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    With the end of the season just around the corner I would like to thank Sue and her very special team for the magnificent service that they provide. For many many years we've maybe taken the updates site for granted, but believe me each and every texter and updater, and Sue's right hand people are really appreciated. Thank you guys
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    Ive been sent a video this evening that shows Mason is clearly not the cause of the accident, I am so disillusioned with speedway tonight after a couple of things that happened at the track after the accident, 1, after being asked to leave some 'supporters' chose to either stay in the stadium or return to see what was going on after being asked to leave quickly and quietly, give your heads a wobble its not a side show, go home and wait to hear the news in due course, 2nd the people whinging and whining about getting a poxy refund, get a grip a young lad was still lying on the track with multiple injuries, his Dad and Gran had to witness what happened, our promotor and team manger were clearly distressed, go home, do the decent thing and email the club at a more appropriate time if your are that god damned desperate. Im with you Geoff lets get behind our club and support them in any way we can and stop behaving like utter morons over things of no importance
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    We have had a long dry summer. No reason to extend at all. Clubs could have planned better to fit fixtures in gefore panicking as time ran out. Think back to all those weeks when no fixtures were run. The playoff dates should not be moved imo. Clubs should simply plan their fixtures better.
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    I like going to the pub and I like going to the speedway. Both of these pastimes have been in serious decline over the past few years and people have stopped going to both in droves. Some of the reasons can be found in both of these pastimes. It's hard to tempt people out of their houses and pay money for beer when they think it's overpriced and the same can apply to speedway. The pubs that just do the same thing that clearly doesn't work time and time again, and just throw their doors open expecting the public to flood in are the one's that die. This is what speedway 'promoters', by and large, tend to do. They offer a product which does not represent value for money and do nothing to keep the fans they have got, never mind attract new ones. Some pubs are thriving because they offer what the customer in their community wants. Some offer live entertainment, some offer food, some offer karaoke nights. My local offers a warm welcome, a nice pint and friendly people and it's busy most nights. The landlord drives around in a Mercedes and has a holiday home in Florida. It works where I live but wouldn't work elsewhere and the promoters have to work hard at getting their product right for the audience they want to keep and attract. To do this they need a product. The product they are offering is potentially one of the most exciting sports in the world and surely, this must be a good starting point. However, what they provide is an overpriced chaotic shambles of a sport with no direction, no identity and no credibility. They need to get back to basics. Offer a full and attractive fixture list with a team of riders that ride for one club. Not the current situation where any seven riders who pull on a race jacket is called a team. It isn't. People will moan on about the 'not enough riders to go round' myth. There are enough riders, they are just riding at the wrong level. Grand Prix riders should not be riding in the second tier, half the third tier riders should be at Championship level and the poor kids stuck in the Development League should be in the National League. If they must charge £17 to get in, at least give the fans £17 worth of entertainment. Unfortunately, 15 races of 55 seconds interspersed with 50 minutes of track grading does not justify parting with £17 in cash. The continual fixture list farce demonstrates absolutely the reasons why the promoters should not be allowed to run things for themselves. I am sure they are all successful businessmen and women in their own right but they have no idea how to work collectively for the benefit of the sport. It is all about vested interests and stabbing each other in the back. I cannot think of any other sport where the owners of the clubs run things themselves. It needs someone with authority and respect to run the sport. There needs to be some way of cutting down on the rained off meetings. Is it any wonder there is hardly any travelling support when riders refuse to turn out if someone spills so much as a cup of tea on the track. I know that if it's tipping it down at start time then there will be little chance of racing but some way of covering tracks cannot beyond the capabilities of the human race. It is also about time we stopped penalising success and rewarding failure. We go on about the lack of riders yet Joe Jacobs, who made massive progress with Belle Vue a couple of seasons ago can't get a team place the following year because his average is too high, whilst another rider who under achieved and threw tantrums was rewarded with two team places the following season because his average fitted!! Finally, the riders have got to come to their senses. If you want to be a full-time rider and are either rich or riding in Poland in front of 15,000 fans, then fair enough and good luck to you. If you are second string in the 'Championship' riding in front of 500 people, surely you cannot expect to be full-time. Look back at the Peter Oakes' Who's Who book in 1974 and the vast majority of the riders had jobs. Now, for some reason, all the riders seem to feel that they are entitled to be full-time, thereby expecting the wages that would enable them to sustain that lifestyle. It cannot continue on current crowd levels. However, having wasted half an hour of my life typing this, I expect that the 2019 season will result in three small leagues, riders riding for multiple clubs, more riders being frozen out of the sport, fixture chaos, declining crowds, arguing promoters and more tractor racing. I'm off to the pub.
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    Just in from Workington - totally gutted BUT credit where credits due. Well done to the Comets. A total team performance, working for each other. A very jaded looking Eric tonight. Hope the Comets do the double. Laura has been a great supporter and friend to Edinburgh and no one would deserve some silverware more. A great performance clawing that deficit back. Take a bow Workington.
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    Hope dan is ok , texter on updates blames mason i dont think he was to blame he was going for a gap same as kyle and dan just a racing accident with a bad ending. Now on the bad side i guess tonights tickets get us in next meeting either free or with a massive reduction howabout as a gesture to laura we all on here pay the full admission and spread the word so laura doesnt take to much of a hit i know not all will but now is the time to stick together , tonight has been a bad night with flight delays the late ambulance arrival and poor dan in hospital lets do all we can to show laura massive support.finally on the plus side well done kyle on his first comet race win.
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    It's very interesting for me to read lots of these post about the "the decline of speedway" and to be honest I learn from them - so thank you. Martin and I are quite an open book where our speedway is concerned and I have to say that whether you agree with me or not, speedway on the Isle of Wight is in anything but decline, its thriving. Our crowds, while yes relatively small, are 6 - 8 fold the last promotions when it ran, and our meeting on meeting, like for like up with the exception of a couple of meetings when we had to run on a Tuesday increasing. Our crowd integration is increasing, our profile growing (the fact we are even discussed on here says something about that), Sponsorship continues to grow - but as any club we always welcome more, we do lots of shows and the feedback is tremendous, we monitor feedback from the fans all the time and we are proud to share it. Why talk down something which is clearly working. The demographic of our fan base has totally changed in the 3 years we have been at the helm.. we have more families at the stadium now, we have lots of youngsters and our senior fans love it. They know that speedway is changing, and it has to become a show and every promoter should continually try to improve their show week on week. We have an SDL team and the majority of fans stay to watch both meetings when we cannot integrate them into the main event. Our speedway school consistently sells out and we need to do more of them both on the mainland and on the Island. Would we like another 1000 on the gate, you bet... but how do I make them come to our stadium to watch speedway or for more sponsors to get involved?? It's by positive word of mouth, by positive reflection of the events we put on, its by staging weekly speedway without fail, it's by providing fan interaction, a clean stadium, value, being welcomed, being seen, promoting, self belief, trust in your product, thinking outside the box, looking to tomorrow not just today, allowing people to be part of it... but most of all it's by providing a fun packed family night out that people are proud and pleased to invite their friends to as opposed to feel odd because they watch a sport called speedway which no one knows of. The choice of speedway's future isn't only down to promoters, the BSPA, the SCB or ACU... it's down to us all, and while I welcome lively debate and feedback is always welcome we must look at the bigger picture of "passive aggression" - it's a phrase I came across in my working life where the strength of talking something down or negatively destroying something good becomes to strong to change - so it never changes. Speedway is very close to this now. All I can honestly tell you is that we are so proud of what we deliver, we are not afraid to hear something which is not how it should be, we are mindful of the spiralling costs which comes from many different angles, we are mindful of our investment of money, time, our families, but most of all, we absolutely love our show, we believe totally in our product, our team, our approach, we want to develop riders but also have to put on a professional show. It is the only way clubs like us can attract sponsors, fans, tourists, riders and for our families to allow us to continue what we do. 3 referees this year have grabbed me after to say “that’s the best speedway meeting I have been to all year…..” in my view not because the racing is any different of course because of the energy of the night, the feel good factor, the positivity, the well….its a bloody great show, that’s why. I will apologise in advance for the typo's and spelling errors, if you come to the Island do come and say hello to me, I am always in yellow and blue. Finally, your club needs positive and constructive feedback…..saying its crap or not like it used to be – may get it off your chest but will not help deliver change or progress in my view. Keep it wound on and see you trackside and if you want to try speedway book in with My First Skid.
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    Keep: Sidney, Orlov, Orion, Frigbo, Me. Release: ReadingRacer2017, ZagarRacing, MattFordFan.
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    Forgot to say, hat off to Cookie for donating his winnings to Ricky Ashworth - there aren’t many riders / people generally around who would do that.
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    What about the other 27 riders that rode for Poole this season? I don’t require/desire a response!
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    Everyone hopes that titles are won by brave and exciting overtaking moves and that you can heap praise on the champions Sadly the 2 moves most pivotal to Pooles success were Kurtz injuring Holder in the semi and Jackobsen injuring MPT in the final No intent for sure in either case but more important than any points won in the completed races that followed Without those 2 incidents no doubt Poole wouldve not won either tie
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    Basically as the title says, i would like to wish Stuart all the best for his retirement, been a great servant to the sport a really nice bloke and a great help to many younger riders that have come through, including my son. Thanks Robbo.
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    MY colleague Peter Oakes texted ... Went to King's Lynn last night and have to say there was not a speck of dust despite being only 27 miles from the warmest spot in Britain yesterday. Buster was telling me he was on the track at 3.45am putting down water so despite what people will say you can run a meeting in this weather without sending the public off to have a shower!
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    Credit should be given to the Vice Chairman for his actions last night... By heat eight the aggregate lead had been wiped out and it was obvious Scunthorpe were going to get badly beaten.... Yet he graciously allowed the meeting to continue.... In fact, in the first place, he also kindly allowed the meeting to take place on an 'off night' for Worky so fair play to the bloke... Lets hope Worky winning is seen as being 'in the interests of Speedway' and the result stands... Well done Workington, I think you have a lot of neutrals on your side around the country given the way you try to go about your business and have been treated this year... Best of Luck this weekend...
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    I am pretty sure that I cannot be the only one who had noticed the quite superb irony that the three tracks treated so shamefully as regards race nights have all made the play offs
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    Let’s not overlook the the culpability of the BSPA Chairman and especially the Vice Chairman in all this. It’s thanks to Godfrey interfering with the fixture list to suit his own club that meant that Lakeside, Peterborough, and Workington had difficulty completing their fixtures, and thanks to the pair of them that Lakeside couldn’t use both Arena and Rye House get the Remain gin fixtures . Thats Chapman and Godfrey for you, bleating about protocols and to hell with the fans. Even by BSPA standards the sport has sunk to a new low, made even worse by Chapmans boasts that he was going to do this and do that but he has done nothing. Words cannot e,xpress my contempt for the pair of them, especially Godfrey. Look at the mess the sport was in when these two clowns took over, and look at it now - even worse. Unbelievable . And they both think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. As for Peterborough, Lakeside and Rye House Stadium, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are all history by next year. Sadly. What a bunch of clowns run this sport from to bottom.
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    Ipswich taking a risk drafting in two former Glasgow riders as guests for this huge clash . Added to that a former Tiger slides his broomstick round Foxhall at reserve , do Ipswich understand that once a Tiger always a Tiger , except for Kevin Wolbert . As a youngster growing up in Argentina , all his classmates longed to be Maradona , Coty dreamed of being Robett Nagy . Richard , son of god , was born in a stable and visited by three wise men with gifts of , a pint of heavy , a Tigers racejacket and a picture of a statue with a motorway cone on it's head . And growing up in Australia Mason Campton would have a bush tucker trial eating Haggis , square sausage and tattie scones . So Witcypoos , you have been warnef
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    WELL done Chris Morton ... credit where it is due. Never wavered from his determination to produce a great track worthy of the old Hyde Road.
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    Morning, It's a pretty empty feeling many of us have this morning, please don't let this thread descend into the usual forum bitching, life really is too short - trust me. Like you all I sincerely wish Dan a full and speedy recovery. Cancelled flights, the delayed start, and non arrival of the ambulance all conspired to undermine what promised to be a great Speedway meeting and make this a night to forget. I apologise to anybody who felt there were any shortcomings last night it was a day and night from hell for everyone connected with the club. Also, it is a policy agreed with the Medical Officer not to comment on injuries or play music/make announcements whilst somebody is being treated on the track unless asked to do so, the PA system is loud and effective and drowns out communication between the medics and injured party so I regret not being in a position to keep you completely informed. You saw us preparing for the Air Ambulance as this would have brought the emergency doctors but this was changed due to flight logistics issues never the less the Doctors from the Air Ambulance team tore across the county by car to fulfill their commitment and duty, just incredible. Jacko spent most of the morning liaising between myself, Nicolai and Rasmus once their flight had been cancelled and all options were looked at to get them to Derwent Park including a Helicopter charter. The nearest we could get them to DP was Manchester to land at 5 pm so a request was made and supported by Lakeside to delay the start by 30 minutes. Nicolai and Rasmus started their shuttle around Europe and Jacko and I put in contingencies to cover myself as announcer/presenter and both riders in the event of further delays so that it was game on whatever happened. If Jacko didn't look at the Lakeside website please do forgive him, at the end of the day the Lakeside team was Will's responsibility and would have had to have been cleared with the Referee at some point. Let's not make anyone feel too bad about that at the end of the day both clubs gained nothing from yesterday and have the opportunity to race each other again. I really would like to praise Nicolai and Rasmus they could have so easily given up and stayed in DK and I do hope they are ok after their white knuckle ride to DP in the back of the Funmobile
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    Having had my preference for Isle of Wight speedway raised, I can give a few reasons why that is. The other teams named are merely examples, as others do exactly the same thing. 1 Edinburgh charge full price for a rain off programme with an insert. That's a rip off. At Isle of Wight, they are free with a request that the cost is replaced by a go on the raffle or a contribution to the tyre fund. 2 A child's entry at Poole is either £4 or £7, depending on their age. At Isle of Wight, they are free. 3 Sheffield charge £15 (I think that amount is correct) for a go on the centre green. At Isle of Wight its (you guessed it) free, and that applies to home and away supporters. On Thursday, a group of Mildenhall fans watched heat 1 from the middle. 4 I once criticised the state of Stoke's track and got 15 minutes of aggressive abuse in response. I did the same about Isle of Wight, got an apology, a reasoned explanation and a hope that I would come back. 5 Belle Vue charge £7 for a burger and chips. By all accounts, they are 'horrible' (or words to that effect, I have never had one myself). At Isle of Wight on Thursday, I had a plate of home made sausage casserole and a lump of bread for £3.50. It was that good I over-indulged in second helpings. 6 King's Lynn refuse to allow food in and indeed threaten to search people to prevent it. On Thursday, a large family brought in an equally large hamper, sat on the grass on the first bend and watched the racing having a picnic including wine. 7 I stand to be corrected here, but I have never seen Eastbourne undertake any promotional activities. Isle of Wight attend about a dozen shows a year during the season with their tent, bikes and other speedway paraphernalia. 8 At most meetings, promoter Barry Bishop works the crowd, talking, explaining but above all listening. Belle Vue's Adrian Smith does this but aside from one instance years ago by Peter Toogood I have never seen anyone else do the same. 9 At Birmingham, a lengthy interval is just that so you stand around getting cold and bored. Isle of Wight have running and bike races for the youngsters, interviews and rider autograph and picture sessions. 10 We have all stood around when a rider has been injured and there has been a delay. Isle of Wight, last season, organised activities for the youngsters until the racing recommenced. Never seen that anywhere else. 11 At the Mildenhall - Isle of Wight meeting last season, the start was delayed on a red hot day. Riders then took out bottles of cold water to those stuck outside. Fantastic idea, but it didn't come from Mildenhall. 12 Finally, there's the amazing story of Ann Barrett- the speedway fan who couldn't get to the track because of her disability but went into her garden to listen to the bikes. The promotion heard about it, and now she gets a taxi to the stadium reach week and a sponsor has supplied a season ticket. That's just fantastic. All of that added up - and I am sure I can think of more given time - is impressive and accounts for the opinions that people have of what has been achieved on the Island.
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    Not going to happen. Fridays, Saturday's and Sundays have to be kept clear in case Scunthorpe have a match.
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    All that shows is a lack of class by an idiot on the other side of the world.
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    Emil Sayfutdinov has joined in raising help for Dan too with 4 sets of a ticket, a hat, a hoody and a pit pass to the 4 highest bidders The “Speedway family” at its best. Well done Emil
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    It is fair point that too many teams were permitted to ride on Friday nights. That doesn't change the fact that their fixtures were published and agreed. It is appalling that three teams were told that they could not run those meetings part way through the season - And whatever you might say, I don't think there is any doubt at all at whose behest the goalposts were moved.

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