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    • That's good... Maybe next week they could start with a blank piece of paper and let the fans pick two septets? Foxhall specialists obviously.. Do it to a 42.5 point total team average and you would have some great racing I would suggest, never mind decent.. Maybe call one team 'Ipswich' and the other team 'Poole' and the winners can get either three points or four points towards a National Title.. You know, thinking about it in more detail... 14 track specialists at every meeting in the UK, and lots of rides for the riders to earn as much as they can before enjoying their winter, ticks two major boxes there.. The only down side could be seeing the same 14 track specialists time and time again at your track but that could be spiced up a bit by swapping them around and mixing them up between the two teams each week.. Which to be fair, isn't a million miles away from what happens now so shouldn't pose too much of a problem.. Could catch on this..
    • Then no one in authority within British Speedway can ever moan about a lack of mainstream media coverage Neil.. Nor can they complain about a lack of blue chip company sponsorship for their teams and the league as a whole.. Imagine, for example, Tesco sponsoring the Panthers? Their brand will be linked to such nonsense that is allowed to pervade week in week out within Speedway and therefore could become damaged by its association.. Ultimately this means there is no way these major companies would get involved with something so devoid of any credibility in the context of a bona fide National Sporting Championship.. In fact it probably is good news to a large degree that it is constantly ignored by the wider media given its so open to ridicule. Imagine Poland running Speedway like this with the exposure they get every week? Believe me, it wouldn't get anywhere near the same wall to wall coverage, fan base or sponsorship from national companies if they did.. Two months of what we accept over here would see a collapse of their Leagues and crowds akin to the GB levels as TV companies and sponsors would drop it like a stone.. If you can't do something properly then probably best not to do it at all as, with all things, you are only as good as your weakest link.. And Speedway in the UK have more weak links due to its operating model than is good for the brand..   
    • Track grading normally takes place after Heats 4,7,10(interval) & 14, which is what happened tonight, so no different to normal. I think the trackman expected the track to dry a bit quicker than it did and got caught out a little with the amount of water put on the track, but these things happen occasionally. It's a fine balance between being too wet and too dry, when you trying to predict the rate at which it will dry out during the night after a warm sunny day with a mild breeze. Your trying to create a good racing surface, whilst at the same time trying to avoid it becoming a dust bowl, on the whole our trackman does a pretty good job most weeks. As to it dragging out, All 15 heats were complete by 9.00pm, so not that much difference to any other week. I think you just missed "Smoggy"  not being there to distract you during the lulls in action (she is a tremendous asset to the club, the way she get's the kid's involve). 
    • No more tractor work than normal. What was seen tonight is standard at Redcar.
    • Greaves makes so many daft mistakes. He has been doing it all season but seems to be getting worse. Really struggles to get around the 1st and 2nd bends especially. 
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