who have improved every aspect of the club. They are entitled to pay good wages, & some people are jealous of this. Hope they win the league next season.
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    Posted by Danny's partner for people who doesnt have Facebook. What an amazingly strong lady she is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is with a broken heart I have to say that my soul mate, daddy to our two beautiful babies and your peoples champion, has lost his battle to mental health. Danny absolutely lived for speedway. That was the only place he was truly free, free from any troubles and cares in his mind. He absolutely adored his fans. It was his utmost joy to be your ballsy entertainer and riding that dirt line on the edge, #whoDAyreswins. When he rode on that track, he gave everything he could to bring you excitement and give you, his fans, the full experience of the Showman of Speedway!! He absolutely thrived on that energy you gave him and for that, he truly loved you all. I know he would want to be remembered this way ❤️ I’m utterly overwhelmed by all of the support and kind words you have given to Danny, me, Lilou and Anaiya xx Speedway is a huge extended family to us all, so please pull together and if any one of you are struggling with mental health issues, please, please open up and talk to someone. Anyone. Just know that you are loved and NOT alone xxxx Rest in peace my Baby. I will miss you throughout my whole life. I promise to let our babies know what an absolutely amazing, incredible, crazy, fun and loving person you really were. Until we meet again.... Night-night my baby, you can rest easy now xxxxxxxxx Love to you all xxxxxx
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    There you go people a thread just for you.Whinge away and leave the other threads to people who still like and enjoy talking about the sport.You have helped drive a good few away from this forum so let us please keep the ones we have left. Thanks in advance I live in hope (well at least until the first reply).
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    I think you miss the point. This was a friendly match between a few Australians and a bunch of young Brits (all under 21 I think) wintering in Australia (plus Tai Woffinden). It was not a representative test match and neither country would put up teams like that if it had been. What should be taken out of it is, after so many years in the doldrums, how positive the future looks for GB with Bewley, Edwards, Flint, Kemp and a whole load of others all coming through.
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    Firstly can i say a huge congratulations to Leicester on their win, better team over the 2 legs and deserved their victory. Far too many last places over the 2 legs for us and ultimately it cost us. With all the early exclusions tonight I never felt like we ever built up any momentum, barely gated in a heat advantage position all night. Might of got a bit of luck in ht 6 with the Douglas exclusion, I felt that could of went either way. Heat 13 masterclass from Cook, not that we would expect any less but still simply sublime. Onto the final blow in heat 14 and what a ride from young Ellis Perks. To clinch the league in that manner, as much as it hurts us Tigers fans you can't help but doff your cap to the young man for a ride like that, absolutely fair play. Also would like to say what a show of sportsmanship from Lawlor to get the bike off the track when the Tigers were on a 5-1, really wouldn't of blamed him at all if he had stayed down to force a re run, that was a touch of class. I dunno what happened at the weekend between him and the fans down at Leicester but again I have to hold my hands up and say fair play to him for that. Looking back and noted that we gained +12 points in heat 13 & 15 over the two legs but still it wasn't enough. So if that doesn't tell you that the best 'team' won then I don't know what will. Once again congratulations Leicester and enjoy your night!
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    I hope that British Speedway uses this tragedy to kick start a programme of mental health support for everyone involved in the sport.
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    I really do not understand the logic here. You stopped going because your club ( is that Somerset ?) dropped down a league which you considered less value. All the leagues, from NL upwards can provide exciting racing. You do not have to have World class riders to provide good entertainment. When Lakeside closed, I switched my viewing to Kent in the NL and they have entertained me every week just as much as Lakeside ever did. My suggestion to you is to stop being a Premiership snob and just enjoy what is on offer.
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    This “use it or lose it” saying that I keep reading on here and other speedway circles is a very dangerous game. How about making it more appealing for fans to attend instead of threatening closure if you don’t?
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    Hopefully no. Like or loathe they promote Speedway with passion. Isn’t that what we continually crave?
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    A bit late to the party but wanted to add some observations to my first visit to Blunsdon for a while due to moving from the area and work commitments. I make no apology for the self indulgent post either! Thursday was my first ever experience of the Robins winning a trophy on home soil. It was tremendous. I saw a group of grown men dancing together, plastic cups of lager spilling as they danced their Dad dances in a circle. The atmosphere was terrific. Chanting at speedway? Never have I heard that before. Jeff Beck’s Hi ho Silver Lining was belted out several times. Another group of young lads (teenagers this time) all singing together, laughing and smiling) Before the meeting began, dark clouds circled overhead, looking menacing and threatening. Worryingly , one massive cloud began to empty its cargo. At the time, I was stood inside having a cheeky beer. I watched as the home straight crowd staring anxiously at the sky. Fortunately, the clouds passed over and although the track looked wet, it certainly looked raceable. I watched the first 3 heats from the grass bank entering turn 3: I must admit, I felt nervous as Ipswich edged ahead. Even after The Iversen exclusion. They looked sharp from the starts, and Chris Harris ( for the first two laps in heat 3) looked hungry and committed. But then I witnessed an absolute steam roller of a side. Jensen was aggressive and fast Musielak, smooth and slick. Doyle was as expected. He’s a terrific leader and a real winner. Batchelor ( who I have criticised many times, mainly for when he opens his mouth) really does look high class these days. His pass of Doyle in heat 13, ( yes it was a pass too rather than any kind of team riding between the two) was superb. Ipswich were simply annihilated. Jake Allen gave a gutsy performance, but tired after Hawkins threw him into as many early races as he could in an attempt to contain the rampant Robins. This was the best Swindon team I have ever seen. And, in my opinion would beat any of the other 3 championship winning teams. There seemed genuine affection for the team from the packed crowd, and a pleasing team spirit. I liked the blend of orange/tangerine, ( I’ve never seen so many reflective orange highway maintenance jackets worn by supporters!!) Finally, I’ve supported the Robins from the days of Martin Ashby, Killer, Bouchard and Jan Andersson. I would have given anything for one of the mid seventies Robins teams to win the league, or even win an away match! I followed them everywhere on the coach, only to see them get a hammering at places like Cradley, Halifax and Wimbledon. The Blunsdon track in those days was excellent. Always passing, always good racing. These days, I like the shorter version. Huge compliment to the track staff who have worked wonders with it. In order to get a quick get away to travel back to my home in Cornwall, I left straight after heat 15. As I reached my car in the car park, I heard another rendition of Hi ho silver lining (Hi ho Swindon Robins!,) I sat in the drivers seat and caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror.......I was absolutely beaming!!! As I reached the M4, it was pouring with rain.. But the sun was shining on another triumphant season for a super speedway team.
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    Some memories from last night ... a bit worried after the first two heats, thinking it was going to be a bit of a fight. The absolute pandemonium when we won it the amazing crowd and the fact that so many hung around for the presentation finding out afterwards that when Adam punched the air as he crossed the finishing line he popped his shoulder out and he was crapping himself as he couldn’t drop his arm and grab the bars till halfway round the first bend. The post match “celebration” at Rosco’s pub chatting with the legend Eddie Kid at the pub. Meeting up with fellow board members a very drunk Adam on the drive home watching videos on his phone and saying “ f**k me, I didn’t realise I was riding THAT close to the fence” going to bed at 3am with a huge grin on my face. Can we do it all again next year please ???
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    Morning all, I’m happy to report that the track is absolutely fine after last night. We had no rain on Wednesday which left the track dry yesterday. The track was packed hard yesterday afternoon so it would take the rain forecast overnight. We have some rain forecast this afternoon, but this evening should be dry and we don’t anticipate any problems with our meeting going ahead. Racing conditions should be excellent and will make for a superb Semi-Final. We have opened up the back straight for additional viewing facilities and we have a 2nd paramedic booked, so the meeting should run smoothly. Hope to see plenty of you there this evening! Jitendra Duffill
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    It is nobody's business how he died. Right now it's about his family I'm sure details will be revealed when ppl are ready to do so Show some respect and stop asking or speculating
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    Now that the full team has been revealed, personally I would just like to go on record and say a massive thank you to every single member of the new promotion team, and Rob the new owner, for getting this show on the road for 2020. The future of Newcastle speedway was clearly in doubt just a matter of several weeks ago, and your combined efforts have made sure that Sunday evenings will continue at Brough well into the forseeable future we hope. The team already has its detractors and some who would detract from the drama of last night's Christmas party, but I'm sure the genuine supporters will come along and support this team even if we have to hold our breath in heats 13 and 15. I think we could well surprise one or two!
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    Compared to many on here I am a recent supporter of the Pirates. I started going to speedway in the early 1970's supporting Oxford Rebels as they were then, following the team to White City in '76, then back to Oxford in the lower division and on to the glory years of the mid 80's with the likes of Nielsen, Wigg etc. Poole were always my "second team" looking forward to seeing them at Oxford and always going to see them if I was on holiday on the south coast. When Oxford sadly folded in 2007 I became a Pirates supporter despite a trip of 105 miles each way. Obviously I don't get down there too often, usually managing about 5 or 6 meetings in a season. It saddens me to hear of people who would not support the Pirates in a lower league, do you not realise how lucky you are? Ask the supporters of say, Cradley, Reading, Rye House, Wimbledon, Lakeside and countless other now defunct teams how they would feel about about Championship League racing. I now have my Buckinghamshire home on the market and an offer accepted on a house in Poole, hopefully I will have relocated in time for next season and I will be there to support the Pirates every week.
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    can't you girls do this via pm - i log on to see whats happening and see only petty crap i don't want to hear about.

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