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    Firstly thoughts with Jordan. Looked an absolute shocker. This was my first and probably last time at Birmingham tonight. Having moved to the city at the end of 2019 I was pretty excited to have a track on my doorstep again having not had a local track since Reading - plus Wolves and Leicester not too far away… but I won’t be back! An utter shambles with 5.5 hours to prepare the track, yet as 7.30 rolled around there was a lot of standing around and not a lot of track work…. Absolute contempt for the paying customers. Not sure what happened there but it’s unacceptable - before anyone accuses me of being a ‘keyboard warrior’ and praising the promotion… I’m a paying customer and I didn’t pay to stand around for over an hour listening to music that is older than me whilst being told we’ll be underway shortly again and again. Speedway in the UK just doesn’t get it. As a mid 30s fan of almost 24 years with disposable income I’m exactly the type of fan Speedway should be trying to attract and maintain. But there is very little thought for the fans and nothing to attract newbies to stay. I was planning on attending at least 2 meetings a week across Brum, Wolves and Leicester. But having endured Wolves opening abandonment, Birmingham tonight and a very slow delayed first Lion Cubs meeting I think I’m finally done… there are better things to waste my time and money on I’m afraid. The sport needs an absolute revolution in this country to drag it kicking and screaming into this century.
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    It could only be this country that can continue to roll out constantly negative messages peddling doom and gloom. Deaths with covid have fallen off a cliff, the expected wave of new infections from kids going back to school has not materialised (let's face it, the majority will have got it in the second half of last year). All the targets for vaccination are being met. I'm hanging onto this so called roadmap for dear life and putting June 21st on a pedestal but it's just looking more unlikely and for no valid reason. When are people going to wake up. We've all lost over 1% of our lives already to this, when is it going to stop. You can't keep healthy people from living their lives, it's sheer madness. It genuinely makes my blood boil. How can anyone be content with this?
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    Can't believe anyone actually listens to this propaganda. I can show you winter headlines going back decades that all say the same thing: "NHS workers at the absolute limit," "Hospital on the brink," "A & E at breaking point," etc, etc. The figures show this year is no worse than average. The truth is the NHS is a behemoth that never learns from its mistakes and, no matter how much money we throw at it, its leaders do not have the capacity to think out of the box. I've paid into NHS coffers for 50 years and, by God's grace, never had to draw out. I've never spent a night in hospital in my entire life and it's probably 30 years since I last went to see a GP. But I've paid in dutifully in the belief that in my old age they'd be there to look after me when I finally give up the ghost. But what happens? At the age of 70, they tell me that in order to "Save the NHS" I've got to wear a mask, stay at home, not see my grandkids and should I dare to venture out, people will die and IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I always thought the NHS was there to SAVE ME - not the other way round! Want to know the truth? The NHS is not worth saving. It should be broken up, all the super-annuated bureaucrats sacked and local management boards set up to run health services in the localities (made up of proper working people with a vested interest in the health of the local community).
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    Cases mean nothing in a vaccinated populace. They're clearly working. I find it stupidly ironic that protecting the NHS from covid has led to a potentially crippling backlog of appointments & operations. Now we're going to see the true cost of lockdown. Short term gain, long term destruction.
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    Well, I am 7 days short of being 76 years of age. I gave up driving a couple of months ago now because I felt my concentration is not what it used to be. I did not want to hurt anyone else, or myself, for that matter, and decided the time had come for me to give up. So I did, and have no real regrets about my decision. It's an individual thing, some should pack it in early or some can go on to a hundred if all is well with them. I believe the time was right for me.
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    Potential 10 year jail sentences for COVID offences? As I said previously, this government is a danger to everyone...
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    Really? I am just entering my fourth week of having this thing. Never felt so ill or so tired or so completely knackered in my life.. But for my good fortune in not having an underlying condition , which in turn meant I never had serious breathing problems, there is probably a pretty high chance I wouldn’t be in the land of the living now. Carry on with your armchair hypotheses and amateur quack - doctorism, but just dont try to tell me its a fake , hoax, scam the flu or some other figment of my imagination , because my experience over the last month tells me this is real,.This is the truth.. Doncha just love these people who know everything there is to know about anything without moving there fat backside off the armchair.
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    All the scenes of the under pressure hospitals shown on the news do look distressing and installs a gut fear that it could be you or a loved one, and you cannot have anything but an emotional empathy with the patients and staff involved. As Fenway said the other day this feeling of emotion and fear, re-enforced by continual sensationalist media has easily trumped stats, evidence and graphs no matter how well researched and intentioned by the anti lockdown side. You are seen by many as an unfeeling bastard for not agreeing, daring to question or disputing the government's interpretation of the figures and lockdown policy. That your arguments are all based on cold stark statistics, figures, data charts and graphs, not people. But imagine if we were bombarded night after night on the news with, instead of hospitals bulging at the seams, queues of ambulances and stressed staff, footage of a consultant looking a patient in the eye and saying 'I'm sorry, you have advanced stage cancer, we've caught it too late, there's little we can do' then it cuts to a doctor holding an old ladies hand saying 'with all the delays and cancellations to your op I'm afraid that your treatable condition is now a permanent one' then it moves to someone opening a letter or email that tells them they no longer have a job. Then to a business owner packing his last belongings as he locks and leaves his recently collapsed business for the last time. Next to a despairing parent as they watch their child falling further behind at school because they haven't got and can't afford the equipment for online schooling. Then on to the single parent who has recently lost her job and is feeding her three kids with one tin of beans and nothing for herself. Finally we move to the police informing a distraught parent that their child has committed suicide. Sensationalist of course and won't happen and nor should it but these are scenes now playing out, some multiple times everyday and some will carry on happening for years to come, all due to lockdown. But what would the public say if this sort of scenario was on our screens, night after night after night? Lockdown advocates at some point have to face up to the realities that the policy they support are creating. This is as far as I see it the far bigger picture and a more damaging situation that will resonate for years, long after the pandemic is over. Alternative strategies from well respected figures have been tabled but are not even discussed. Just trying the same failed idea of locking down over and over again hoping for a different outcome is sheer bloody madness.
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    It seems to have become a matter of fact on here that if you don't think lockdowns and restrictions are te answer you don't believe covid is a real thing and do believe it is all a conspiracy so I thought I'd make my own position clear. It's unlikely anybody would agree with all my views and some will agree with none of them but that's fine, I'm no expert on the subject. Do I believe Covid is a real virus? Yes very much so, it is a horrible virus that kills people. However I also believe that it almost exclusively kills very easily identifiable sections of society and therefore solutions that apply to all aren't going to be the answer. I say almost exclusively because like any fatal disease there will be a number of cases that fall outside the normal. Do I believe that any government reaction should be based upon Professor Fergusons worst case scenario models? Not in a million years, I do understand that much of what we see in the press is not a fair representation of all that he says but government acted on his worst case model and they have been proven many times to be wildly pessimistic. Do I think the government are telling the truth? No I think they are telling a version of events using statistics carefully chosen to justify their actions rather than reacting to the real figures. There will always be some truth to their version but equally there will always be some truth to the version of those opposing their views. Usually the truth will be somewhere between just like always. Do I think lockdowns work? No, I think it is pretty clear that they are not controlling the virus, never have and never will. The time of year has far more effect than anything the government has done or will do. On the other hand when it comes to everything that isn't covid lockdowns and restrictions have been a disaster. Hundreds of thousands will die in years to come because of delayed diagnosis, even more will have their lives destroyed by unemployment, poverty and homelessness and an entire generation of kids will not understand freedom of choice or that they are responsible for their own actions. Have I been taken in by things posted on here and elsewhere that haven't been true? Yes without a doubt, I'd like to think that I have usually realised afterwards but there will undoubtedly be some that have slipped past me. I'm pretty sure that will apply to both sides of the argument but like EVERYBODY else I am more inclined to believe things that fit with the views I already hold. What do I think should be done going forward? I would make sure that everybody who is most vulnerable is identified and made aware of the fact. Then I would help those who chose to isolate and those who care for them to do so with every possible facility, including full furlough until returning to work is safe. Everybody else would be allowed to carry on as normal but I would encourage hand washing and social distancing. PCR testing would be used at the recommended cycle rate for all front line workers until the vaccination program is established and proven to work. And that would be it, trying to control a virus is far too Canute like for my way of thinking.
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    We should all spare a thought for the Queen in between moaning about tv channels. Whether Queen or commoner losing a partner of 74yrs must be very hard and my thoughts are with her tonight.
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    How is that disrespectful? Clearly the NHS is in absolutely no way, shape or form fit for purpose. Population has grown, NHS capacity has declined. I'm extremely sceptical that this virus will have any effect on me, I have kids who have went to school full time since lockdown V1 began and I've been working pretty much full time too. If this virus is as virulent as they make out, then I would stake a large sum that I've already had it. You're almost having a go at me for personally putting the strain on the NHS. Think you need to direct that frustration at those that have destroyed NHS funding over the past decades and have forced these workers into those shift patterns and have handled this entire crisis by bungling from one gaffe to the next.
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    The ONS figures for England says the death total for those under 60 with no underlying health problems is 388, throughout the pandemic. 388. Now in a normal year that age group would contribute over 1100 road traffic fatalities. Alcohol deaths in Scotland alone are 1150 each year. It important to put numbers in context. It’s not possible to ensure “ safety” unless you choose not to live. Covid spares the healthy, pretty much and kills the old and frail. It leaves those under 20 untouched, unless severe underlying health issues which are life limiting in themselves. Influenza by comparison is a bigger problem for the younger demographic. It does kill, albeit small numbers. The govt promoted propaganda has lead to a safety cult and hysteria this year. If we follow it with their logic, alcohol and cigarettes must be banned and all vehicles quarantined. It is too dangerous to travel or cross any road. But that would be too stupid, wouldn’t it......which is why we are in this position. I think it was Stalin who commented that Western democracies can’t control their people by force, they do so by controlling what they think.....
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    It's alright guys it's not hot gossip ! It's that time of the year to say a really big thank you to both to Sue and R and R for the brilliant results service that Sue and her gang provide, and to R and R for his fantastic mine of information and knowledge of Polish and European speedway, and above all providing us with links so that we can enjoy quality speedway on the internet. You've both kept my life time involvement and interest in speedway alive Happy New Year to you both and stay safe Roll on April !
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    Mark Jenkinson's post from Friday incase anyone missed it...
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    People don't pay to be vaccinated or to be tested if they think they've got COVID, so why should it be any different if the government wants this before information before you leave, or when they arrive in country? How on earth do they think that passengers paying nearly 4 times more for testing than they're probably paying for their flight is acceptable? Why was none of this deemed necessary for much of the past year as passengers freely came and went from the UK, yet suddenly is now apparently required? No, most/all of this is absolute BS, and it's obviously intended to prevent foreign travel whilst providing the illusion that borders have been re-opened. The reality though, is this isn't just about tourism, but is badly affecting necessary business and essential travel.
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    Of course no-one could deny the significance of him and his death and I appreciate some people care more than I do. But the BBC already has a rolling News Channel. So if they have coverage on the News Channel and BBC One, why exactly is it necessary to cancel all other programming? What difference does it make having exactly the same coverage on BBC 2 as well?
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    I agree. Why would they not have that conversation? I have three mixed race children and I had that conversation for all of them. Everything about race doesn't have to be racist.
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    Well it seems that 40% of Covid infections were nosocomial, I.e. caught in hospital. According to the ONS and PHE’s own figures. Thus, hospitality doesn’t spread the virus, hospitals do. Go out, avoid the NHS , save lives.
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    I must admit that my experience today has left me a bit baffled about this lockdown. Obviously exercise is essential to good health. I myself need to exersise to control my blood pressure and I take long walks as often as I can. Today I walked along the seafront from Bournemouth pier to Hengistbury Head along the seafront. I'm fortunate that I only have a 20 minute walk across a heath from my front door to the pleasure gardens which then takes me to the seafront. The weather today was nice and the promenade was rammed to a point that distancing was impossible. It was a mix of walking family groups & runners interspersed with cyclists & electric scooter riders weaving through the gaps. All the carparks were nearly full and beach hut owners had their tables and chairs outside which narrowed the walkway even further. At the other end of the prom where vehicle access is allowed, the council were taking money at a hut and allowing people to park on the already overcrowded area where they were just having picnics either in or by their vehicles and one guy was flying his model aeroplane on the beach. I'm not entering in to a discussion in to what the risk level of any of this activity was, but how does sitting outside a beach hut having a cup of tea, riding an electric scooter along the prom, having a picnic or flying a model plane fit in with essential reasons for leaving your home? All under the eyes of the Covid officers patrolling the area. I checked later as to what the rules were on beach huts. The BCP website says that beach hut tenants may use them within the government's guidelines and gives a hyperlink to them. Well I'm struggling to see where it says that using a beach hut is an essential reason for leaving home. It seems the council still want to take the beach hut & carpark funds while turning a blind eye to the rules. The lockdowns have already cost me my job so either enforce them properly or forget the whole thing. I don't mind which tbh but this is a joke.
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    It seems to me that the fear rhetoric has been ramped up significantly today. 2021 is already a total write-off, I remember thinking at the back end of last year that 2021 was going to be a great year. Now it seems like 2022 is the earliest that great year will come. I wouldn't bet against saying 2023 is going to be a great year this time next year. It's ok though, with all the cancer deaths around the corner, there'll be tons of jobs going spare soon. I really don't envy many sectors of employment at the minute. I shouldn't be moaning because I have guaranteed employment for ten years but it makes me sick how people's livelihoods are being thrown under the bus for this. You see all this 'shocking' footage of NHS workers at the absolute limit. At least they have a reason to go to the limit. What about those who are scraping to get by? Who have no immediate prospects of improving their way of life and are totally reliant on the govt to pay their bills. It's utterly depressing and I do not understand how this is being allowed to happen. The whole 'stay home, save lives' is crushingly ironic. The more we stay home, the more lives are getting ruined.
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    I will not be sorry to see the back of this year. Tonight I will raise a glass to my family members who are no longer with us, as will many thousands of others. Really hoping 2021 brings better news. Happy 2021 fellow forumers.
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    But it still doesn't matter,,, he is contracted to race for Sheffield on Mondays and or Thursdays,, so he is with holding his services,,, and I'm sure that comes with a 28 day ban,,, or it used to. I would imagine a conversation went something like,,,,, hello Simon it's Jack,, I'm really awful at Foxhall,, even on my last visit I had to fake injury, so maybe you should use rr for me and I will stay in or go to Poland, it should be okay cos speedway fans are mugs and will buy the BS and turn up anyway.
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    Lockdown remains the useless tool of choice. It does not work and is destructive in its effects. A bit like getting rid of a wasps nest by burning the house down. Once started it’s difficult to reverse. This is a seasonal respiratory virus, it will all but disappear in the next week or two, and being endemic will return as Winter starts, November being a good bet, just like influenza. Future vaccines to combat changes in spike protein coat will be needed for the vulnerable, a new flurona jab for the over 65s. The rest of us should carry on as normal, but governments won’t allow it. Let’s have a Winter lockdown every year, from late November to early March, close schools , shut businesses, print money . You know it makes (no)sense.
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    Well if I read Chris and Tsunami correctly, and lockdowns work only to be reversed by irresponsible behaviour once lifted, the answer must be perpetual lockdown. As for vaccines, if they provide immunity to an infective agent, preventing disease, they are fantastic. Neither the AZ or Pfizer “ vaccine” provides that, and neither company claim that it does. They say it reduces your risk of developing symptoms. In absolute terms, from the original Pfizer trial, the jab reduces your risk of symptoms from 0.88% to0.044%. Now side effects from the vaccine might be worse that that. So let’s give it to those at high risk, shielding and over 65, if they want it. The rest of us can stick to Lemsip. Unless and until there is more justification for mass vaccination, this ain’t no magic bullet.....even Bozos twins suggest as much.

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