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    When Holder pulled out with a sore toe I couldnt help but think about Harris getting run over at Wimborne Road and running back to the pits to win the re run. Compare the commitment
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    Spot on , the jealousy surrounding Glasgow threads is quite comical at times. I remember only too well standing in the weeds on the back straight at Glasgow and you were able to do a quick head count, now while 2100 May be a tad over generous , the attendances are much healthier . The Charlie Monk stand is always pretty full , the stand on the home straight is usually pretty full , and the fourth bend terrace always looks well populated and swelled by an extra 10 folk when the Monarchs visit. While there are things about Ashfield since the Facennas took over that I don't like, I.e no decent bar and over zealous stewarding, it's like night and day now compared to the dump it used to be . If people feel the need to pick holes and throw insults in the direction of something that is actually good about British speedway, then that's pretty sad and it's an attitude which is indicative of where the sport in this country is just now .
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    That race from Sarj took a pair of balls the size of space hoppers given the conditions closing in, the situation and the tiniest of gaps to the fence
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    The SKY coverage during the first 10 years at least should have put speedway on a sound footing. Had real business people been running the sport, no doubt it would have done. For two-to-three years from 1999 there were real signs speedway was on the up. Crowds seemed to be improving and SKY really did recognise viewing figures were good for its network of channels. We had our faces painted and kids were let in for a quid on the evening SKY rolled up for a live broadcast. There did seem to be a hint of proper promoting by those who had lazily worn the tag for yonks beforehand. But it didn't really last. It drifted into being taken for granted, speedway being on TV every week, and sometimes twice. I felt the sport - promoters and fans - thought SKY and the influx of cash would always be there. We even began having long faces when certain matches weren't on SKY, despite all they had done for us. Fans began getting picky when commentators were pronouncing riders' names wrong, or if certain teams featured more than theirs. That afternoon SKY had its cameras set up for the Riders' Championship at Coventry, when the promoter was scrambling on the floor looking for the dummy he'd just spat out, that was the final nail for SKY. They had so many rained-off meetings towards the end, I believe they decided to cut their loses. They were a professional broadcasting company working within an amateur sport. They couldn't drag it up to their level. For example, how many times did live matches overrun? BT have only half-heartedly accepted it, but we should be thankful for small mercies and not start bickering of who's doing a bad job and who you'd like to see on the panel. I often look at some of the dross SKY are covering during the summer months and cannot believe how the sport messed up its opportunity and is no longer featured. As a fan, I don't really know the ins and outs. But I do recall the amount of money SKY used to shell out setting up all the gear, and then the match was washed out. They aren't a charity and won't put up with it. BT also. I look at speedway, 20 years after SKY could have saved it, and see a dangerous shortage of riders with clubs having to share them, like the last cigarette being passed around by kids behind the bike sheds. I see clubs going weeks without a match in the height of summer, which will surely mean some fans will simply get out of the habit and get used to the cash in their pockets. Meanwhile, fans are expected to tune in to the GPs and see many of the riders (or their type) who put two fingers up at Britain and merely used it like a Tom Cat when the female was in season. Fans are expected to turn up trackside and support riders in their team who aren't even their riders. It's like visiting someone in hospital you don't know and wishing them to get better. It's not someone you know and love. In fact, you ask yourself why bother turning up at the bedside every week to wish someone you don't know get better. Looking at British speedway right now, I see remnants of what might have been, ghosts of live matches on SKY and all the missed opportunities. That could have been the sport's saviour. It should have. But look at it now. How many lives does it have remaining for British speedway to mess up?
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    Nice to see the manipulation of IRR rule didn't pay off!
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    Some people seem to be so hard to please, I think Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tatum do a great job, as does Natalie Quirk. How luck we are to get any kind of speedway coverage especially domestically.
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    Shameful decision by SCB. No reason given for the decision. No transparency from the SCB. How do they justify the ban for Kennett and Vissing? Ho much was the fine?
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    is it only me who finds jenga a tedious cnut.
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    I totally agree with Craig Cook, being told where to put the clubs sponsors on his racesuit, bikes and even his cap takes the pi$$. And to be told his sponsors have to be in black and white !! Craig was well within his rights to ask Peterborough to make up the shortfall he'd be losing. A Mickey Mouse attitude by what's become a Mickey Mouse sport with one of the smallest followings in the UK.
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    In the speedway star today bomber blames the track for his lack of points. Sometimes it’s grippy and sometimes it’s slick and it’s not his fault he can’t find a set up. With 20 years plus experience on all tracks it’s a pretty poor excuse. The fact is bomber isn’t a number one anymore and hasn’t been for a few seasons
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    I love these threads. Elsewhere we keep being told there are no characters in the sport, how great it used to be with controversy, riders throwing punches, brawls and more.. Yet as soon as anything happens everyone is up in arms.
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    As a Redcar fan when I booked my tickets for my first British GP with my son I never dreamt that we would be watching one of our own riders. Absolutely bloody magnificent! Go on Charlie Boy, see you in Cardiff.
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    This should be a defining night for British Speedway, we're making good progress as a nation at youth level, but the top of the tree is rotten. This should be the wake-up call that's clearly needed to have a proper clearout of the old guard and start instilling some professionalism. I have nothing but respect for the changes the new guys have made so far, but keeping Rossiter as team manager was a bad decision from the get-go. The guy seems to be living in an age where GB weren't expected to win anything, they could all have a good laugh and as long as they entertained and give it a go, it was a good night's work. That doesn't work in modern day speedway. Rossiter just comes across as a bit of a clown, I can't imagine anyone turning up on a raceday and respecting him, least of all a self made 3 time world champion. I've never been a great lover of Tai Woffinden, but dear me, is he needed by Team GB at present. His ideas, determination and courage to actually air his views are what we need if we're ever going to get anywhere. It might put a few noses out of joint but we need to get away from this plucky GB crap to being an actual professional speedway nation ASAP if we want to win anything. A new team manager is a must. I'd say they could also do with looking at all these backroom/hangers on team, a standby rider is far more important than a 'Head of Performance' (what exactly was he doing this weekend?!). I'd love to see someone with a bit of gravitas come in to manage the side, along with a younger understudy to be groomed for the future - something like a Peter Adams & Olly Allen/Simon Stead/Scott Nicholls combo. As for the meeting, without doubt the worst speedway I've seen in a long, long time. I've watched this sport since I was a kid, probably around 20 years and that's the first time I've switched the channel off and watched something else instead of live speedway. Why on earth are there 42 heats to give us 1 semi and 1 final? What is the exact point of Saturday's meeting? Do they even look at tracks before they decide to award them with the pinnacle of world speedway? Presumably the answer to all those questions is that nobody has any idea. The whole event just felt flat as a fart, there was no tension or drama, the GP qualification on a Friday night has more about it than this did. Pearson and Tatum add absolutely nothing to the event either - I'm sure Tatum is a lovely bloke, and very experienced, but he isn't a great commentator and time to get him doing more pits analysis. Pearson, where do you start? The final straw for me was him laughing and joking about the rules being so complicated and "we'll worry about them later"! It's a World Cup final, it happens once a year and you're not clear on the rules? Why is he laughing at the fact the rules are a little bit complex? Imagine Darren Fletcher doing that in a Champions League final? His commentary is going out on the world feed and he makes the sport look a joke. Clearly he has plenty control over the BSPA now along with many sycophants so it's p1ssing in the wind. Let's hope for better next year - Woffinden, Lambert and Bewley, on a better track and with a decent team manager.
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    Poole tried to cheat and it backfired serves them right.
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    Run it like a proper team sport with credibility? Run it to a budget that makes it sustainable for you rather than reflecting the costs your employees stump up? (Often to assist funding their own individual aspirations) Run it on nights when your customers tell you they can get there, not when your employees tell you they can get there.? Stop sharing employees who see you as the lowest paying employer out of the three they have..? Set an admission fee reflective of what you offer to the public, not one which needs to try and cover ridiculous salary levels which are far in excess of what a sport with such a poor following can ever hope to maintain.. ? A few starters for ten...
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    On the parade lap, red flags and red lights mean return to the pits practice is over, not stop. Seen red flags many, many times on the parade lap but never seen a rider stop yet.
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    So, having reviewed the short video clip it seems to me the riders could clearly see the marshall with his red flag (which means stop in a controlled manner) but the leading rider thought he knew best and would ride around the marshall. The marshall, thinking the rider did not understand the simple instruction (or see him) foolishly moved across to make himself impossible to avoid. The highly paid professional then deliberately attacked the volunteer marshall with a shoulder charge. Open and shut case for me.
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    Do you not think the clubs that have already held them didn’t lose money on it then?. What a total lack of interest in British speedway the owners of Poole have shown. How you can even defend this is beyond me as it’s one of the very reasons the sport is on its knees.
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    You are defending the indefensible again. It was a poor crowd nobody can deny that and the track was awful.
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    Speedway has its problems, don't really think anyone on a speedway forum needs you to spell it out 1. What do you get out of posting on here anyway ? go wield your inflammatory pen on a forum of the more professional sports you purport to watch.
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    I hope you never suffer from mental health issues. People like Craig need support not abuse from prats like you.
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    I think you will find that if the case was we wanted to beat the Gems that bad we would not have put Dave Pye in and instead got a guest of a higher caliber. Dave is not in our declared 3 man 500cc squad but Im very happy to use him as he has shown 100% commitment when asked to ride. We also had young Brandon Woblewski in who unfortunately his points don't count because of hi Polish passport. Would I have give him a ride if winning was everything ? Young Kyran Lyden would have taken the no 1 spot instead of Elliot Kelly but he didn't have a bike and as The Gems had already approached Ben to guest for Joe Alcock if Joe was unfit it seemed logical to get Ben a ride for the Cubs. If you would like me to go in to a few things that you have no idea about please feel free to PM me and I will happily discuss. Best Regards Gavin Parr ( Cubs team manager )
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    The flag Marshall was under instruction to stop the out of control Cook, Vissing and other rider from coming around and riding in front of the other riders who were still being introduced to the crowd, along with members of the public who were also trackside. The Marshall is a hero from stopping potential carnage.
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    Nicki took Pawlicki wide. Didn't leave him much room at all, and Pawlicki bailed. I'd agree with an exclusion for Pedersen as he ran him up just that bit too much. But nothing to comment on beyond an everyday run-of-the-mill exclusion. As for Ward, well I hate to see him the way he is now. I'd love to have him fit and well and back on a bike racing. I don't want to see any rider suffering the effects of serious injury. But as a person, he was an obnoxious pillock before his accident, and he's still an obnoxious pillock now.
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    Now everyone knows Nicki is no angel but Darcy didn’t seem to mind him when he wore a replica suit to help raise money for Darcy.

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